King Bob’s Hail Mary, Full of Disgrace



As everyone in America has already heard at least 7 times by now, professional flipper and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has decided to plea guilty to whatever the Mueller team demands, provided they go easy on him for his actual crimes.

As the old adage goes, the slowest gazelle becomes dinner. And Cohen’s cowardly corpse has become quite the feasting ground for Mueller and his band of unethical vultures.

This latest plea follows a similar pattern. Mueller’s investigators find something – anything – with which to charge a Trump associate, then in exchange for “testimony” against PDT, offer leniency for whatever other charges they’re prepared to levy.

In most cases, Mueller’s team have been relegated to finding inconsistencies in interviews in order to charge targets with the process crime of lying to the FBI. It’s quite pathetic and shows just how desperate they are to bring PDT down. In Cohen’s case, they got extremely lucky; not only in discovering that Cohen is a genuine slimy crook, but that he’s not an especially bright one. Add spinelessness to the mix and you’ve got the perfect Mueller target. 

And that’s what brings us to today. 

Let’s examine the Cohen plea deal and what it means for PDT in the larger picture.



The Moscow Project That Wasn’t


Cohen is now telling King Bob that he lied to Congress about the extent of the Trump organization’s negotiations with Russia for a possible Trump Tower project in Moscow. According to the court documents filed on behalf of Mueller, Cohen told Congress negotiations for the Moscow project stopped in January of 2016 — a time frame that falls within the campaign. Now, he’s telling Mueller it went months beyond that.

In fact, the court documents show that Cohen claimed the talks for a Trump Tower in Russia extended into June of 2016 and that he was in talks with the Russian government for approvals. He also told Mueller that he was in talks about the possibility that both he and PDT could travel to Russia. Cohen said he was considering a trip for PDT after the Republican convention in July of 2016.

In one exchange in the court documents, Cohen wrote: “My trip before Cleveland. [Individual 1] once he becomes the nominee after the convention.” Individual 1 is obviously PDT.

So essentially, Cohen is pleading guilty to lying to Congress about the timeframe in which talks for a Trump Tower in Moscow fizzled. This tower proposal was well-known by pretty much everyone in the world. I don’t even follow real estate and I knew that PDT had considered it at one point. That’s what PDT does (or used to do). He builds things all over the world, preferably with his own name on them. 

Furthermore, the talks never went anywhere. Not a single dime was invested, nor a single construction blueprint presented. It was something that PDT had been kicking around in his head ever since he held a pageant in Moscow. He thought about it and decided against it. Period.

But now, this is somehow evidence of Russian collusion in the election. What was the deal, exactly? Show me how good you can hack and I’ll build a tower in Moscow? Well the hacking was done and there was no tower, so I guess the hacking wasn’t up to snuff. 

Fear not, I’m sure Michael Cohen and his handlers on the Mueller team have it all figured out, and Mikey is rehearsing the answers as we speak.  They’re going to somehow explain how this is illegal. Don’t worry. We don’t call him King Bob for nothin’ — he can do anything!



Bye Stormy, You’re No Longer Needed


As noted in previous recaps, the raid of Cohen’s offices by the Southern District of New York showed that the Mueller team and their blue state AG allies were seeking to parlay old hush money payments to mistresses into campaign finance violations, the idea being that if the money was being used to save the campaign from bad press, the transaction was illegal. It was laughable from a legal standpoint and would never even be considered for anyone not named Donald Trump, but you know, desperate times call for desperate measures and all that.

It’s now clear that the campaign finance angle simply wasn’t cutting the mustard on its own. But since the SDNY gained a treasure trove of information in the form of every email Cohen has sent and received for the last several years, it’s no surprise that they found other avenues in which to attack. 

This is why an interrogation of PDT by Mueller’s team is so wrought with peril. They have a massive amount of information from PDT’s own former lawyer, so if he gets the least little thing wrong, the perjury trap is there waiting to clamp down like a #BigFat corrupt Venus fly trap. 

The good news is, after having access to years of very sensitive correspondence between PDT and his own personal lawyer, the “cooperation” that Mueller is getting involves incorrect dates on when a real estate deal was canned. Russia truthers can read into that whatever they like, but the fact is, if this is what Mueller is going with, he’s running on fumes.

All the same, the access to that correspondence makes PDT’s answers to the Mueller team all the more critical, as we already know he was asked about the Trump Tower Moscow project as part of the list of written questions from Mueller. We also know that PDT has already submitted his responses.

Fortunately, the Trump legal team is saying that those written answers match what Cohen told Mueller. If those written answers conflict with Cohen’s new narrative, it would provide the Swamp with ammo to accuse PDT of lying to the Almighty Mueller, a capital offense. (Not really but it does carry a max 5 year sentence).

At this point, Mueller’s only hope is to get PDT to give conflicting answers to whatever information his NY thugs got from their raids. PDT could even announce plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow today if he wanted. Would it be inappropriate? Absolutely. Illegal? Nope. 



Careful, Your BS is Showing


Sometimes, over the course of whatever BS narrative is being pushed, the pushers unwittingly reveal BS from previous narratives. It’s like when pathological liars have a tough time keeping up with their own lies. Sooner or later, they always catch up to ya.

This time is no different.

