I felt that we needed a strong dose of sarcasm to start things off. Think of it as literary coffee.

Shortly before last year’s election, FBI’s #2 man, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, wrote an email on his official government account stating that the Hillzdawg Clinton email probe had been given “special” status, according to documents released yesterday.

McCabe’s Oct. 23, 2016, email to press officials in the FBI said the probe was under the control of a small group of high-ranking people at the FBI’s headquarters in Washington.

The FBI, of course, has refused to address McCabe’s comments or even offer any insight as to what the term “special” would mean in the investigatory context. Then again, that’s to be expected. This is the same bureau that has been subpoenaed for months to provide documents related to possible illegal surveillance on American citizens and have stonewalled at every turn. The rats are being exposed at the FBI, and McCabe, well, he don’t know nuffin’.

“As I now know the decision was made to investigate it at HQ with a small team,” McCabe wrote in the email. He said he had “no input” when the Clinton email investigation started in summer 2015, while he was serving as assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington office.

“[The Washington office] provided some personnel for the effort but it was referred to as a ‘special’ and I was not given any details about it,” he wrote.

The note regarding Hillzdawg’s specialness is contained in more than 70 pages of emails known in the FBI as The Vault. You can read them here:

Hillary’s Body Dump Site  

Much of the controversy surrounding McCabe centers on the more than $700K his wife received from a group run by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a staunch Clinton ally. Chronicled in the above emails  are his efforts to address that controversy. The short version of his approach: “The ethics folks signed off on it so we’re good.”

Sure, this load of cash just happened to make its way to the FBI second man’s wife at the same time Hillzdawg was the focus of an FBI probe that would potentially derail her presidential ambitions, but it’s just a simple coinky-dink. Nothing to see here, folks. Happens all the time (in third world countries).

McCabe’s press shop love letters were designed to show he did not have a conflict of interest when his wife took the McAuliffe money. He wrote a chronology showing he had recused himself from any Virginia corruption cases and was not directly involved in the Clinton case during the time his wife ran and lost (lol) the 2015 race.

He was sure to note that he didn’t take charge of the Clinton email case until February 2016, when he was promoted to deputy director. By that time, the FBI was eight months into the investigation and his wife had lost the election three months earlier. Well, I mean, he does have a point. Hell, super delegate Comey had likely written Hillary’s exoneration memo lonnngggg before then.

McCabe’s troubles don’t end there, though.

The emails released yesterday have relevance to another controversy as well. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the government’s official whistleblower agency, along with the Justice Department inspector general are both investigating whether McCabe’s conduct during his wife’s campaign violated the Hatch Act’s prohibition on FBI agents engaging in partisan activities.

An unnamed former FBI agent produced evidence to investigators showing McCabe wore campaign shirts at some of his wife’s events, and made a social media post encouraging voters to support his wife. The best part of learning this is it tells me one thing: someone in the FBI was watching all this stuff and didn’t care for it. Not EVERYONE was corrupt, it seems, and that person is singing like a canary. Keep singing, birdie.

Separately, documents released by McAuliffe’s office show McCabe joined his wife for a meeting in March 2015 during which the then-Virginia governor was asked to support her bid for office. McCabe’s official FBI bio was submitted to the governor’s office in advance of the meeting. Now THAT’S what I call some good ole’ swamp networking.

And whaddayaknow….the emails redact the part of McCabe’s timeline that addresses the period surrounding his meeting with McAuliffe. The FBI Assistant Director wants to conceal information regarding his meeting with a state governor? Nah, that’s not shady at all.

They also show McCabe fielded several emails on his official FBI account about his wife’s political campaign, including from people praising her performance on the campaign trail and a draft press release announcing his wife’s campaign from the Virginia Democratic Party. His wife emailed him on his official government account to alert him when she got the offer to run for the seat as a Democrat. “Wow, what did you say?” McCabe wrote back.

