Daily Recap — March 6

Sorry about the yesterday’s day off, everyone. It seems the tentacles of social media censorship have reached little ole me. While my facebook page may still be down, I have realnewsrevolt.com back up and rolling, so life isn’t all that bad.

I’m gonna keep on keeping on no matter how hard they make it. Thanks for sticking with me.

Let’s get to the news.




Go ahead. Say it 5x fast. You know you want to.

It seems our old buddy, rabid #NeverTrumper Peter Strzok (don’t even try to say that name 1x slow) chose to look the other way amid one of the most serious breaches of our government in years. Apparently, Strzok, whose former position as senior FBI counterintelligence agent put him (conveniently) at the center of the bureau’s Russia and Clinton email probes, was told there was metadata evidence on Hillzdawg’s hard drive that could point to a breach.

Be it because he was too busy sexting his FBI mistress Lisa Page, too ignorant to know how to handle the situation (unlikely), too consumed by the “insurance policy” he was constructing as a hedge against a Trump presidency, or just flat out chose to turn a blind eye, we know this much — he did absolutely nothing about it. We know this little nugget of info thanks to more breadcrumbs leaked from the upcoming DOJ Inspector General’s report, which is sure to contain a lot more gems in the coming weeks.

This is the story as reported by Fox News:, who seem to be the OIG leaker’s outlet of choice:

 During the final months of the Clinton email investigation, FBI agent Peter Strzok was advised of an irregularity in the metadata of Hillary Clinton’s server that suggested a possible breach, but there was no significant follow up, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter.

Sources told Fox News that Strzok, who sent anti-Trump text messages that got him removed from the ongoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, was told about the metadata anomaly in 2016, but Strzok did not support a formal damage assessment.

One source said: “Nothing happened.”

This is just the latest damning evidence of “bias” (read: corruption) from Strzok and his vagina hat-wearing Deep State brethren. We’ve all read from the buffet of anti-Trump text messages between Strzok and the home wrecker Page — of which there were nearly 50,000 — that cover everything from the aforementioned “insurance policy” to visceral hatred of not only PDT but his supporters. There were also pro-Hillary messages, which is quite problematic considering the counterintelligence department of which Strzok oversaw was involved in some of the most sensitive investigations in 2016. There isn’t the slightest hint of objectivity to be found in any of the information to be released regarding these lovebirds or their superiors.

Strzok’s position as a top counterintelligence agent was so important, in fact, that it was he who signed off on the bureau’s probe concerning whether the Trump campaign colluded with OMG RUSSIA in the 2016 race. You know — the one King Bob Mueller is now running. That started with Strzok.

Tell me again why this news shouldn’t affect the Mueller probe? Now you see why I refer to him as “King;” because apparently no one dare challenge his authority.

When Mueller knew about the texts, he removed Strzok from the investigation, transferring him to human resources in August of 2017. A petty demotion for someone who deserved to be fired, but for Mueller to acknowledge the seriousness of the charges would undermine his own legitimacy, since Strzok gave birth to this whole dog and pony show. That would require Mueller to have integrity, though; something he clearly lacks.


Prior to the Russian hoax, Strzok was also involved in the Hillary email probe, where Page texted him, saying she felt that the FBI was going too hard on Clinton. And you’re never gonna see this coming, but Strzoka greed! So now we have a top intel nerd who thought the press was going too hard on Hillzdawg —and he refused to investigate a breach into the Clinton hard drive because it would have kept this issue alive and well in the press, as it should. And remember, if you will, that this was the hard drive of the nation’s top diplomat, used on an unsecured server that had every hostile actor on the world stage licking its chops.

THAT, my friends, is a huge story, although the legacy media would ever acknowledge it in a million years.


And just as a reminder, texts were revealed in February showing the lovebirds discussing how to get around federal records regulations. This is what Hillzdawg was effectively accused of concerning her private, unsecured, and unauthorized email server from which she conducted all official State Department business.

