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Man I don’t even know where to start with this one.

Bruce Ohr, the intermediary between washed up anti-Trump British spy Christopher Steele and the friggin FBI who used the infamous pee-pee dossier to obtain a FISA warrant, testified behind closed doors today before the House Judiciary Committee. But while closed-door hearings are inherently frustrating in terms of gathering details (they are closed, after all), Leakin’ Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Leakin’ Darrell Issa (R-CA), Leakin’ John Ratcliffe (R-TX), Leakin’ Mark Meadows (R-NC) et. al. provided enough sneak peeks to convey a larger point: the corruption is only getting worse.



Republicans present at the hearing claim Ohr indicated in his testimony that FBI officials knew more information than they led on in their application to obtain a FISA warrant on wannabe Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page. They described Ohr as “cooperative,” though it’s worth noting that cooperation doesn’t necessarily denote honesty.

“Thus far, [Ohr] has done nothing but exacerbate my concerns that the FISA process has been abused,” Rep. Ratcliffe said.

Ratcliffe would go on to appear on this evening’s Hannity, in which he said one “high-ranking FBI official in particular should get a very good attorney.” He added that the official in question had personally signed off on at least one of the shady FISA warrants, which made clear to whom he was referring: Leakin’ James Comey.

Rep. Meadows kicked it up a notch or two hundred by finally saying what people like myself have been saying since late 2016 — the FBI knew that dossier was garbage without a spy’s name attached:

“Not only did the FBI know that the dossier was unverified, but they also knew there was real credibility issues or it would never end up in a courtroom because of the inherent way it was collected and the bias that was associated with that,” said Meadows, reminding everyone that information is actually supposed to be verified before American friggin citizens are spied upon.

Meadows implied the warrant wouldn’t have been approved had the FBI fully disclosed all the information surrounding the dossier to the FISA court:

“It was not only confirmed once, but multiple times that information that should have been in the FISA application was not, or it appears that it was not based on the footnotes that we have read,” he said. “I have not seen the actual FISA application. If indeed the information we heard about today was not given to those four FISA judges, there’s a real problem.”

Rep. Gaetz went even further than Meadows, skipping the disclaimer about not having seen the FISA application and outright accusing the FBI of omitting key material facts:

“Until today, we were not certain that the FBI knew all of the things at the time that they were making initial FISA application and subsequent renewals,” Gaetz said. “What we’ve learned today is that the FBI was absolutely in possession of material facts that they withheld from the FISA courts.”

Gaetz is likely correct, and Meadows is definitely correct. FISA applications are supposed to go through a rigorous vetting and editing process at the FBI and DOJ in order to prevent unsubstantiated information from making it to the FISC (surveillance court). Not only is the FBI’s supervisory special agent required to sign “under penalty of perjury” that the information put it the FISA application is “true and correct,” but senior officials at the FBI and DOJ must also sign off on the application.

The U.S. government must also show probable cause that the target of a FISA application is acting as an “agent of a foreign power” who is “knowingly” engaging “in clandestine intelligence activities” in order to obtain a warrant — but it doesn’t need to prove that crimes have been committed.

So, those of you keeping score at home, let’s see if we have a couple things straight here. Comey, who as late as 2017 called the dossier “salacious and unverified,” signed off on a FISA application in which that very dossier was being presented as thoroughly vetted information. Now how could the Boy Scout James Comey have signed off on such a thing knowing it was a lie? There must be a mistake here. Maybe Peter Strzok had reassured him that the information would be verified later on “through the wizardry of technology.” 

Secondly, I would absolutely LOVE to see the evidence that Carter Page was knowingly engaging in espionage on behalf of the Russian Federation. Because I can tell you for a fact that the Russians thought he was a giant idiot. They’re on the FBI’s own surveillance saying as much. The Ruskies don’t typically assign clandestine operations to people they consider to be giant idiots. But if that bit of basic logic doesn’t illustrate the absurdity of the whole narrative, perhaps you’ll be moved by the fact that Page offered assistance to the FBI, CIA and any other agency who wished to pick his brain on Russia or even monitor his activities. He’s even debriefed the bureau upon returning from Russia. That the FBI would portray him as a legitimate espionage threat is an insult to the intelligence of any American who’s been paying even cursory attention to this issue.

