I’m not one of those folks who believes every tweet from President Trump is manna from Heaven. I’ve criticized him in the past for stuff I viewed as counterproductive to his agenda. In fact, most days I don’t even write about his tweets unless they directly affect issues regarding our country. I have no interest in being a tabloid writer covering the president’s personal grudges, nor do I care about them, frankly.  I wouldn’t have even covered the Lauer saga had it not been such a big (and hilariously awesome) headline. But today– today is different.

Today mattered.

In a series of tweets depicting the depraved behavior of Muslim migrants in Europe and elsewhere, originally posted by the patriotic nationalist group Britain First, President Trump sent record numbers of holier than thou offense-takers screaming into the sky, thereby putting a smile on my face that remains as of this writing. I’ve been posting similar videos on my own personal social media for years, hoping to alert a few people to the realities of multiculturalism and, specifically, the dangers of mass Muslim immigration. I’ve teed off quite a few people in the process, but also opened a few previously oblivious eyes. This morning’s presidential twitter feed looked like it could have been taken straight from my facebook page during the campaign. It was terrific.

“VIDEO: Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!” was the first. “VIDEO: Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!” read another. “VIDEO: Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!” read the last of the group.

Critics immediately pounced on the retweets, calling Britain First a racist organization and questioning the authenticity of the videos, though none have been debunked. Do Islamist mobs not push people off roofs and beat them to death? Did some prankster find a Muslim-looking gentleman, create a fake statue of the Virgin Mary and have the imposter fake-smash it into a hundred pieces? Was that boy on crutches receiving a fake beating from a fake Muslim? Give me a break. The truth is these sorts of things happen all the time, but the powers that be in Europe do all they can to stifle their exposure.

They’ll do anything to silence the voices of those who are fed up with the consequences of multiculturalism and Muslim migration. Their political class, much like ours, are perfectly happy to allow the working class to absorb the consequences of their grand experiment and punish anyone who dare suggest that their utopia has a downside.

Of course, White House reporters wasted no time pushing their counter-narrative; that the videos were not “independently verified” and thus should not have been retweeted. And as always, Sarah Sanders gave the perfect response:

“I’m not talking about the nature of the video. I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing. The threat is real and that is what the president is talking about.”

The stupidest aspect of all this pearl-clutching is the idea that Britain First even needs to fake videos such as this, as if there is any shortage of Muslims behaving badly in the Western world. The reason Britain First even exists is as a countermeasure to what everyday Brits were dealing with on the streets of their own country.

For example, BF routinely confront Muslims on the streets of London who conduct “Shari’a patrols,” which consist of Muslims harassing the natives for not dressing in approved garb or otherwise behaving in non-Muslim ways. If that makes them “far-right extremists,” then I proudly count myself among their number.

Insulated journalists, NeverTrumpers and their leftist brethren haven’t bothered to question the authenticity of videos featuring German girls pleading with authorities to make their neighborhoods safe again. They don’t ask whether the news about segregated pools in Germany is real. The reason being, of course, is that would force them to report on it in the first place. They don’t bother to report on the Shari’a courts that have emerged in Britain as a parallel legal system and gone unchallenged from British authorities.

The same journalists so eager to hop on the #MeToo bandwagon for ass-grabs on Hollywood sets suddenly lose all courage when the issue of grooming comes up. If you’re not familiar, “grooming” is the systematic rape of young Western girls by Muslim men. They do it as a divine right, since non-Muslim girls are infidels and thus subject to the Muslim man’s every sexual whim. Thousands of young British girls have been “groomed” over the last few years, and the British press —as well as police— covered it up.


I sure as hell do, and I’m going to cheer on the president every single time he brings attention to it. I don’t give a damn that most Muslims have brown skin. It doesn’t scare me. Their culture is inferior. Yes— inferior. Cultures who treat women as cattle and routinely use young boys as sex objects are inferior. And yes, many Muslim societies do just that. And if we don’t assert ourselves —our values— they will gladly assert their own in our place. Our vagina-capped friends can turn a blind eye all they want. I will not.

Jayda Fransen, the brave leader of Britain First, is literally facing jail time right now for the crime of criticizing Islam. THAT is what offends me. I couldn’t give less of a damn how it makes Muslims feel. This is the West. This is our home. If they don’t like it, I suggest they return to the cesspool from which they came. But you won’t see that. See, Muslims turn a blind eye of their own. Rather than acknowledge the abject dumpster fire their ideology has created around the world, they would rather import it here while enjoying the fruits of Western culture. And our spineless leaders allow it to happen.

Political correctness has delivered much worse than mere poor immigration policy. The political/media establishment has entered us into a suicide pact that not everyone is interested in signing. Those of us who aren’t shy about promoting Western values; who don’t mind telling followers of a 7th century barbarian to take their garbage back east were damn happy with those tweets. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a prouder moment than seeing our president give voice to those who have been silenced for so long.

For once, a Western leader wasn’t spineless. He used his platform to spread a harsh truth that some would rather pretend doesn’t exist. This is the Donald J. Trump I voted for, and the one I hope to see more of in the future.

It’s time we became offended by the right things, and silence amid our destruction should be atop that list.

I’ve never been more proud to be a Trumper.


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  1. Finally, telling the truth about the Islam lifestyle. We need to clone you Trey Vaught. America needs to know the truth.

  2. We know what I think about these violent people. Great job Trey.

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