So, we have this, plus former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on the chopping block for misleading investigators during the Hillzdawg email probe and authorizing an improper media disclosure concerning the FBI and DOJ infighting over a separate inquiry into the Clinton Foundation, which I covered last week. I would read that, if you haven’t already. It gives a glimpse into McCabe’s thinking.

The more we learn about this mess, the more we realize it’s even bigger than we though. Each revelation makes it clear that Strzok shouldn’t be in Human Resources or anywhere else in the DOJ. His lingering employment is the worst example of the Deep State; bureaucrats who live by their own rules because they can — because they have cover.

The People have been weary of these shenanigans for far too long. It’s time for heads to roll.






This story either represents the most significant foreign policy victory of the last 30 years, or it’s just more of the same. The good news is, the former is new to this equation, and that’s significant. We have a chance, folks.

Upon leaving bilateral talks with Rocket Man himself, South Korea national security adviser, Hi-Def Daewoo, said North Korea had “made clear its willingness for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula”.

“Chairman Kim said that even denuclearization could be among the agenda items for talks between North Korea and the US,” an anonymous South Korean official added.

According to that official, Lil’ Kim “made clear that achieving denuclearization is his father’s dying wish and that it has not been changed at all”, according to the official – who was speaking anonymously.

Talk about history revisionism. His father, Kim Jong Il, used the nuke program as leverage for foreign aid. It worked on weaker politicians like Slick Willy, George W. Bush and Barry Soetoro. They were happy to kick the can down the road so long as the North Korean regime hadn’t reached full ICBM potential. Now, that long-range capacity is on the cusp of becoming reality, and we’ve simply run out of road.


PDT was sure to give his response to the development via Twitter:

“Possible progress being made in talks with North Korea. For the first time in many years, a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned. The World is watching and waiting! May be false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction!

It’s not hard to read between those lines. If Rocket Man backs off and shows tangible evidence of denuclearization, we’ll assure his safety and peace between our nations. On the other hand, if Rocket Man keeps acting all, well, rockety, everyone be sure to check out the new amusement park on the Korea Peninsula: Crater World! Opening Spring 2019. 


Now, let’s do some analysis on this thing.

There are two competing schools of thought regarding the latest olive branch being extended from the hermit kingdom. One camp points to past failures of NK to follow through on their promises. They’re not without point.

As noted earlier in this piece, North Korea has historically used their nuke program as a way of shaking down nations. They back off, show evidence of their backing off, then receive sanctions relief and/or other forms of foreign aid, especially food. Then, once they’ve receive what they were after, work on the nuke program picks right back ups full steam ahead.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats reacted to skeptically today in response to  the North Korean statement:
“Hope springs eternal, but we need to learn a lot more relative to these talks, and we will,” Coats said today. “Maybe this is a breakthrough. I seriously doubt it, but as I said, hope springs eternal.”

 Even PDT was sure to release statements affirming that he wouldn’t be taken in by the Rocket Man charm: 

“We have come certainly a long way, at least rhetorically, with North Korea,” Trump said during an Oval Office meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. 

“It would be a great thing for the world, it would be a great thing for North Korea, it would be a great thing for the peninsula. But we’ll see what happens,” he added. 


The negative side of this analysis is actually more dire than any time in years past.

While previous appeasements to North Korea have yielded futile bags of wheat and embarassed Western leaders, capitulation without concrete steps toward denuclearization will almost assuredly lead to a North Korea with long-range nuking capability this time around. Thanks to our previous inaction, the stakes have been raised greatly, to the point that we’re forced to decide whether giving an American-threatening dictator ICBM capacity or unleashing absolute bombing hell on Pyongyang and all its missile sites. 

South Korea would bear a heavy price in that scenario. Even the most surgical and lightning-fast strikes against North Korean sites won’t be able to prevent the unleashing of artillery toward Seoul. Make no mistake: thousands of people will die, and some of them wil be Americans. 

If this latest development is nothing more than a stunt to stall until their ICBM program can be completed, war will certainly follow. And it won’t be pretty. 


Step back from the ledge, though, because there is another, more positive side of this analysis.