The only bigger insult is that another FISA application signee, Fraud Rosenstein, still sits atop the DOJ watching King Bob Mueller wreak whatever havoc he wishes while little to no accountability for those involved with this massive scandal can be found on behalf of the American people.

Mr. President, it may be time to declassify those warrants soon. Put the spotlight right on these scumbags.




As noted above, cooperation doesn’t necessarily denote honesty. And according to Matt Gaetz and others, Ohr’s testimony proved that somebody is indeed telling a fib. While the confidentiality requirement prevented members from giving details, a general charge of dishonesty was levied:

“In the first hour of testimony, and it’s either Bruce Ohr is lying or Glenn Simpson is lying,” Gaetz told reporters, continuing “in another circumstance, it’s either Bruce Ohr is lying, or Lisa Page is lying.”

My gut tells me that Lisa Page’s testimony was probably much more accurate.

Rep. Issa later backed up Gaetz’s description of events, confirming the Ohr discrepancy with Simpson’s testimony and saying, “There’s also some ambiguity between Ohr and Lisa Page. We will have to go back to the loop to find out which one of them is able to change their story or face perjury.”

Ouch! Tell us how you really feel, Darrell. 

Actually, tell us how you feel in a public hearing after you subpoena Page, Simpson and Ohr to all come back and sort out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth for the American people. I bet you’ll get some people to flip away from Judge Judy for that one! Democrats may even come back to be part of the questioning process! (Since there were no cameras in today’s hearing, not a single Dim lawmaker showed up. No, I’m not kidding)

But Rep. Issa’s most valuable contribution to the lie-spotting portion may have been related to the dossier’s “handlers.” No one in Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Yates, etc. crowd claim to have more than a vague familiarity with the dodgy dossier, yet, if Mr. Ohr is to be believed, that Russian tabloid garbage was being passed around the DOJ like a joint on Slick Willy’s back porch. 

Issa told reporters that Ohr disclosed he had multiple “handlers” at the FBI who received the dossier, but didn’t identify those officials.

“There’s quite a list of names,” Issa said with a slick smile.

Names like Comey? McCabe? Strzok? Page? That’s just the FBI side. I can’t wait to hear who knew on the DOJ side. Sally Yates anyone? Loretta Lynch? 

They all knew.




If, like me, you count yourself among the brave souls who have spent the last year trying to give Keebler Jeff Sessions the benefit of the doubt, today was a bad day.

Rep. Ratcliffe indicated that he believed Ohr’s testimony should be referred to John Huber, the U.S. attorney from Utah who is supposed to be working with the DOJ’s inspector general to probe FISA abuse at the FBI and DOJ.  If you’ll recall, Huber was quietly tapped by Sessions last year and has carried on his work in a very quiet manner ever since.

The question is, if Bruce Ohr’s testimony hasn’t been an interest of John Huber already, WHAT THE HELL IS HUBER DOING WITH HIS TIME?

“I would expect that his testimony and transcript today would be of interest to United States Attorney John Huber, who I understand has been tasked with investigating specifically whether or not the FISA process was abused as it related to obtaining a warrant on an American citizen named Carter Page,” Ratcliffe said.

I would expect so too. In fact, I would expect a man tasked with investigating FISA abuses against Carter Page to have obtained testimony from Bruce Ohr a long ass time ago. Like within the first month of his appointment.

Granted, I don’t know who Huber has and hasn’t spoken to, nor do I know what information he’s gathered or how or why he’s decided to conduct the investigation in the way he has, whatever way that happens to be.