In another email, McCabe forwarded information about his wife’s campaign Facebook page to a person whose name was redacted. “Check her out on Facebook as Dr. Jill McCabe for Senate,” the FBI executive wrote.

He also emailed his wife one day with praise for her campaign performance. “You hit it out the park as always,” McCabe wrote his spouse. “Well done, lovely wife.”

According to The Hill, a source inside the McCabe probe says that investigators are now in possession of all these emails and will weigh whether they show any activities that violate the Hatch Act’s prohibition on agents’ partisan activity.

The sad part is, not only do these emails show clear instances of partisan activity, it’s obvious that McCabe feared no consequences for his actions. THIS, my friends, is the essence of the Deep State. Everyone does it, so no is guilty. No one is held accountable because they would all have to be. A man that high on the FBI food chain doesn’t break ethics rules so brazenly and flippantly unless incubated by a culture that has become corrupt to its core.

THAT is what we’re up against. THAT is what must be defeated. And yes, when you’re using a corrupt entity to investigate itself, it takes time. The good news is, that unnamed FBI source who gave up the goods is not alone. Believe it or not, there are decent people still left in government.

Some of them get up, go to work, pay their bills and just try to do the right thing like everyone else. Some of them have been gagged, threatened and silenced various other ways (I’m looking at you, Hillzdawg) to sink their own morals down in order that the deep state may stay afloat.

I’m a firm believer that, although we have become privy to a lot during the Trump administration, we still haven’t scratched the surface. What makes me so confident? Things like this:

The Hill’s source added that investigators are particularly interested in details surrounding the McCabe-McAuliffe meeting involving his wife’s campaign in March 2015. In other words, the Hatch Act violations are small potatoes and serve as little more than tracks to follow down the rabbit hole.

You get to McCabe, you get to McAuliffe. You get to McAuliffe, you get the master key to Clinton world, at least the Chinese donor division.

And that brings us to our next piece.





Seeing the investigatory walls closing in, so to speak, Hillzdawg, Inc. are behaving like the cornered animals they are.

Hillary spoke out against news the Trump administration is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate her alleged ties to the Uranium One deal in an interview with her favorite leftist propaganda rag, Mother Jones. Here is the interview:

What you so worried about, Hillary?

Hillzdawg called the possibility a “disastrous step into politicizing the Justice Department” and “such an abuse of power.”

“If they send a signal that we’re going to be like some dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have, that we can trust our justice system,” Clinton told North Korean State Televisi……errrr, Mother Jones.

I honestly wonder how she says things like this with a straight face. This level of irony should theoretically implode the universe. The same woman who was allowed to bleach emails out of existence, smash phones containing information she clearly wanted hidden, have her FBI interrogation conducted without recording and send her husband to meet with an acting Attorney General privately on an airplane tarmac WHILE SHE WAS BEING PROBED BY THE FBI is worried that our Justice Department is being compromised. The same woman who coordinated campaign language regarding an FBI investigation INTO HER with the FBI Director himself (hence why I call him “super delegate Comey”) believes we need to make sure everything is on the up and up.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Of course all this Hillary panic is related to Attorney General “Keebler” Jeff Sessions making the anticlimactic and decidedly unsatisfying announcement that the Justice Department will “evaluate” whether allegations regarding the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One need to be investigated by a special counsel. If Hillary were smart enough to read my blog, she would know that the special counsel statement should be the least of her worries. I’ll refer you to previous posts, but it’s sufficient to say that a special counsel won’t be the difference in Hillzdawg going down; Donald J. Trump will.

You shouldn’t have paid for that pee-pee dossier, Hillary. That was the beginning of the end for you. But I digress.

Clinton said such an investigation would have devastating consequences for the justice system in America, going as far as to say the move signaled moving to a “dictatorship.” Actually, Hillary, it signals a move toward an actual justice system, not one where the FBI GIVES YOUR WHOLE DAMN CREW IMMUNITY BEFORE THE INVESTIGATION BEGINS, YOU INSUFFERABLE HAG. Not that Hillary cares, but a good chunk of the country – the part paying attention – have had profound and justified concerns about our justice system for a while now, and you are the poster girl for our frustration.