The U.S. has long maintained that bi (or tri) lateral talks will only be possible if concrete steps are taken toward denuclearization. If they show us they’re serious, we’ll come to the table. The good news is, things have been trending in that direction.

Rocket Man hasn’t played with his missiles since last November, dramatically decreasing the prior pace of activity, especially after PDT announced to the world that Crater World was a’comin if Lil Kim didn’t pipe down. 

Not only did he pipe down, he cancelled a test that would have been in the vicinity of Guam, which PDT put a red line around with his “fire and fury” comments. Kim got the message and acted accordingly, which demonstrated to critically important things:

1) Rocket Man is rational when he needs to be, meaning he’s not the unhinged madman many have feared, and

2) He takes PDT seriously in terms of use of force, which is the most important factor in all of this. If this were Obama giving a “cut it out” speech, Kim would be laughing. He’s not laughing now. 

Now, according to South Korean officials, the North has promised not to hold any further tests during any future talks with the US. If the fear is that NK will simply use our talks as a stalling tactic to complete their program, they’re offering to ease those fears with the guarantee of no further tests. They can’t advance if they don’t use their equipment. This is a serious proposal offered by Rocket Man and worth looking into.

Furthermore, the two Koreas also announced they would set up a leader-to-leader hotline and hold a summit next month at their heavily armed border. The meeting, in the village of Panmunjom, will be only their third summit since the Korean war ended in 1953.


The coming weeks to months will tell the tale on how serious Lil Kim is about peacefully dismantling his nukes and ending the threats to annihilate America. Many foreign policy analysts, predominantly neoconservatives, consider any cooperation with North Korea a pipe dream.

I disagree. And trust me, I’ve been a North Korea skeptic for quite some time. If you’ve read my work from the previous year, you know that I’ve viewed the North Korea situation as an inevitable march toward war. I’m not so sure about that now.

Frankly, I believe Kim views Trump as being just crazy enough to vaporize his entire country. Our coochie cap friends are terrified of that prospect, too. That, ladies and gentleman, is a good thing. A great thing. A vital thing.

Dictators understand power and self-preservation. That is their language, and Trump knows how to speak it. And most importantly, Kim is listening.

The key will be to convince him that denuclearization is a superior route to saving his hide. It will require a potent mix of skilled diplomacy and the credible threat of force; the latter making the former possible.

Keep your eye on this thing, folks. I believe the Trump administration may be on the cusp of a miracle. Those “crazy” tweets don’t seem so crazy now.

Or maybe they do, and that’s what’s working.  






Forget Obama illegally spying on an opposing political campaign, Hillzdawg paying for a fake dossier to facilitate said spying, Democrats using Russian disinformation for said dossier, the FBI colluding with Democrats by using fake dossier filled with disinformation from the Russians, Hillary destroying subpoenaed evidence in a federal probe, James Comey leaking classified info to the press, etc. We have REAL corruption to focus on, people — a possible Hatch Act violation by Kellyanne Conway!!!

According to the Office of Special Counsel (not Mueller), Conway violated the Hatch Act on two separate occasions last year. 

Basically, the Hatch Act restricts federal employees from using their official government positions for partisan political purposes, including by trying to influence partisan elections. Private citizens can say whatever they wish. Members of the administration can’t take sides.

Appearing in her official capacity, Conway endorsed and advocated against political candidates, the OSC said, referring its findings to PDT “for appropriate disciplinary action.”

LULZ……good luck with that.

The violations occurred during two television appearances in 2017, one on “Fox & Friends,” and one on Fake News CNN’s “New Day,” wherein she urged Republican voters not to allow their Democrat candidates to flip red seats on Capitol Hill.

The White House rejected the report’s findings, saying “Conway did not advocate for or against the election of any particular candidate” in a statement provided to reporters.

“In fact, Kellyanne’s statements actually show her intention and desire to comply with the Hatch Act — as she twice declined to respond to the host’s specific invitation to encourage Alabamans to vote for the Republican,” deputy press secretary Hogan Gildley said.

Ahead of December’s special election to replace Keebler Jeff Sessions in the Senate, Conway made remarks critical of abortion enthusiast Doug Jones in his race against Roy Moore. 