But there’s no other way to put it — the fact that congressmen seem to think that he hasn’t so much as reached out to Bruce Ohr is discouraging to say the least.





Though frustrating, this story also represents a new stage for those good Americans on the Hill who have been working hard to unravel all this corruption for the People. We’re officially at the people-telling-conflicting-stories-and-unwittingly-exposing-others stage.

This is what happens when so many crooked things have been done that there’s no way possible that everyone involved can keep their story straight. There’s so much corruption that conflicting stories are being told left and right, and they’re being told under oath. That’s called perjury. It’s also called intent to deceive, which indicates intent to break the law from the onset. 


The threshold for evidence was passed long ago. Now it’s a matter of will. 

PDT is going to have to “get involved” I’m afraid. 









We had another round of primaries, this time in Florida and Arizona. There are a few notable takeaways that inform our way ahead in these states and the midterms in general. 

Let’s check it out.






Florida, Florida, Florida. Thank you sooooooo much, for you have breathed new life into our greatest asset: the #CrazyBernie movement. 

Armed with the full and total endorsement of #CrazyBernie himself, socialist Andrew Gillum scored a huge upset victory over former Rep. Gwen Graham in Florida’s Democratic primary for governor.

The victory gives the moonbat wing of the Dim Party another jolt of momentum, coming two months after “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the cycle by knocking off another Dim establishment favorite, Joe Crowley, in the failing New York primary.

This upset in Florida is likely to give the Berner movement some much-needed momentum nationwide, which is critical at this juncture given its defeats as of late and uneven record in primaries overall.

Most public polls leading up to the primary showed Gillum trailing two more-moderate Dims, Graham and former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine. But Gillum received a late-in-the-game assist from #CrazyBernie, who campaigned alongside him in Tampa and Orlando earlier this month.




The takeaway here was pretty simple: PDT is a good man to have on your side in a Republican primary these days.

Rep. Ron DeSantis absolutely crushed state Agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam in the Republican gubernatorial primary — thanks to PDT.

DeSantis easily outpaced Putnam throughout the most populous parts of the state. But he ran up especially big numbers in counties along the Atlantic Coast, like St. Lucie, Broward and Palm Beach, and around Naples, on the Gulf side of the state.

Those are snowbird counties — more specifically, northeastern snowbird counties, where you’re more likely to hear a Boston or New York accent than any kind of Southern drawl. Trump endorsements do really well in those areas, kind of odd since one would assume that northern Pubs would be more predisposed to moderate views.

So just how much is a Trump endorsement worth in Florida? Well, in mid-June, Putnam was leading DeSantis by 15%. That’s known as a landslide in modern politics. Tonight, as of time of this writing, DeSantis leads Putnam by roughly 20%.

How’s that for a turnaround? 



Gillum’s win is a big deal, as it proves that a “progressive” candidate can win a primary in Florida. But can that same moonbat agenda win a general election in the Sunshine state? That’s another question entirely.

Gillum has one thing working in his favor: Medicare for All. While a Medicare-for-All type system would absolutely bankrupt Florida (just as the federal version is bankrupting the entire country before even reaching “all” status), the concept itself is a popular one with the public. A recent poll found that 70% of the general American public supports Medicare for All, which has been a rising trend over the last several years. Healthcare is an issue that the GOP need to get a handle on generally, as it quietly threatens to erode their support in the middle, which we can’t afford to lose.

On the other hand, Gillum is also running on “progressive” platform items such as the $15-an-hour minimum wage, which may work wonders for arousing enthusiasm among the far left but hasn’t shown itself to be a winner at the ballot box in general elections. By the time all is said and done, I believe the unpalatable elements of the far-left platform — minimum wage, abolishment of ICE, etc. — will offset any benefit Gillum is receiving from his healthcare stance. 

