Daily Recap – December 11





Americans were treated to a truly remarkable scene today, as our president invited the leaders of the opposition party over to the White House to debate perhaps the most hotly contested issue of his term: border security.

PDT began things in the peskiest of ways for Democrats — by stating the facts regarding the efficacy of walls. The Left would have us suspend all common sense to believe that physical barriers are simply ineffective; that solid is no longer solid, liquid is no longer liquid, up equates to down, so on and so forth.

Of course walls work, people. Don’t believe me? Try to walk outside without a door. 

But for those liberal souls who must be beaten over the head with what should come naturally as common sense, PDT gave the actual numbers on illegal crossings in the areas in which fencing/walls exist. In San Diego, crossers have dropped by 92%. In El Paso, 95%; in Tuscon, AZ, 92%; likewise in Yuma, AZ. 

That’s nothing to sneeze at. In fact, one could say the debate over the wall shouldn’t be a debate at all. As PDT pointed out, if you want to know the value of a wall, ask Israel if they’d like to keep theirs. I’ll save you the suspense — they do. 

Unfortunately, the debate about border security has never been about what protects the American people. Rather, it’s been a bipartisan issue in the worst of ways. For Democrats, to suggest an end to illegal immigration is to cut off an endless spigot of new voters; something that has come in handy as their Marxist views drive away more and more actual Americans.

Then there is the big business lobby, to which both parties are beholden. Simply put, cheap labor has taken precedent over the welfare of our nation. The social, cultural and even fiscal costs to our country have always taken a back seat to the bottom line savings afforded by quasi-indentured servitude. The Koch brothers and their ilk will never stop lobbying Congress to lower their labor costs, just as Nancy Pelosi will never convince a sane everyday American to go along with her agenda.

Thus, no wall. 





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