During her Fox appearance, Conway blasted Jones as “weak on crime” and “weak on borders,” but declined to specifically endorse Moore when asked, presumably to stay within the confined of the Hatch Act. 



It’s important to note that this whole deal was started by former Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Schaub. He’s a *former* director for a reason. He was blatantly anti-Trump and his political aims to disrupt the administration were transparent. He was basically the Ethics Office version of Peter Strzok. A coochie-capper infiltrating a high-level government position. 

BOTTOM LINE: The Hatch Act is an obscure law enacted in 1939 that has never been enforced until boogey man Trump came to town. If it were, at least half the Obama administration would’ve been nabbed. Every administration hits the airways to promote their party and attack the opposition. Every one of them. It never became an OMG IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE until now.

Go figure. 

How about focus your time and resources on the abject corruption staring you in the face, Uncle Sam? PDT has one hell of a mess to clean up in D.C.






Two Republican House chairmen are calling for the Justice Department to appoint a new special counsel to investigate Barry the Cable Guy’s FISA abuses, ratcheting up the pressure on Keebler Jeff Sessions to make a move.


House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA0 and House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy (Shiny Gnome – SC)  sent a letter to Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Fraud Rosenstein today urging them to appoint a special counsel to investigate actions by the FBI and Justice Department tied to the October 2016 FISA warrant obtained on former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser wannabe Carter Page.
This is the same FISA warrant that was the subject of last month’s Nunes memo that revealed the reliance of the FBI and DOJ on the pee-pee dossier to obtain the surveillance warrant, which was paid for by Clinton, Inc. 
Goodlatte and Gowdy argue that a new special counsel is needed because crimes may have been committed and the scope was too broad for the Justice Department inspector general.
“I counted off the top of my head 24 witnesses that would be outside the reach of the inspector general,” Gowdy said, specifically naming Clinton confidantes Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer, the two Clinton hatchen men who fed Christopher Streele disinformation on Trump and Russia that ultimately ended up in the hands of the FBI.
That’s what Democrats and their media lapdogs call a “nothing burger.”
Gowdy also argued that a special counsel was a better venue than Congress to investigate the matter because a special counsel has more tools — and public confidence. Gowdy has played a key role in the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the dossier as one of the few lawmakers given access to the underlying FISA application that remains classified.
“We leak like the Gossip Girls,” Gowdy said of Congress. “We don’t have the ability to empanel a grand jury we don’t have the ability to offer immunity; we should not be offering immunity. Executive Branch investigations are more publicly confidence-inspiring than current congressional investigations.”
He’s not wrong. As we’ve seen with King Bob Mueller and Ken Starr, special counsels have broad powers to prosecute pretty much who and what they like. Many, including myself, are unnerved by the idea of any person having that kind of power. But if they’re going to do it to us, I’m not opposed to firing in the other direction.
There is something else to consider, though. Prosecutorial powers are wonderful, but they’re only as good as the ability to gather information. Gowdy makes a compelling case regarding the witnesses that IG Horowitz can no longer reach, but others seem to be pretty happy with the kind of information the OIG has been able to unearth thus far. And so long as he’s able to get to information, proseciution is always just a criminal referral away.
So while I fully support Goodlatte and Gowdy’s push for a second special counsel, I don’t necessarily believe it’s the difference in whether or not justice is served. But given the way we’ve been plunged to, I’d damn sure feel a lot better having one appointed. No amount of ammunition is too much. 


Republicans have the facts on their side. As I’ve laid out in this very piece, there is mountains of evidence of misconduct at the highest levels of the DOJ. If Mueller can launch a special counsel investigation based on the flimsy Trump/Russia conspiracy theory, surely one is warranted to get to the bottom of the corruption that’s been revealed over the last year.

The ball is in Keebler Jeff’s court. He’s either a giant coward who can’t escape the clutches of the Deep State, or there is more going on behind the scenes of which we’re not yet privy. Though I get bashed for it daily, I’m still in the camp of the latter.

