Since our guy took office, we’ve endured a lot of garbage from the legacy media. A LOT. Imagine a dump truck full of #FakeNews dung backing up to your front porch every morning, lowering the back gate and dropping two tons of smelly CNN right at your door. Trumpers require hazmat suits just to fight their way through to any real news whatsoever. Suffice it to say, we’ve seen just about everything.

I’ve seen fake news outlets whine about Trump getting two scoops of ice cream and once-respected national magazines comparing his manner of speech to OMG CHARLES MANSON. That’s what life has been like for Trumpers ever since it became clear that he was going to win the Republican nomination. We’ve become pretty used to it, though. Don’t get me wrong— it’s still annoying as hell. But it’s something we’ve learned to live with.

Today’s hysteria, though, brought things to a whole new level; not only in terms of inanity, but the power of those pushing it. Special Counsel Bob Mueller did today what he was brought in to do; deliver red meat to the anti-Trump masses who simply cannot accept that he beat them in the election. Unfortunately for them, this is no New York strip. It hardly meets the qualifications of a Steak ‘Um.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped every vagina-clad sky-screamer from sea to shining sea from declaring this the “beginning of the end,” as they’ve done at least ten times thus far. Every leftwing journalist is walking with a little extra pep in her step (they’re all women, even the men) and delivering their usual #FakeNews diatribes with a massive smirk. This is the effect of collective wishful thinking; wanting so badly for something that any crumb —no matter how small— is viewed as a full bread loaf by those who’ve been so starved over the past year.

It’s sad, really.

So what is this Crime of the Century that sent the Dow spiraling for several hours today?

Former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn lied to the FBI about a conversation with the Russians. Ooooooooh, sounds ominous, right? The mere headline evokes images of men in trench coats meeting at random park benches in midnight, at least in the rabid anti-Trump mind.

The truth, I’m afraid, is much less sensational.

Here is the nature of those lies, taken directly from the FBI charge sheet:

• “On or about Dec 29, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Government of Russia’s Ambassador to the United States … to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day; and FLYNN did not recall the Russian Ambassador subsequently telling him that Russia had chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of his request.”

• “On or about December 22, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending United Nations Security Council resolution; and that the Russian Ambassador subsequently never described to FLYNN Russia’s response to his request.”

Wait…..an incoming NSA to the POTUS discussed sanctions with another world power??? OMG, this is unprecedented!!

Except it’s not. The fact is, it would be a bigger scandal if the president’s cabinet, especially his NSA, were NOT talking to the Russians about such matters. In fact it would be gross incompetence.

The full statement of charges released today can be broken down into three main areas, NONE OF WHICH DEMONSTRATE ANY SORT OF COLLUSION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND RUSSIA TO INFLUENCE THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Good luck getting any mainstream outlet to point that out. In any event, let’s go through them so as to have a full understanding of the hot water Flynn is in:
1) The statement says that the day after Barry announced sanctions in response to Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 election, Flynn called a “senior official of the Presidential Transition Team (PTT)” who was with other “senior members of the PTT” at Mar-a-Lago. On the call, Flynn and the “senior official” said that they did not want Russia to “escalate the situation.” Flynn called the Russian ambassador immediately after his call with the senior official to communicate the incoming administration’s request. The next day, Putin announced that Russia would not retaliate against the United States, and the Russian ambassador later informed Flynn that Putin had decided not to retaliate in response to his request.

Yes, the incoming Trump team sought to take us off the course for WWIII and instead facilitate cooperation between the two foremost nuclear powers on the planet. My, what a travesty! These communications were not only lawful, but absolutely necessary. No, I’m not naive to the shenanigans that happen between Russia and the US. The truth is, we’ve been diddling in one another’s back yard since our intel agencies were fighting over leftover Nazi scientists in Berlin. If you would like PDT to take a more anti-Russian stance, fine. That’s a perfectly acceptable political opinion to have. But guess what— it’s not a crime to think or do otherwise. A new POTUS can seek to strike any kind of new tone with the Kremlin he or she pleases, whether coochie cappers like it or not.