The truth is we’re the beneficiaries of that good ole Bernie enthusiasm. What I mean is, the Berners were fired up to go vote in the primaries, which helped them edge out the establishment candidate oh so slightly. The establishment Dims took things for granted and whaddayaknow, the Berners made them pay. The good news is, they’re all going to pay come November because that enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily translate to the general election. Or I should say, it does, but the primary numbers don’t reflect the actual support for the socialist agenda in Florida. 

The Berners caught ’em napping in the primaries, and now we have our opponent of choice for the general.

God bless America. 







When Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced his intention to run for Senate last year, I’d hoped someone would convince him to put his personal ambitions aside for the sake of the Trump movement, as his candidacy would split the anti-establishment vote and make life easy for the establishment candidate. I was right.

Rep. Martha McSally handily defeated former Sheriff Joe and Kelli Ward in the Arizona Republican Senate primary, setting the stage for a November battle over a seat that could  theoretically determine control of the Senate.

McSally had 51.4%, or 196,452 votes, to Ward’s 28.6%, or 109,105 votes, and Arpaio’s 20%, or 76,517 votes, with 58% of precincts reporting as of time of this writing.


To be fair, McSally is a formidable candidate. She’s a former fighter pilot, the first female in history to command a Fighter Squadron in combat, as a matter of fact. She’s an earner  of the Bronze Star among many other military accolades. Then again, we haven’t exactly had the best luck with pilots from Arizona in the U.S. Senate, #ButTheseAreMinorDetails.

As much as I hate to say it, though, my brain is in conflict with my heart in this particular analysis. I really wanted Kelli Ward to win this thing. I want as many die-hard Trumpers in the Senate as possible. God knows he needs them. That’s the heart aspect. The brain aspect….is a bit different. I’m not so sure that we didn’t luck out with McSally’s win. She is  more moderate, no doubt (though she took a hard right turn to compete in the primaries), but Ward’s decisions in the late stages of this race lead me to wonder whether we didn’t field the most tenable candidate after all.

In the final days of her campaign, Ward launched a bus tour with Pizzagate aficionado Mike Cernovich, which may have excited a certain faction of the Trump base but made her look flakey to the majority of voters. She also wondered aloud on Facebook if McCain’s family timed their decision to announce his ending of medical treatment for cancer in order to overshadow her campaign.

Sigh. Stuff like that is why McSally is on track to win more votes than both Ward and Arpaio combined. And I’m pretty sure it’s why PDT chose not to endorse anyone in this race. His head clocked in before my heart clocked out.



Meanwhile, Kyrsten Sinema, a congresswoman from the Phoenix suburbs who portrays herself as an independent moderate, ran essentially unopposed for the Dim Senate nomination.

Arizona hasn’t elected a Dim senator in 30 years, but changing demographics makes it more competitive and it is now viewed as one of Senate Dims’ few pickup opportunities in November. Hillzdawg Clinton came within 4% of PDT in the state and Dims have been drooling for it ever since, like a pitbull just out of reach from a steak.

McSally has already given a preview of what her general election attacks will look like, casting herself as a former fight pilot committed to military service, while simultaneously accusing Sinema of “protesting us in a pink tutu” after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During her primary night speech, McSally made it clear that she’ll hammer Sinema as a liberal “to the left of Pelosi Democrats” who’s posing as a centrist while touting her own hardline stances against crime and illegal immigration and for the Trump agenda.
Sinema, on the other hand, will try to seize on McSally’s “extremism” in campaigning for #TheWall. Because you know, border security is so extremist now. 

McSally now only has a small window to appeal to general election voters who tend to be more moderate in Arizona, a former red-state that’s turned decidedly purple over recent years.

Early ballots drop about a month before the November election, meaning the general starts in earnest in about six weeks.

Arizonans…..I know it’s not Kelli Ward or Sheriff Joe, but we could’ve done much worse than McSally. I know she’s probably faking most of her support for PDT, but she’ll still vote for us the vast majority of the time. She can fake it all she wants so long as she’s voting our way.

Please, for the love of God, get out and vote for her in November. 





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