I simply don’t believe PDT is leaving this matter to Jeff Sessions. It’s simply not in his makeup. He’s not going to let this go, and he knows more than he’s letting on.

Stay tuned.






Hallelujah! Yesterday, a federal judge acknowledged that he has one job; to enforce the law as written. And as such, he issued a sound ruling in relation to DACA.

Maryland Judge Roger Titus struck down a a challenge to PDT’s decision to end protections for Dacamanians, stating that while he does not agree with Trump’s move, it is not his job to set immigration policy.

Do you hear that, Ninth Circuit? He’s saying that his personal political views shouldn’t factor into a legal ruling. HOW FRIGGIN NOVEL.


“This Court does not like the outcome of this case, but is constrained by its constitutionally limited role to the result that it has reached,” Judge Titus wrote in his opinion. “Hopefully, the Congress and the President will finally get their job done.”

It’s really simple, folks. If a president can write up an executive action, another president can rescind it. A presidential declaration is not a law. Congress passes those. Trump cannot override a properly codified law, but he can override previous presidential actions at will. Obama did not have more power when he was in office than Trump does now. It’s the same presidency. 

This is mindnumbingly simple to understand. Thank God an honest judge has stepped up to reverse the recent activist insanity. I like this trend.






Trigger alert for liberals: America is becoming more powerful and prosperous.

According to the International Energy Agency, the U.S. is poised to become the world’s foremost oil superpower by the year 2023.. Oil demand will keep expanding over the next five years, and America will fulfill most of the world’s growing appetite.

In its latest annual outlook, the IEA forecasted that strong economic growth around the world will continue to support strong oil consumption until at least 2023. Along with surging output from the U.S., rising production in Canada, Brazil and Norway will be able to meet higher demand through 2020.

The only downside noted in the report is the decline in production investment over the last several years. 

“Upstream investment shows little sign of recovering from its plunge in 2015-2016, which raises concerns about whether adequate supply will be available to offset natural field declines and meet robust demand growth after 2020,” IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol wrote.

The industry’s investments fell by 25%  in both 2015 and 2016 and were flat last year, according to IEA. Those declines dovetailed with a historic collapse in oil prices that saw benchmark crude futures fall from more than $100 a barrel in 2014 to below $30 in 2016.

The market has rebounded since the 14-member OPEC cartel partnered with Russia and other producer nations to cut output last year.

But here’s the good news: shale is coming to the rescue.

Birol said oil market conditions have changed substantially since then, and the most notable development is the resurgence of U.S. production. The surge in American output is underpinned by several major shale fields, where drillers use advanced technology to squeeze oil and natural gas from rock formations.

As always, it’s our technological advantages that give us the upper hand over the rest of the world. America has a lot of smart mofos. 

The IEA projects the United States will pump 17 friggin million barrels a day of crude oil, condensates and natural gas liquids, easily defending its title as the world’s top producer of petroleum products. That’s up from 13.2 million barrels a day in 2017.

By comparison, OPEC will increase its capacity by just 750,000 barrels a day through 2023, IEA says.

Throughout the world, IEA sees oil production capacity rising by 6.4 million barrels a day to reach 107 million barrels a day. The United States will account for 60% of that global increase.

BOTTOM LINE: With the need to produce petrochemicals and chemicals around the world, the U.S. has a terrific opportunity to carry a big stick in all forms of trade with our ability to meet the world’s oil demand.

It puts a dent in both China and the Middle East, which also improves our national security. The U.S. is using its innovation and superior workforce to be the big boy on the international block once more.

And boy, does it feel good.






Gary Cohn, PDT’s top economic adviser, is set to leave the administration in the coming weeks.

The failing New York Times, who was the first to report the story,  says “no single reason” is prompting Cohn to quit, but as usual, they’re full of doggie doo. The decision comes after the struggle inside the White House over tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Here is the gist of things, Trumpers. If you don’t like globalists in the West Wing, Cohn’s departure should help you sleep easy at night.  Cohn disagreed with PDT on just about every issue besides tax cuts — he was, and is, a Democrat. But as a president who values a conflict of views among his advisors, Trump respected him and listened to him.