And no, not because you’re equipped with a vagina. Because you’re a damn crook. Bill hasn’t cared about your vagina in four decades and that’s a few more decades than we have. And so now that the sexism excuse has fallen flat, it’s because big bad authoritarian Trump is abusing his power to bring down his political opponents.

There’s one big problem with that theory, Hillzdawg. You aren’t a political opponent. The fact is, you’re a has-been of the highest order. President Trump just returned from a five country Asian tour. You just returned from a book-signing for vagina-heads at Costco. Even Donna Brazile, who is rivaled only by Debbie Whatshername Schultz in her Clinton sycophancy, sees how irrelevant you’ve become and thus thrown you under the bus. Turns out she enjoys book tours too.

No amount of deflection will change what is at the heart of this, which is YOUR OWN ACTIONS. You did them. And you were arrogant enough to think you could destroy *your own* political opponent with pee-pee propaganda and use the FBI as your private eye in the process.

Unfortunately for you, that wasn’t Mitt Romney you tried to bring down. It was Donald Trump, and he remembers his enemies. He also remembers his friends, particularly the millions of them on the campaign trail chanting to lock your crooked ass up once and for all. When you get what’s coming to you, not only will actual justice be restored in our Republic, he will have destroyed an enemy while making his supporters deliriously happy.

That’s what I call killing three giant birds with one #BigBeautiful stone.


Sit tight, though, for Hillary wasn’t the only lady who methinks doth protest too much.

The abjectly corrupt John Podesta ran to his natural habitat, the failing Washington Post, to pen an op-ed warning that OMG TRUMP IS COMING AFTER US AND THAT MEANS HE’S A DICTATOR.

“Okay, it’s official. President Trump wants to upend 230 years of constitutional history and principle to run the U.S. justice system like a banana republic, or perhaps more aptly like what now passes for the rule of law in the country he aspires to emulate, the Russian Federation,” Podesta penned in between bouts of brainstorming what to do about Corey Feldman.

Men and women much wiser than myself have said for decades that if you want to know what liberals are up to, simply listen to what you’re being accused of. I can hardly think of a better example of this trademark leftist projection.

See, The Podesta Group, a Washington lobbying and public relations operation known for its ties to Democrats, is among several firms that worked on a multi-year effort to boost the standing Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian president of Ukraine who was later forced from office by a 2014 uprising. Tony Podesta is the brother of – you guessed it, you sly dog, you – John Podesta.

Due to their work for Ukraine, Podesta and Mercury LLC, another prominent lobbying firm, have been facing scrutiny in the Russia probe for a while. Hell, Mueller had no choice. There are so many Podesta fingerprints on Russian dealings that even Mueller’s Democrat donor crew couldn’t ignore them.

And that’s what brings us here. See, even grossly biased NBC is reporting that Mueller’s focus on at least Podesta has “escalated.” Adjusted for leftist propaganda inflation, “escalation” means they’ve been caught with their hands in Putin’s cookie jar. The report does not explicitly say why the firm and Tony Podesta himself are now subjects in the probe, as opposed to mere witnesses providing information. Again, adjusting for leftist inflation, that means the Podesta brothers themselves are right in the thick of this thing.

Even the recent indictment of Paul Manafort, which every coochie capper from sea to shining sea is touting as the beginning of the end for boogeyman Trump, is related to Manafort’s work with the Podesta clan. God help any of our genitalia-clad brethren if they actually do some reading and see what all this Russia hysteria has actually dredged up. It may just dawn on them that it’s Johnny boy who is looking for a distraction.

Yeah, you’re right. Their rabid Trump hatred will keep them blissfully ignorant. But hey, a guy can dream.

