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I’m sure you’ve all noticed a pattern over this past 2 years. Just about every Friday, a “bombshell” story breaks using “anonymous sources” and it’s invariably something that portrays the Trump administration in bad light.

Here is the latest edition.

Deputy Attorney General Fraud Rosenstein allegedly floated the idea of secretly recording PDT last year amid “law enforcement concerns about chaos in the White House,” according to anonymous sources, naturally. 

The comments were first reported by The Failing New York Times, who haven’t been failing hard enough lately and are trying to step up their game. They also reported that Rosenstein raised the idea of using the 25th Amendment to remove PDT as unfit for office.

Rosenstein strongly denies the report, calling it “factually incorrect”:

“I will not further comment on a story based on anonymous sources who are obviously biased against the department and are advancing their own personal agenda. But let me be clear about this: Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

That’s actually a very lawyerly response. Reading between the lines, it appears that a conversation of that sort did probably happen. Whether it happened as the anonymous failing NYT source says it did is another story entirely.

Which bring us to our next segment.





The reported conversation took place during a tense May 2017 meeting involving acting FBI Director Deep State McCabe. As you’ll recall, McCabe was temporarily elevated after Leakin’ James Comey was fired, but was himself fired this year. During his time atop the totem pole, McCabe documented conversations with senior officials, including PDT, in a series of memos that have since been provided to King Bob Mueller as part of the PutinGate investigation.

This particular conversation/memo stemmed from the internal turmoil surrounding the firing of Comey, which the Deep State was none too happy about. One of the people briefed on the conversation in question said it occurred during a moment of frustration between McCabe and Rosenstein. 

Rosenstein was apparently rankled by the revelation that Comey had kept memos about his interactions with PDT, while McCabe wanted an even more aggressive approach toward the White House. It’s hard to imagine a “more aggressive approach” than launching a faux counterintel probe to spy on the Trump orbit while leaking info about it to the media, but hey, I guess McCabe really wanted to go all out.

After hearing McCabe’s whining, Rosenstein reportedly said something to the effect of, “What do you want, you want me to wear a wire?” Rosenstein was then asked in the meeting if he was serious, and he said yes, but he thought the question he was responding to referred to something else and he did not mean for the wire comment to be taken seriously.

In fact, every report released subsequent to the failing NYT report suggests that the entire room understood Rosenstein to be joking and no one thought anymore of it. I strongly believe this version of events for one main reason — Rosenstein isn’t stupid.

What I mean by that is Rosenstein understands the purpose of the 25th Amendment, even if Dims and the media do not. The 25th Amendment spells out that a president can be declared “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” upon a majority vote of the vice president and the Cabinet. Inability to discharge duties of the office doesn’t mean “pisses people off on Twitter” or “keeps draining the swamp.” It means a POTUS is completely incapacitated and literally unable to do the job, not “unable to do the job in a way pleasing to Democrats.”

Say what you want about Rosenstein — believe me, I have — but the idea that he would try to get the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment based on a secretly recorded conversation is asinine. Unless it’s a recording of Trump having a massive stroke, it wouldn’t work. And Rosenstein knows that.

It simply doesn’t pass the laugh test.



So that brings us to what is actually happening here.

McCabe’s lawyer, Michael Bromwich, said in a statement that his client had drafted memos to “memorialize significant discussions he had with high level officials and preserved them so he would have an accurate, contemporaneous record of those discussions.” The statement did not address the content of the memos.

It’s no coinky-dink that the leaks to the failing NYT just happen to correlate with the info that would be in McCabe’s memos. And it’s also no coinky-dink that this leak comes at a time when McCabe is backed into a corner, with a grand jury impaneled and indictments expected down the pipe very soon.

Even card-carrying Fake Newser Matthew Miller, who despises PDT with all his being, took to Twitter immediately following the story to give this ominous message:

“Dangerous game Andy McCabe is playing right now.”

They all know what’s happening. One just lets it slip in public now and then.

So, using some basic logical deduction, we ask ourselves, “Who had the motive and the means?” McCabe is the best answer to both of those questions. The reason Miller says McCabe is playing “a dangerous game” is because it could lead to Rosenstein being fired, which the Left believes would be OMG THE END OF JUSTICE IN AMERICA.





McCabe wanted Fraud Rosenstein to go after the White House harder. Rosenstein sarcastically replied, “What do you want me to do, wear a wire??” McCabe memorialized it and then he or one of his people presented it to the failing NYT as “Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire to get the 25th Amendment invoked.”

There’s a good chance that the failing NYT knew full well the nature of the comments but proceeded with the story anyway. They are the failing NYT, after all.

The larger picture here is there are a lot of nervous swampers in DC, and none of them more nervous than McCabe at the moment. He’s the first to actually face a criminal conviction for his crimes. 

We knew this was coming. There will be more leaks and other shenanigans designed to combat the Trump administration as more and more incriminating information comes to light. This is just the first in what is sure to be a long line of strategic leaks.

Remember, this has been McCabe’s strategy from the onset. He and his lawyer want to make this all about Trump. Most of the time that comes in the form of press releases bemoaning the vindictive crusade by boogey man Trump against McCabe and his deep state brethren. Other times, like today, it’s a simple leak to portray the Trump administration in a bad light.

The good news about desperation, though, is it leads to a lot of mistakes. This latest leak makes Rosenstein and co. look as bad as anyone, and with information coming out regarding the source of the leak, McCabe doesn’t exactly look like the All-American boy either.

There will be a lot more of this, Trumpers. Brace for it, punch through it and keep moving.

Don’t let Fake News Friday ruin your weekend.






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