Unspeakable Injustice: What Will It Take?

While writing my daily news recap, I had the news on in the background, as I often do. Just as I finished my piece on Roger Stone, whom the government is doing everything to convict despite the complete lack of a crime (much less evidence of one), I heard something I’d been waiting for since 2015: “verdict expected in Kate Steinle case.”

I knew the facts of the case pretty well. I knew that Steinle, her father and a friend were on a San Francisco pier when a bullet struck Steinle’s lower back and tore through her abdomen. I knew that surveillance video showed the shooter, serial illegal immigrant Garcia Zarate, running away from the scene. I knew that gun powder residue was found on Zarate’s hands right after the murder.

I also knew that the circumstances surrounding the gun’s placement were weird, to say the least. It had been stolen from the Bureau of Land Management, wrapped in a cloth and placed on the pier for some mysterious reason. I knew Zarate had given conflicting statements at the time of his arrest. First, he claimed to be “shooting at a seal,” as if that idiotic story made any sense. Then, he claimed he stepped on the gun, causing it to discharge, which was more plausible since the bullet actually ricocheted before killing Steinle. Finally, after lawyering up on the dime of California taxpayers, he settled on an official story; that he’d found the gun, unwrapped it and it accidentally discharged in the process.

Whatever the real story, one thing is for certain: Zarate pulled the trigger on the gun that killed Kate Steinle. That fact is beyond debate.

Here is another fact not up for debate— Zarate was an ILLEGAL ALIEN CONVICTED FELON who had been deported FIVE TIMES.

As a sane, red-blooded American, that makes my blood boil. To see a young, beautiful girl killed just as her life was beginning is equal parts tragic and maddening, but to know that she was killed by someone who had NO BUSINESS HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE makes it a thousand times worse. We have enough felons of our own. Why in the hell are we allowing others to enter? That we could allow our border to be so porous and then be so lenient toward those who breach it, as San Francisco officials were and are, infuriates me beyond words. I’m past the point of befuddlement. I don’t care how our open border counterparts became so stupid; I’m just sick of others paying the price for their stupidity.

Tonight, the Steinle family paid that price for a second time in the form of a grave injustice. The jury had the option of finding Zarate guilty of an array of charges. If the bullet ricochet showed this to be involuntary manslaughter rather than first degree murder, they had that option. The evidence was right there before them. Zarate picked up a gun, it fired and Kate Steinle is dead as a result. If that’s not at least involuntary manslaughter, WHAT THE HELL IS?


Will this finally cause the Left and their enablers on the anti-Trump Right to feel shame? Will the fact that authorities in San Francisco released Zarate from custody prior to this shooting evoke enough shame to finally make us love our citizens more than we hate Donald Trump? If this doesn’t wake up the nation to just how backward our country has become, what will??

What will it take for Congress to pass Kate’s Law? What will it take to assert our sovereignty in a way that allows a father to bring his family for a simple walk on a pier without watching his daughter die in his arms?

As Kate Steinle was leaving this Earth, she looked up at her father with an agonizingly simple request— “Help me.”

Tonight, before God, I plead the same for our country.







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3 thoughts on “Unspeakable Injustice: What Will It Take?

  1. Thank you Trey for the update on the horrific verdict. May Kate’s family see justice done.

  2. Can the Judge set aside the jury’s verdict?

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