The Sliming of Brett Kavanaugh


The never-ending hell known as the Kavanaugh confirmation process gets stupider by the day, to the point where it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Nevertheless, we must try.

Since this is the first time we’re covering the new allegations in earnest, we’ll start with the basics and them work our way up to now



Who is the accuser?


The OMG SO COURAGEOUS one goes by the name of Christine Blasey Ford. She’s a moonbat clinical psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California. According to her university, she’s a biostatistician, meaning she “specializes in the design and analysis of clinical trials and other forms of intervention evaluation.” In other words, she’s a data nerd.

I know this is going to shock everyone, but Ford is a registered Dim. And not a particularly casual one. She’s on the record as having given numerous small money donations to leftist candidates and causes, most frequently ActBlue, which is essentially a Dim nonprofit devoted to increasing “progressive” political power.

It appears that her latest donation came in the form of an 11th hour hit job against a conservative SCOTUS nominee.

She is also among the group of medical professionals who signed onto a Physicians for Human Rights letter in June bashing PDT for the practice of separating children from their parents at the border, calling it abusive and an offense against humanity (paraphrasing).

She made no mention, however, of the abuse suffered by the substantial percentage of illegal minors who are being raped daily by the fake “parents” who are smuggling them across the border. Odd.

It’s safe to say that Ford is a leftwing zealot, and those who claim she has “nothing to gain” from her coming forward are either lying or just plain ignorant. Aside from the chance to derail the nomination of someone she undoubtedly hates with a passion, she stands to receive rock star status and treatment for her starring role in this saga.



The Evidence:


And I use that term very loosely.

For someone who apparently suffered an attack so vicious she suffered for decades after it occurred, she knows very little about it. You know, helpful details like where it happened, when it happened or how she even got to the place she can’t remember. Of course it’s not unfeasible that a drunken teenager would be hazy on the details of a night 35+ years ago, but there is this nagging thing called logic, and it demands that we ask how someone so unsure of so many key details could be confident enough to bring allegations that would ruin a man’s life and put his family through hell. I know, I know. Cold logic isn’t allowed in the era of the #MeToo mob; it’s but another form of toxic patriarchy.

Calgon, take me away.

Nonetheless, there has been evidence presented, if one is charitable enough to assign such a description. Russell Ford, her husband, told the The Failing Washington Post that his wife detailed the alleged assault during a couple’s therapy session in 2012. During therapy, he said Christine talked about a time when she was trapped in a room with two drunken boys, and one of them had pinned her to a bed, molested her and tried to prevent her from screaming.

He said he remembered his wife specifically using Kavanaugh’s name. He even recalled her expressing concern that he could one day be nominated to the Supreme Court. What a coinky-dink! 

Dr. Ford provided a copy of the therapist’s notes to the Post, which thusly read:

“Patient recalls Mr. Kavanaugh leaning in and whispering into her ear about how he would be a Supreme Court justice four decades from now and how he would use his power to put gay people in internment camps. Patient says they would be herded onto buses whose motors run on the tears of Muslim babies who were denied entry due to the travel ban. Patient also says Mr. Kavanaugh became giddy at the thought of meeting up with Donald Trump well into the future for a nationwide vagina-grabbing tour.”

Ok, that’s not exactly what she said. I made up the whispering part. The Real News is that Kavanaugh’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere in those notes.

Another piece of gravely damning evidence comes in the form of a voluntary polygraph, conveniently taken by Ford just before these allegations came to light and reportedly administered by a former FBI agent. The Post says they saw the results and she passed.

The names of the FBI agent in question, Seter Ptrzok, and his polygraph partner, Pisa Lage, do however seem oddly familiar

Of course, everyone knows that polygraphs are notoriously unreliable. There’s a reason they’re not admissible in court. Failed polygraphs aren’t even used to revoke clearances in the intel community, at least not by themselves.

The bottom line here is the evidence for Ford’s claim is extremely flimsy to nonexistent. No prosecutor would bring charges in this case in a thousand years, even if the statute of limitations hadn’t expired.



Delay, Delay, Delay:


There’s little doubt among those with functioning brains that this entire sage is a Hail Mary delay tactic, After all, Dianne Feinstein knew of the allegations back in July, along with a few other select Dims. It was only after Kamala Harris, Spartacus Booker and a few hundred “protestors” fell flat that she decided to bring out the desperate 11th hour heave.

Therefore it should be no surprise that Ford is playing grabass games with the investigatory process in an effort to drag things out as long as possible. And yes, I’m cognizant of that pun. The grabassery in question is her latest statement that she would be willing to testify before the Senate, but only after the FBI has fully investigated her claims. 

This, of course, would work out great for Dims. The FBI would waste their time on an expansive investigation that has a 0% chance of sussing out any real truth. The incident occurred in an unspecified year at an unspecified place involving unspecified people about 40 friggin years ago. Then there’s the inconvenient fact that the FBI’s jurisdiction covers federal crimes, which this is not. They have conducted six separate background investigations, however. As someone who’s undergone two FBI background checks of my own, I can tell you that they do talk to people from your hometown to get an idea of your character. One would think that an unhinged rapist would have made an impression on at least one or two people.

Simply put, the investigation would be a joke, which is saying a lot for a bureau whose investigations have been nothing but jokes for the last several years.

But it’s never been about getting at truth. It’s about running out the clock until the midterms, where Dims hope to flip a couple Senate seats in order to take control of the upper chamber. That scenario is very unlikely to happen, but hey, one big Hail Mary deserves another.





The American people see through this. Yes, there is a lot of screaming from the coochie cappers, but they don’t represent the majority on this issue. This is an embarrassingly transparent political stunt and it comes at a time when many have become weary of the #MeToo movement as a whole.

The question will be whether Republicans have the backbone to hold the line and get this vote done. As things stand now, Ford has been offered her choice of an open or closed hearing. As noted above, she responded to that invitation with a political ploy to drag out the nomination process. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, has been eager to testify since the accusations were first leveled.

It will mostly come down to four GOP Senators: Lisa Murkowski (AK), Susan Collins (ME), Jeff Snowflake (AZ) and Liddle Bob Corker (TN). Unfortunately, Corker and Snowflake are rabid NeverTrumpers who are itching for any reason at all to hand him a defeat of some sort, so I can’t guarantee that they’ll toe the line. It would look extremely bad on them, though, given the body of evidence we have and the circumstances surrounding the allegations. Neither are running for reelection, so looks may not be their only concern, but their legacies would suffer.

Collins and Murkowski are the biggest targets of leftwing groups looking for Republicans to peel off but have held up reasonably well. All four have said they merely want to give Ford a chance to testify. Now it will be a matter of whether they agree that the FBI should investigate before a vote is held.

I still believe that Kavanaugh will ultimately be confirmed. There are also several Dim Senators who are in tough reelection campaigns in Trump-friendly states and can’t afford to piss off the Deplorables to a high degree. And sinking the Kavanaugh nomination would certainly do the trick.

As things stand, the GOP is planning to hold the vote next Wednesday, two days after she’s invited to testify. If she doesn’t show, they should hold the vote right then.

Turtle McConnell, it’s time to come out of that shell and show some testes. Ignore the mob and listen to your voters. Trust that the moderates can see through this garbage, because they can.

Please, GOP, show some bold leadership for a change.

These shameless smear tactics will persist until they are defeated.







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