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It’s not often that PDT reverses himself on, well, anything, so this is definitely rarefied air. But that’s exactly what has happened, and with something that isn’t going to please his supporters. Contradicting his own orders from earlier this week, he is no longer demanding that PutinGate documents be immediately declassified and released to the public.

Taking to Twitter this morning, PDT said that instead of an immediate release, DOJ officials would review the documents, adding that “in the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary.”

You may recall a certain NSA nerd telling you that he would have the final say regarding what happened with the documents. Can’t quite remember who but I swear he was a handsome devil.


A White House statement on Monday said PDT had called for the “immediate declassification” of pages of an application to wiretap campaign adviser wannabe Carter Page and all FBI reports about the bureau’s interviews with Bruce Ohr, the DOJ official who acted as a go-between for the bureau and pee-pee dossier author Christopher Steele.

It also directed the DOJ to publicly release unredacted text messages relating to the PutinGate that were sent by Leakin’ James Comey, Deep State Andy McCabe, Pussyhat Peter Strzok, Flippin’ Lisa Page and our boy Ohr.

Intel officials and other swampers have been pushing back since the order was issued, warning that sources and methods could be revealed. Those worries eventually flowed back to the White House, and PDT relented from his first declaration that the communications would be released unredacted. It appears someone made a strong case.





In his tweets, PDT said that DOJ officials had agreed to release the unredacted documents, but had also warned about what he called “a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe,” but didn’t explain further.

Well we don’t want that now, do we. That would be downright tragic.

He also said in the tweet — without elaboration — that “key Allies” had called to urge him not to declassify the documents. I’m going to let you take a wild guess what country that might have been. You got it — Great Britain!

Citing a “former American official” and a “former British official,” reputable outlets are reporting that the British government expressed grave concerns to the Trump administration about the release of classified information. According to them, the material includes direct references to conversations between American law enforcement officials and Mr. Dossier himself, Christopher Steele, who you’ll recall is himself a former British spook. You’ll also recall that Steele is virulently anti-Trump and worked tirelessly to use his intel connections to bring him down both during the campaign and after the election. 

I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked that the British government would rather not have his dirty laundry exposed. The question is, how much of what Steele did was sanctioned (or at least supported) by his government?

Ooooooh now we’re hitting the erogenous zones.

Get this — Britain’s objection, these former officials said, was over revealing Steele’s identity in an official document, regardless of whether he had been named in press reports.

Ok folks, let’s put on our thinking caps; the ones that the British government apparently thinks we lack. The revelation of Steele’s name in an intelligence report would do absolutely zilch to harm national security, be it ours or theirs. As they themselves admit, it was exposed in news reports long ago. It’s not as if they’re saving themselves the embarrassment of having a washed up British spook turn up in these documents.

So what is the real reason for their panic?

Could it be what we discussed in our piece a couple weeks ago, wherein I laid out the probable involvement of British intel (specifically GCHQ) in intercepting the communications of George Papadopoulos and God knows who else? How about that set-up meeting between Papadopoulos and the Australian diplomat who just happened to be tight with the British government? How about the British tabloid reporter who sent Don Jr. the obvious set-up email regarding the infamous meeting at Trump Tower?

But wait — there’s more!

Could it be that the Brits were also doing a favor to their American counterparts? You see, if Steele’s name pops up continually in the documents being released, guess what that means….WHAT WE’VE BEEN SAYING FOR 2 YEARS NOW IS TRUE. THE FISA APPLICATION WAS ALMOST WHOLLY BASED ON THE DOSSIER. That would mean our government used unverified Clinton tabloid garbage to spy on American citizens. And there would be no more speculation. We’d have it right there in front of our faces, in #BigBeautiful black and white.

There are British fingerprints all over this whole operation and they’re freaking the hell out. Can’t say I blame them.





In his tweet today, PDT also appeared to pull back on his demands for the release of text messages from officials, including Comey and McCabe.

Instead, those documents will now be reviewed by DOJ inspector general Mike Horowitz, who will examine them as part of a larger investigation that is underway into the department’s conduct in PutinGate. Yes, for those of you who forgot, there is an ongoing investigation into FISA abuse and has been since early this year (if not earlier).

PDT said he has expedited the IG review so that the texts are delivered to the White House shortly. While Horowitz greatly disappointed me by throwing Dims a bone in his last report (the lack of a ‘smoking gun’ against Strzok), he has been remarkably forthcoming about what he’s discovered in terms of shady messages within the bureau. Keep in mind, it’s because of Horowitz that we know much of what we do now about what Strzok and co. were up to leading up to and after the election.

He’d better not start playing cute now, because I really don’t think PDT has a long leash for it.





We knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

PDT’s original declassification order could — and likely does — spell the end for the good ole boys club who have been doing whatever the hell they want in the FBI and DOJ over the past several years. Or should I say, whatever Obama wanted.

They’re sticking to their old tried and true playbook of sounding the alarm over sources and methods, citing national security concerns as the primary reason to keep their garbage secret. As we’ve discussed, this excuse is always used but rarely justified, as whatever information could damage our ability to gather intel is scattered, few and easy to redact.

According to reports, it was Fraud Rosenstein who marched up to the White House to beg PDT to rethink his decision due to its possible national security ramifications. To be clear, Rosenstein’s concerns aren’t completely unfounded. As previously noted, there is likely to be a need for legitimate redactions. But that isn’t what this is about.

This is a desperate final stand being carried out not only by our own corrupt officials but those across the pond. But it’s bigger than even that.

The entire operation carried out against Trump, from Christopher Steele to the George Papadopulos set-up to the Carter Page FISA warrant to the appointment of Bob Mueller, is nothing more than an offense-is-the-best-defense strategy.

What I mean by that is these guys have known for a while that were the actions of the alphabet agencies during the Obama administration ever exposed, it would mean a lot of deep state bureaucrats going down in flames. They have been planning for this since before Trump was elected. 

Bob Mueller’s entire job as special counsel is to go after Trump so that Trump is unable to go after them. This day didn’t sneak up on the Deep State. They’ve been planning for it since at least July 2016, when new evidence against Hillary was blown off in order to launch an illegal probe against PDT.

Folks, we’ve been on a collision course with these scumbags for quite a while, and we’re pretty close to making impact. Rosenstein and co. may have managed to delay the inevitable, but that is indeed all they’ve done.

I understand the frustration with PDT for what seems like a cave, but remember, he will have the final say in what is released. These redactions are merely suggestions. The White House can either agree to them or take that black ink right off of there.

The way things are looking, I’d expect the latter.






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