The Truth Begins to Emerge

Over the weekend, as well as today, we’ve become privy to some facts that merely confirm what we’ve all known for quite some time now; that the FBI was a festering cesspool of corruption during the Barry years. Yes, I know, they’ve been corrupt since the Hoover days to some extent or another, but things got really bad over the last few years and it’s the latest drive down J. Edgar Avenue that will have a direct effect on #PutinGate and, ultimately, #DrainingTheSwamp.

Before we get into specifics, allow me to remind you of something that most everyone seems to have forgotten. The Office of the Inspector General has been investigating the FBI since President Trump took office. It’s one reason I’ve been hesitant to jump in with the torch-and-pitchfork crowd to demand Jeff Sessions’ head, although I do understand their frustration. As I’ve said 10 quadrillion times, there is a lot going on behind the scenes of which we’re simply not aware, but certainly will be in due time. The Justice Department was sure to jog our memory of this fact in today’s statement about, well, a statement.

It reads as follows:

“The January 2017 statement issued by the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) announcing its review of allegations regarding various actions of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in advance of the 2016 election stated that the OIG review would, among other things, consider whether certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations and that we also would include issues that might arise during the course of the review. The OIG has been reviewing allegations involving communications between certain individuals, and will report its findings regarding those allegations promptly upon completion of the review of them.”

The operative phrase here is “we also would include issues that might arise during the course of the review.” That opens the door to go down pretty much any rabbit hole of corruption having to do with the upper echelon in the bureau during that time, meaning Comey, McCabe and every other shady figure involved with the “special team” assigned to handle the Clinton email probe. While the OIG investigation is still ongoing, we’re starting to see the first batch of fruit from its tree and, man oh man, is it delicious! How delicious? Smoking-gun-proof-of-bias-by-lead-investigators delicious. Mmmmm mmmmm good.

In the first of what is sure to be an avalanche of incoming revelations, we now know that a senior #PutinGate investigator, Peter Strzok, who also just happened to lead the investigation of the Clinton email server as the No. 2 official in the FBI’s counterintelligence division, was busted sending anti-Trump text messages to some floozie with which he was having an affair. The floozie, Lisa Page, is an FBI lawyer who also was assigned to the Mueller witch hunt but has since returned to the regular old bureau to resume normal levels of corruption. Lead Trump lawyer Ty Cobb must be licking his chops with this news. If this silly nonsense ever made it to court, which it won’t, bias among top level investigators will surely make it into evidence. He won’t get that chance, though, since there is no actual crime being alleged here, at least on Trump’s part. All the same, this doesn’t look good.

It doesn’t end there, though.

In addition to getting his hand caught in the #NeverTrump cookie jar, it appears that Strzok (pronounced ‘koo-chee hat’) also worked hand in hand with Democrat super delegate James Comey to engineer legal language that allowed Hillary to skate, changing ”grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” so that Comey’s statement didn’t mirror the actual federal statute, which declares “gross negligence” of handling classified information to be criminal. Of course, anyone with a couple brain cells to rub together knows that there is no actual difference between gross negligence and extreme carelessness. They are literally synonyms.

But in the legal world, you can’t have an FBI Director using the exact same language as a federal statute when declaring there to be insufficient evidence to charge someone with violating said statute. They think we’re dumb, but apparently not THAT dumb. How kind of them. If that doesn’t demonstrate the FBI’s effort to ensure nothing happened to Hillary, I don’t know what will. Strzok and Comey were essentially acting not as investigators, but lawyers. Playing fast and loose with legalese in order to exonerate someone is exactly what defense lawyers do.

What a disgrace.

If you’ll recall, Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter a couple months ago demanding answers regarding the language, since it was obvious that something smelled. Grassley said that documents the FBI provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee in November included an earlier draft of Comey’s exoneration statement from May 2016, which stated:

“There is evidence to support a conclusion that Secretary Clinton, and others, used the private email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to the handling of classified material.”

The later version of the exoneration statement —the one Comey ultimately went with— had changed the operative phrase. Chuck noticed and had the good sense to press the issue. Well, Chuck, now you know— the friggin SENIOR INVESTIGATOR OF THE PROBE did it.

This begs the question— who else on Mueller’s team is a pro-Hillary, rabid anti-Trumper? Do you really think that Mueller was surprised to learn that one of his top investigators hated Trump? I highly doubt it. And I highly doubt he’s the only one. That entire investigation is infested with Clinton donors, after all. So what else has the OIG stumbled upon? There’s no telling, but they’re definitely off to a hell of a start. If they’re getting the private text messages of investigators, they’re alllllllll up in Mueller’s gravy. He’s looking really, really bad and likely going to look worse soon.

In fact, things look so bad that even Keebler Jeff Sessions came down from his tree to announce how troubled he is by these revelations, saying that the allegations “if proven to be true, would raise serious questions of public trust. I look forward to receiving the Inspector General’s report. We will ensure that anyone who works on any investigation in the Department of Justice does so objectively and free from bias or favoritism. My job is to restore confidence in the Department of Justice in all aspects of our work and I intend to do so. As such, I have directed that the FBI Director review the information available on this and other matters and promptly make any necessary changes to his management and investigative teams consistent with the highest professional standards.”

The operative sentence in that statement is a bit more inconspicuous, but it’s there if you know what to look for: “I look forward to receiving the Inspector General’s report.”

It seems rather innocuous, but Attorneys General don’t typically express their giddiness about learning of the corruption of the departments they lead. If you read between the lines here, he’s saying, “I’ve been everyone’s whipping boy for the last year but I’m about to have the last laugh, so go to Hell.”

Additionally, if you think he’s waiting for that report to come out to find out what’s in it, I’ve got a picture of Maxine Waters doing trigonometry homework to sell you. He knows what they found, as does President Trump. They’ve known for a while, hence the latest Trump’s tweets promising a “return to greatness” for the FBI and Sessions “looking forward” to the OIG report. 

We’re just getting started, folks. Buckle up.




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  1. WOW—we need to invest in popcorn. The show is just checking started. I think we will have mass firings in the FBI & DOJ. Thanks for the great report.

    1. Ooops, need to proof read. The show is just getting started.

  2. Sweet Mama! I’m in!!!

  3. Ohboy! I’m licking my chops and I friggin love that i can tip my writer so effortlessly!

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