2) The statement also says that Flynn initiated contact with Russia and other foreign governments in an effort to influence a U.N. Security Council vote on an Egyptian resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Flynn made these calls at the behest of a “very senior member” of the Trump transition team. In this instance, Flynn was unsuccessful. The Russian ambassador told Flynn that “Russia would not vote against the resolution.” 

Remember when Team Barry shamefully put a knife in Israel’s back on their way out the door? The Trump administration was working against that. Again, not even close to a crime, nor even a scandal.

3) The statement briefly outlines false statements Flynn made about his relationship with the government of Turkey. These false statements have absolutely nothing to do with Russia whatsoever, nor do they involve the Trump administration. This is lobbying work that Flynn was doing before he linked up with the Trump administration and, frankly, probably the most serious issue Flynn has to worry about.

Like Manafort, he failed to register as a foreign agent, which violates federal law but is hardly ever enforced. It is, however, ample reason to fire the guy. I don’t even like domestic lobbyists, much less ones working on behalf of another country. There is talk that Flynn was working to undermine the new Islamist regime in Turkey and could have even played a part in the failed coup that sought to defeat it. If true, that’s respectable. But it still should not have been kept secret.


Soon after the Flynn charges were announced, news dropped that a “senior Trump transition official” directed Flynn to have these conversations, as if that is some sort of bombshell. Who the hell else would be directing him? The Clinton campaign? I sure as hell hope not, seeing as how they have some Russia issues of their own.

Eli Lake is reporting that the official involved is Jared Kushner. What seems to be happening, at least from my vantage point, is that Trump transition members, most of whom who had no experience dealing with foreign powers as an incoming administration, were asked a bunch of questions with Russia, got some of them wrong (or panicked) and now are being dragged for lying. If anything, they should be charged for being stupid.



In case anyone forgot —and I make sure my readers don’t— the Trump campaign was under surveillance for over a year, meaning their conversations with foreign officials were actually listened to by the friggin FBI. If you’ll recall, the reason Flynn was fired in the first place was for misrepresenting a call he made to a Russian diplomat to VP Pence…AFTER THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT HAD SPIED ON IT. Does the name Sally Yates ring a bell? Yet, after all this time and investigating, after all this eavesdropping and scrubbing of records….this is what they come up with??

Guess what folks, if I could read transcripts of every conversation you’ve had with foreign diplomats over the last year, I bet I could catch some inconsistencies in your story, too. The fact that the FBI has been inside the Trump huddle since last year and the best they can do is bring charges about lying something that wasn’t even illegal tells you all you need to know. These people have nothing.

So Mike Flynn has “flipped” and is going to testify that Trump transition officials ordered him to talk to the Russians? Uhhhhh, ok. Cool story, bro. Does that come with handcuffs? Didn’t think so. Again, they’ve been listening to the guy for months. Why do they need him to “flip?” If they’re missing any information, it’s because some spook needed to “flip”up the volume on his headphones.


The charges bought forth today stem from lies that never had to be told. When seeing that the offense was “lying to the FBI,” the first thought is that there must be a larger underlying crime. But there simply isn’t; not even close. So what we’re going to have is the most annoying non-scandal in the history of politics all over the airwaves for the next few months, since Special Bob decided that inconsistent recollections about completely lawful conversations are worth bringing charges.

And why does he feel that way, exactly? Is it because the actions of the FBI are under a microscope right now, and what’s coming out isn’t good? Is it because Judicial Watch is finally getting them to release documents related to the Clinton-Tarmac meeting? Is it because the FBI informant who witnessed the entire corrupt Uranium One deal —the one overseen by none other than Bob Mueller— now has the green light to speak on Capitol Hill? 


This is the same FBI who allowed a “special team” to handle the Hillary email probe; one that sat back as evidence was destroyed; countless people were given immunity despite never testifying; the wife of a high ranking FBI official was receiving money from Clinton’s close political pal; the list goes on. So you mean to tell me that the Justice Department who allowed all that to happen right in front of their faces without so much as impaneling a grand jury is now bringing charges for lying about a lawful event? 

Could it be that Mueller, Comey and the rest of the DC crowd know that the best defense is a good offense?

I think we might be onto something here. At the end of the day, though, these pitiful charges will only provide so much cover noise for the evening news.

Beyond the manufactured hysteria lies the truth, and it’s not going anywhere.






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