Welp, he had his say, and he lost. 

Cohn would reportedly tell Trump he was wrong, arguing with him and in front of him. In the early days, the hottest trade fights devolved into shouting matches between Cohn and Trump’s nationalist trade adviser Peter Navarro. Cohn has called Navarro a liar to his face, in front of other staff. Pretty heavy stuff. 

Despite all that, PDT continued to listen to Cohn because he’s, in Trump’s words, a “total killer” who had “done it all on Wall Street.” He also listened because Cohn didn’t care and acted that way. PDT appreciates a man with a spine. Though they ultimately couldn’t agree on trade, PDT liked having someone on the other side who would argue forcefully for his side. It makes for a more robust decision-making process. It’s actually a very admirable trait in a leader. Many presidents — most notably Obama — never cared for dissenting views within the administration. Some want “yes men.” That’s a very dangerous way to govern.

Always keen to praise his opposition post-battle, PDT released the following statement on Cohn:


“Gary has been my chief economic adviser and did a superb job in driving our agenda, helping to deliver historic tax cuts and reforms and unleashing the American economy once again.. He is a rare talent, and I thank him for his dedicated service to the American people.”
Cohn, in return, released this statement:
“It has been an honor to serve my country and enact pro-growth economic policies to benefit the American people, in particular the passage of historic tax reform. I am grateful to the President for giving me this opportunity and wish him and the Administration great success in the future.

BOTTOM LINE: Thanks for the tax cuts, Gary. You did your job, Now we’ll handle the trade stuff. Have a nice life. 




PDT’s former national security adviser Mike Flynn has been forced to sell his house in order to help pay for legal fees stemming from the #PutinGate witch hunt.

Flynn’s three-bedroom home in Alexandria, Virginia, was first listed for sale in December with an asking price of $895,000. He bought the home three years ago for $774,000,.

Flynn’s brother, Joe, has been vocal about what General Flynn is being put through.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this has been a trying experience,” said Joe. “It has been a crucible, and it’s not over.”

To refresh your memories, Mike Flynn pled guilty last year to lying to federal investigators about contacts he had with Russian officials during the presidential transition. And who did he lie to? You guessed it: Peter Strzok.

No one seems to mention the fact that his communications were being intercepted and monitored by our own DOJ, and that several FBI agents reportedly felt that his conversation with the Russian ambassador — completely legal by the way — was more a case of confusion and honest failure of memory than blatant lies. 

Simply put, they set a trap for Flynn and he stepped into it. The same man who ignored a Secretary of State’s hacked server and destruction of subpoenaed evidence went through Flynn’s statements with a fine-toothed comb to use any inconsistencies for charges.

Frankly, it’s an outrage. And I’m disappointed with VP Pence and PDT for caving to DOJ pressure on this. 

Flynn’s life has been effectively destroyed by a friggin process crime, which is something the FBI uses to ensnare people that they can’t charge with an actual crime. Flynn was the Deep State’s first scalp, plain and simple. 

Here’s to hoping that coming revelations reverse this trend and fire back at the DOJ, who should be paying for this political witch hunt. 






As always, thank you for taking the time to read my work. My goal is to inform readers in the most digestible way possible. There are many stories with many moving parts, but none of them are immune to sound analysis. 

The recent censorship of conservative voices online will not be met lying down. I will do what’s necessary to continue putting out content regularly, no matter the method. I will not be silenced. We will not be silenced.

We will not stop fighting the forces who seek to destroy our country. They cannot win. 



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    Trey Vaught—you are a warrior & fighter. I am fed up with the hysteria generated by the liberals. Especially, all of the distractions by the liberals digging up Moses. How about Mueller being investigated. Mueller needs to turn his head towards HRC & obama & the rest of the agitators—- I am breaking away with the unpopular opinion, Trump needs to get rid of Sessions, now. He is feckless & disappointing.
    I for one, hope Kim explodes. I am shocked that Kellyanne is getting dumped on while narcissistic delusional racist obama & HRC are free to cause distractions. Thank you for the recap, Trey— you have picked up and moved forward. Good job.

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