I suppose this was to be expected. Judge Roy Moore is a God-fearing man who is as unapologetic as he is faithful. That’s a highly annoying combination to the godless globalists who seek to control our government and, in turn, all of us.


So it was a matter of time before they went after Judge Moore, and going after him they are. Unsubstantiated accusations of sexual misconduct are a favorite tool of our enemies. They put the accused immediately on their heels and force party allies to display courage in defending their colleagues– a commodity in short supply in the modern political landscape. And right on cue, Democrats and their RINO brethren are already hot on the trail of Mr. Moore, sounding the clarion call to resign from the seat he’s yet to actually win. Sometimes, in the eyes of the #FakeNewsCrew, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get him out before he’s in, eh fellas? Remove the threat before it materializes.


You may consider my immediate out-of-hand dismissal of the allegations against him as rash, hopelessly biased, insensensitive or even cold-hearted. Given the context and who is latching onto this narrative, though, I’ll happly reciprocate their righteous indignation. I will tell you right now, without reservation, that I absolutely believe Roy Moore to be innocent of the offenses being claimed. I do so out of basic logic, probability and a knowledge of how our political foes operate. If I am wrong, I’ll gladly acknowledge my error, apologize to victims and condemn my own rush to judgment. But I better damn well see some evidence before that happens.


You see, I saw the GOP establishment pour millions upon millions of dollars into trying to defeat Roy Moore. I see the contempt in their voices when his name comes up. It’s the same tinge of resentment that rears its ugly head at the mention of our president’s name. I know Roy Moore represents what they hate most: the man who won without their approval. We the People have a way of infuriating the ruling class. This whole voting thing sure can be a nuisance to those seeking totalitarian control. Call that hyperbolic language if you wish, but ask yourself one simple question: when is the last time your vote – be it on the left or right – resulted in less government control over your life?


I’ll give you time to think that one over.

In the meantime, let’s discuss the accusations being leveled so the reader may decide for themselves whether Roy Moore is a child rapist. And yes, that is exactly what he’s accused of.


In a story reported today by the failing Washington Post, an Alabama woman has accused Moore, the state’s Republican Senate nominee, of forcing her into a sexual encounter in 1979, when she was 14 and he was 32.


The woman, Leigh Corfman, now 53, says that Moore took off her “shirt and pants and removed his clothes,” touched her “over her bra and underpants” and “guided her hand to touch him over his underwear.”


That is clearly the most serious charge. The other accusations center on flirting with three other teenage girls, which the girls did not see an issue with at the time but now say they understand to be problematic. None of the three women say that Moore forced them into any sort of relationship or sexual contact.

“Aside from Corfman, three other women interviewed by The Washington Post in recent weeks say Moore pursued them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18 and he was in his early 30s, episodes they say they found flattering at the time, but troubling as they got older.”


Out of respect for your intelligence, I’m going to move on from the flirting allegations and focus solely on the ones regarding the child, given its seriousness. There are fewer accusations more serious than those regarding the abuse of a child, sexual or otherwise. As the father of a young girl, I can tell you that it’s a capital offense in my home regardless of what the actual law dictates.


However, there is little in the way of evidence regarding her claims. The strongest substantiation I’ve found, at least thus far, is that two of Corfman’s childhood friends say she told them at the time that she was seeing an older man, and one says Corfman identified the man as Moore. Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, says her daughter told her about the encounter more than a decade later, as Moore was becoming more prominent as a local judge. This is the “contemporary evidence” of which the failing Washington Post speaks.


The problem with this claim is that Corfman says Moore’s advances were completely unwanted. She describes the aforementioned groping episode above as an experience “she just wanted to be over with.” So, if that is true, why would she speak of herself as “seeing an older man?” Was he forcing himself on her in a car, or were they an item? Or did he force himself on her while they were supposedly dating? She doesn’t give any answers to these questions, and of course those dogged reporters at the failing Washington Post didn’t think to ask.


Questions such as those don’t so much as stagger the RINO stampede seizing on this so-called scandal to call for Moore’s scalp, however, which only reinforces my initial skepticism. Mr. Cooter Cap himself, John McCain, is predictably leading the charge. Before the comment section on the failing Washington Post’s story could even get simmering with faux rage, McCain was calling for Moore to “immediately step aside.” Imagine if McCain took at attitude toward Bob Menendez, who is literally on trial for public corruption. Menendez is one of them, though. See how this works now?

Joining McCain are a variety of other prominent Senate RINOs– including Senate Majority Leader Turtle McConnell (R-KY), who just happened to break the RNC bank trying to stop Moore in Alabama’s Senatorial race a month ago. NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner (R-CO) said Moore should withdraw from the race “if these allegations are true.”  You mean a Senatorial candidate should step down if it turns out he sexually assaulted a child? Way to go out on a limb there, Cory. What a man of moral stature and courage you are.

Alabama’s senior senator, Republican Richard Shelby, added when asked about the allegations, “If that’s true, I don’t believe there’d be any place for him in the United States Senate.”

Once again, another profile in courage.

I understand the politics of this thing. No one is going to dare question the integrity of an alleged sexual assault victim. But would it absolutely KILL a GOP Senator to just, once in a while, declare that men with good records such as Moore be given the benefit of the doubt until proved otherwise? The only thing more nauseating than the Left’s seemingly bottomless capacity for politicized rape allegations is the immediate defensive posture always taken by the Right. Then again, the differences in the respective camps these days is window dressing at best. They may argue for the cameras, but when a true outsider shows up on the Hill, boy do they unite.


You want to know the truth? Most accusations made against conservatives are complete garbage. You know those “racist attacks” that make news the second they hit twitter? Most of them are hoaxes; the vast majority, in fact. Just this week, the racial slurs that were spread around the Air Force Academy were shown to be complete false flags, meant to reinforce the narrative of racism sweeping across our land.


The same is true of allegations such as these. Are there perverts on both sides of the aisle? Absolutely. There are perverts in all walks of life, actually. Men could evolve for ten million years and they’d still struggle to control their libido. But when an outsider candidate who is loathed by Washington recently took a 6 point lead in his Senate race back home, do you think just MAYBE it might be prudent to ask why these accusations suddenly became known?


Does anyone on Capitol Hill have the courage to question the timing of these allegations? Or will it be up to lowly bloggers like myself? Will any reporters ask the tough questions about holes in the girl’s story?


It’s ok, legacy media. Don’t bother. We don’t need you and haven’t for a while. If you’ll recall, Roy Moore isn’t the only boogey man to be elected over the last year. We are the media now. We see through it all. We know your angle, your methods and your aims.


And on December 12th, Alabamians will show you just how tired and transparent your attacks have become, because Roy Moore is coming to the Senate for good.


Whether you like it or not.



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  1. Right on Trey! So can you remember what you were doing forty years ago? How can you defend yourself against a he said, she said. I take allegations very serious. I was an advocate at the Rape Crisis Center. However, coming out forty years later to destroy someone’s campaign smells extremely fishy. My question is how much they got paid to bring this “story” out to the public domain.

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