An Utterly Predictable Outcome


On the 2016 campaign trail, PDT was fond of calling former President Barry Soetoro the “5 for 1 president.” The moniker alludes to one of the worst deals ever struck by a US president; one made with bloodthirsty jihadists who couldn’t wait to kill more Americans before the ink even had a chance to dry.  

And now, as with so many other actions of the Obama presidency, we’re still reaping the consequences years later.

Five Afghan Taliban commanders who spent a dozen years in Gitmo before being freed in exchange for “captured” traitor U.S. Army “Sergeant” Bowe Bergdahl have joined the Taliban’s political office in Qatar.

The five commanders, Mohammad Fazl, Mohammed Nabi, Khairullah Khairkhwa, Abdul Haq Wasiq and Noorullah Noori, were released under the laughable assurances from the Qatari government that they would be monitored and disallowed from returning to service for the Taliban. Everyone with room temperature IQ knew that these commanders would go straight back to jihad as soon as they breathed free air, yet the Obama administration went forward anyway. It must have been all the anti-American letters Bowe sent to his equally anti-American, Muslim wannabe father in the days and weeks preceding his desertion, for which he should have been killed. But you know Barry — he never met an America-hater he didn’t like. 



A Personal Connection:


This story carries personal weight with me, as one of my first taskings upon gaining access to “the building,” as we call it, was to facilitate collection so as to track Bergdahl. Obviously I can’t go into great detail, but essentially my job was to make tracking of Bergdahl possible despite the efforts of a very savvy enemy (the Taliban are not dumb cave-dwellers; they know a great deal about our methods).

I can tell you for a fact that he was a known traitor from the word go. His unit had provided myriad information regarding his activities leading up to his desertion and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind regarding the nature of his disappearance. Anyone who’s served — especially down range — knows that Soldiers don’t walk off FOBs (forward operating bases) by themselves.

Was he subsequently regretful of his actions? I’m sure he was, as it wouldn’t take very long for reality to hit a man who finds himself captive to the Taliban. But did he know what he was doing when he did it? Absolutely, he did. 

Despite this, our guys moved Heaven and Earth to rescue him, just as they risked their lives to capture the terrorists for which he would ultimately be traded. Some of them paid the ultimate price.

While I have not and will not be posting pictures of Bergdahl or the terrorists that were freed for the privilege of his presence on US soil, I will be showing you the brave men who died as a result of his treason. They are as follows:


SSG Bowen
PFC Walker


Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen, 29, of San Antonio, Texas, and Private 1st Class Morris Walker, 23, of Chapel Hill, N.C., were killed by a roadside bomb in Paktika province on Aug. 18, 2009, while trying to find Bergdahl. Like Bergdahl, they were part of the 4th BCT from Fort Richardson, Alaska.

“What I think of first when I think of Morris is his smile because he was always smiling,” his junior-high teacher, Wanda Bordone, said after he died. “He had a great sense of humor, lots of friends.”

The family and friends of these warriors will never enjoy their presence again because of the actions of Bowe Bergdahl.


SSG Curtiss


Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss, 27, of Murray, Utah, died Aug. 26 in Paktika Province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when he was shot while his unit was supporting Afghan security forces during an enemy attack. Like Bergdahl, Bowen and Walker, he was part of the 4th BCT.

“I’ll never forget you Kurt,” fellow Ft. Richardson Soldier Adrian Ramirez posted on a memorial site. “You were my first team leader from the beginning and my squad leader to the end. I will miss you and all the memories I have shared with you.”

Ramirez now has only memories of his former mentor because of the selfish and treasonous actions of Bowe Bergdahl.


2LT Andrews

2nd Lieutenant Darryn Andrews, 34, of Dallas, Texas, died Sept. 4 in Paktika Province when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device and a rocket-propelled grenade. Like Bergdahl, Bowen, Walker and Curtiss, Andrews was part of the 4th BCT.

“We grew up with an enormous amount of pride for our nation,” Andrews’ mother, Sondra, said . That was understandable: his father. grandfather and uncle had all served in uniform. “We passed it on to our children, never thinking we would pay the ultimate sacrifice.”

LT Curtis carried on a long line of honorable service to his nation. It’s a shame that his parents buried him as a result of the actions of a man in his very own unit. It’s a sign of a fallen world that good men like Darryn Andrews are wasted for degenerates like Bowe Bergdahl.


SSG Murphrey

Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey, 25, of Snyder, Texas, died Sept. 6 in Paktika province after being wounded by an IED. Like Bergdahl, Bowen, Walker, Curtiss and Andrews, Murphrey was part of the 4th BCT.

“On his 17th birthday his family took him skydiving and after that,” his obituary read, “he decided he wanted to be an Army paratrooper.”

It takes a special kind of Soldier to be a paratrooper; a fearless man who willingly jumps out of perfectly good airplanes to fight enemies waiting below. SSG Murphrey displayed more courage in his short life than Bergdahl ever will.


PFC Martinek


On Sept. 4, 2009, Private 1st Class Matthew Martinek, 20, of DeKalb, Ill., was seriously wounded in Paktika province when Taliban forces attacked his vehicle with an IED, a rocket-propelled grenade and small-arms fire. Like Bergdahl, Bowen, Walker, Curtiss, Andrews and Murphrey, Martinek was part of the 4th BCT.

He was rushed to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany—the same medical facility where Bergdahl was treated.

Bergdahl got the luxury of flying home to the U.S. soon after medical care and counseling.

PFC Martinek never got that chance. He died a week after the attack—on Sept. 11.

I hope once you’re done reading this piece, it will be the names, faces and actions of these heroes that lingers in your mind, rather than the traitor they died rescuing or the terrorists with whom he felt more at home.





U.S. diplomats have been working with Afghan and, yes, even Taliban officials to negotiate an end to the 17-year, trillion-dollar war.

A Taliban office was even opened in Doha, Qatar, in 2013 at the request of the US to facilitate talks. The Obama administration was good for nothing if not begging for the approval of our enemies. Unfortunately, those negotiations were doomed from the start because when a president is known for groveling to his enemies, said enemies aren’t likely to respect him. This was certainly no exception, as the Taliban essentially laughed at peace negotiations and continued to do as they pleased while the Afghan forces we trained to defeat them proved decidedly ineffective. 

But this latest move signals things might be changing.

Earlier this month, Taliban officials met US special envoy  Khalilzad in Doha, having already met Alice Wells, principal deputy assistant secretary for South and Central Asia, there earlier in the year, another gesture indicating that the goat-humping coalition may be looking for an end to the fight. Efforts to find a peaceful end to Afghanistan’s protracted war have accelerated since Khalilzad was appointed as envoy, this being the latest step toward that end. 

And it may be the most hopeful step yet, considering that these 5 commanders, while pond scum in our eyes, are highly respected among their fighters. That implies a seriousness on part of the Taliban, as they’d only sent out flunkies to carry out these peace formalities in the past with no real intention of making progress. A simple way to put it is if these guys say something, you can bet that they’re actually speaking for the Taliban and not just wasting our time with a photo-op followed by a hearty laugh behind our backs.

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  1. This recap shows how very brave patriots were killed as a results of obama and the traitorous decision.

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