In his long-winded, whiny op-ed, Johnny went on to say:

“Whenever Trump gets close to Putin, as he did in Vietnam this weekend, and is asked about Russian efforts to help elect him and damage Hillary Clinton by, among other things, criminally hacking my personal email account, he responds by asking: What about the Clintons? What about John Podesta? The Justice Department should look into them.”

Actually, John, he says that for the same reason you’re writing this garbage. He knows what you know– that the real story is unraveling and Democrats like yourself are about to rue the day they ever found Russia on a map. In fact, he knows far more than those left-wing journalists waiting outside DoJ headquarters for whatever #PutinGate breadcrumbs investigators are willing to offer.

And you know that he knows. Hence, all your screaming.

See folks, this is really simple. It’s no accident that Hillary and John have both suddenly decided to sound the warning sirens about the Justice Department. But you need to know that, while the media will remain firmly in Johnny’s corner, the facts will not. And in 2017, the media no longer have a monopoly on those facts.

Lowly bloggers like myself, along with more heavy-hitting online right-wingers, are really, really sick and tired of seeing people like you and your buddy Hillary get away with everything while accusing the other side of your own crimes and vices. And no amount of deflection in the Washington Post opinion section will slow our mission to ensure that every single thing you did sees the light of day. It’s the same sunlight the People would have been deprived under a Hillary Clinton administration; the same administration you and your arrogant friends banked on taking office this past January.

But they didn’t, John. And that’s really bad news for you.

President Trump is not “upending 230 years of justice.” He’s returning us to it. And that starts with people like you.






Sorry that today’s brief suffers from such a lack of diversity, but man, there is a lot of anti-Trump corruption to cover. The next batch comes from the pee-pee propagandist himself, Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. After months of fighting tooth and nail to stay away and in the dark, he begrudgingly made his way to Capitol Hill yesterday to answer a few questions about his “research operation.”

Simpson told the House Intelligence Committee yesterday that he was upset over super delegate James Comey’s decision to behave, well, less like a Democrat super delegate and reopen the Clinton email investigation just before Election Day.

According to Simpson, it was that righteous indignation that led him to deliver information he knew to uncorroborated and unverified, aka the pee-pee dossier, to media organizations all over the country.

Yeah, Glenn, it was revenge against the FBI Director who’d been in Hillary’s back pocket the entire time. That’s the ticket!

Simpson even went so far as to have the dossier’s author, Christopher Steele, accompany him on a briefing tour for Beltway reporters about allegations in the document. The information they had was such garbage that the deep state media wouldn’t publish it. Allow me to repeat that: the dossier was such garbage that even anti-Trump media operations wanted no part of it.

Still, #GlennPersisted.

Steele has revealed in court papers in London, where he is being sued, that he was directed by Fusion to brief reporters at the failing New York Times, failing Washington Post, fake news CNN, Yahoo! News (they exist?) and The New Yorker in September 2016. Folks, when you can’t get the commies at The New Yorker to publish salacious anti-Trump material, you officially suck at life.

Until now, Steele has remained silent throughout the storm surrounding the dossier. But like his co-operatives John and Hillary, he’s suddenly squirming and squealing. He’s decided to break the cardinal spook rule and come out of hiding, and who can blame him. This story just keeps getting bigger but it’s growing in the wrong direction. So Chris is now reaching out to the press that once dismissed him due to overconfidence in the pending Hillary victory.

And who does he speak to? Well whaddayaknow– Mother Jones! They appear to have solidified their position as THE go-to place for all things Clinton deflection.

Steele tells Mother Jones that he believes “between 70 and 90%” of the dossier’s claims to be true, though it’s not entirely clear which have panned out. I can tell you one thing for sure. The federal government has been investigating this thing to the moon and back for over a year now and come up with jack squat, unless you consider illegal foreign lobbying by his former employer an anti-Trump bombshell.