You may or may not recall immediately after the failing Buzzfeed News published the Clinton Campaign/Russia’s political hit job against PDT known as the pee-pee dossier. In the dossier, Cohen was accused of traveling to Prague to arrange secret payments to Russian hackers attacking the Clinton campaign.

That accusation has been at the very heart of the collusion allegation, and King Bob’a deal with Cohen implies that his team of angry Dims haven’t found one iota of evidence to support it.

While the Cohen news of late has been all about lying to Congress about when PDT stopped talking about a tower in Moscow, the dates of real estate negotiations weren’t the only topic discussed. Cohen’s congressional testimony also contained a forceful denial of the Prague allegation.

In the dossier, washed up British spook Christopher Steele cited a “Kremlin insider” (lol) who reported that Cohen traveled to Prague in August 2016 for talks with Russians with close ties to the Kremlin. The talks, according to the dossier, focused on “questions on how deniable cash payments were to be made to hackers who had worked in Europe under Kremlin direction against the CLINTON campaign and various contingencies for covering up these operations and Moscow’s secret liaison with the TRUMP team more generally.”

Cohen denied the accusations publicly in no uncertain terms. In his September 2017 statement to Congress, Cohen exclaimed: “I have never in my life been to Prague or to anywhere in the Czech Republic. Let me tell you where I was on the day the dossier said I was in Prague. I was in Los Angeles with my son who dreams of playing division 1 baseball next year at a prestigious university like USC. We were visiting the campus, meeting with various coaches, and discussing his future. Media sources have been able to confirm these facts and I can provide you with proof.”

Cohen also posted pictures of his passport on Twitter, which showed that no indication of travel to Prague at any time.

See, here’s the thing. The fact that Cohen is copping a plea about the dates of friggin tower-building talks shows that Mueller has gone through Cohen’s testimony with a fine-tooth comb. If there was any daylight between Cohen’s testimony and the facts in their back pocket, #BelieveMe, it would have been in that plea deal. 

Yet Cohen has denied pretty much everything remotely related to him in the dossier, and King Bob hasn’t charged him a single time for it. It’s not hard to infer what that means, folks. The pee-pee dossier that was used as the predicate for several rounds of FISA spying and a wide-ranging investigation into the Trump orbit has now been all but proved to be complete nonsense.

That’s not news to us, of course, as I’m pretty sure every Trumper figured out the dossier was nonsense within minutes of its publishing. What’s news is that Mueller, by implication at least, is now himself acknowledging that inconvenient fact. 

That’s going to make things really, really awkward when the FISA applications are declassified and we see just how far the FBI was willing to go with that dossier. I’ve already proved through logical deduction that the bureau outright lied in several FISA applications in order to keep the surveillance going. 

Now that the Mueller team can’t even substantiate the dossier, the pee-pee club is fresh outta friends. 

I really can’t wait until PDT brings some real sunlight to all of this.





Let there be no doubt — this is indeed a nothingburger and, frankly, an embarrassment to the special counsel. The #resist crowd is drooling over it, obviously, because they’re desperate and it’s all they have. But it doesn’t take much research and/or logical inference to see that Cohen’s plea deal is a show of weakness on the part of Mueller. They’re still using process crimes to get anything and everything they can against PDT while not a single shred of actual collusion evidence is to be found.

That being said, let’s not be naive about what’s coming.

While the charges and the facts surrounding them do indeed show a pitifully weak case, Mueller is not cutting deals with Cohen simply on the basis of lies to Congress. It’s rather obvious to anyone paying attention that Cohen is willing to say whatever is necessary to never see the inside of a jail cell. 

In the words of Alan Dershowitz, “Mueller isn’t simply trying to get people to sing, he wants them to compose.”

Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and others have refused to bear false witness against PDT for Mueller. Cohen, unfortunately, isn’t made of the same kinda stuff. He’s a weak, lying coward who will say anything they want.

So let there be no doubt, we must prepare ourselves for just about anything from Cohen, because he’s all Mueller has left and he’s absolutely terrified of prison. Of course, his fear  of prison should have factored into his thinking when he was committing taxi medallion fraud in NYC, #ButTheseAreMinorDetails.

The good news is Cohen has virtually no credibility with anyone not wearing a vagina hat. No prosecutor would use him as a star witness, as “damaged goods” doesn’t begin to cover just how flawed he is. We’re talking about a lawyer who lies like he breathes and secretly recorded his own clients. 

But this has never been about prosecution; it’s about politics. It’s about that report that Mueller will issue to Congress once his travesty of an “investigation” is complete, which will contain every sordid detail regarding the Trump administration imaginable; some real, some “composed.” 

The truth will ultimately win out, though. Take it to the bank, folks. Not only because it’s on our side and has been from the beginning, but because bullets are about to be flying in the other direction for a change.

As I’ve been saying for 2 years now, PDT has been waiting for this moment. If you think he’s been sitting in the Oval Office all this time with his fingers crossed hoping for the best, you simply don’t know The Donald.

Mueller’s big weapon is a droopy-faced liar with nothing to offer aside from whatever can be contrived at the last moments. PDT’s big weapon is a #BigFat dose of truth that most of the country doesn’t even know to expect.

Finally, the DC beltway elite will have something in common with the average American — neither will know what hit them. 








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