For my newer readers who haven’t been following my work on this story, I’ll do a quick breakdown of the dossier for you. It’s crap. Complete garbage. But it came from a former MI6 agent (Steele), which gave it legs in the FBI, which they in turn used to obtain a FISA warrant for purposes of spying on the Trump team. They found nada, which is why Trump was allowed to take office in the first place.

Everything you see in the news right now is derivative of that big picture. You can believe me or not, it’s a free country. But Christopher Steele isn’t the only former spook in the world. Digest the information I’m giving you now, thank me for it later.

As for our revenge-minded gossip girl, Mr. Simpson, his testimony yesterday was barely worth the time, but it won’t be his first. See, the good stuff is in the Fusion bank records, which they’ve fought like hell to keep out of investigator’s hands. They are losing that fight, though, and just as with everything and everyone else that inhabits the Clinton universe, it will be exposed.

We’ve already gotten a decent bit of financial information, which is how we know that the dossier was a DNC product first and foremost. When the rest comes out, buckle up, because THAT testimony will be worth watching.





In the latest twist in the Roy Moore saga (or ‘swamp special,’ as I like to call it), Moore’s attorney, Phillip L. Jauregui Jr., suggested that the supposed signature on accuser Beverly Nelson’s high school yearbook could be a forgery.

He also disputed a statement by Beverly Young Nelson that she’d had no contact with Moore since the alleged assault took place in 1977 in Gadsden, AL. In fact, he said, Moore was the judge who presided over Nelson’s 1999 divorce case. How about dem apples. One would think that the fact Moore presided over her divorce would have come up at some point during the dramatic Gloria Allred presser. I guess that tidbit is what Al Gore would call an inconvenient truth.

Jauregui demanded that Nelson and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, give the yearbook to a neutral custodian so that a handwriting expert can examine it.

“Is it genuine or is it a fraud?” he asked straightforwardly.

Considering Allred’s client is accusing Judge Moore of no less than sexual assault of a minor – a crime punishable by death in my own household – one would think that he at least deserves that much examination to be done. If the document is genuine, what does Allred have to worry about?

Seems like a no-brainer to me. But of course, Allred has yet to agree to any sort of test.

Adding to the ever-growing height of the BS-meter connected to this story, another hole has been created in the “creepy Roy” narrative. The manager in charge of the Gadsen Mall from which Moore is alleged to have been banned for inappropriate behavior toward young girls says that no such ban was in place, at least to his knowledge, and given that the maintenance of *written reports* of banned predators were part of his job description, he would be the guy to know.

The manager, Barnes Boyle, was manager of the mall from 1981-1996, most of the years that Moore is alleged to have been banned. To this day, no news outlet or political operation has been able to confirm any such ban was in place. We’ve only heard rumors and accusations, none of them substantiated.

To me, the case of Roy Moore seems very cut and dried. A man has been accused of very serious things, and with evidence that no self-respecting attorney would present to a court. These allegations, miraculously surfacing weeks before an anti-establishment Senatorial election and after 40 years in public life, are being used as the battering ram to take down Moore and thus the populist wave that Turtle McConnell and co. know will accompany him.

The Establishment simply can’t allow a man like Roy Moore to succeed, which is exactly why it’s so important that he does.

Stand strong, Trumpers. We’ve seen this movie before. An endless line of allegations all meant to serve a singular purpose: taking down a threat to the Establishment. We stood strong when it happened to Trump and weathered the storm. We can do the same with Moore.

Just remember– we’ve been here before. But it’s into the arms of the GOP elite that we won’t be going back.

There it is, homeskillet. You know the drill: questions, comments, concerns, memes, insults, compliments, stickers, jokes, emojis and, if we have time, complaints.


If you enjoyed this piece and would like to support my work, I would very much appreciate any kind of support you can give. If not, I still love ya and please keep up the fight! I’m unable to post anything but a set dollar amount at this time, but if you have a different amount in mind, my PayPal address is: dafifflike@gmail.com. Thank you so much for visiting my site and I hope you return!



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