Deep State Ballet: A Scene in Four Parts


Of all the overtly corrupt acts of the Mueller team, the railroading of Gen. Michael Flynn may be the most shameful. Flynn, long hated by the Obama administration for his “controversial” (read: common sense) views regarding Islam along with his utter contempt for Obama’s feckless policy toward Iran, had barely unpacked his home when the Deep State division of the FBI came calling for a scalp; a home he would later sell in the process of defending himself as the first casualty of a silent coup.

Full disclosure: I don’t like foreign lobbyists, be they decorated generals or run-of-the-mill DC low-lives. I lost a great deal of respect for General Flynn upon learning that he had done lobbying work on behalf of the Turkish government. PDT claimed not to know of the $500K lobbying gig, which is plausible considering Flynn hadn’t registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which would allow it to fly under the radar during vetting and ultimately provide Mueller with a crime for which to squeeze Flynn and kick off the scalping process. Of course, half of D.C. could have been indicted for the exact same crime, #ButTheseAreMinorDetails.

Disdainful as my view of Flynn’s side hustle may be, though, what was done to him by our very own government is far worse. 

That Flynn was entrapped by the Deep State in some form or another was never in doubt to anyone viewing the government with clear eyes over the past, well, ever really. All we’ve lacked were the details, but those, as they tend to do, are now steadily making their way to the light of day.


ACT I: A Friendly Meeting


None other than Deep State Andy McCabe set the initial trap for Flynn, within a week of PDT taking office. McCabe urged then-national security adviser Flynn to meet with two of his finest agents, one of them being the abjectly corrupt Peter Strzok. You may remember Strzok from such hits as “I changed the wording of the Hillary exoneration statement to deconflict with legal statutes” and “What 700K emails found on Anthony Weiner’s lap top? We have a dossier to legitimize.” Strzok literally wrote the memo that launched the counterintelligence probe into the Trump campaign; a memo that is sure to be very informative once revealed. But that’s another story for another time.

McCabe convinced Flynn to meet with his agents without White House lawyers present, claiming that a limited meeting would be the “quickest” way to have a conversation about Flynn’s discussions weeks earlier with Russia’s ambassador Sergey Kislyak, which, by the way, was a fundamental part of his job as the incoming National Security Adviser. It’s akin to the cops wanting to talk to a new McDonald’s employee about rumors he’d been running the fry-o-lator.

McCabe warned that if White House counsel were present, the “DOJ would have to get involved.” Gen. Flynn, displaying all the naivete of the greenest private, was under the impression that the FBI just wanted to help him through a formality so that he could get back on with the business of being a brand new NSA in a brand new White House. 

Gen. Flynn was never briefed on the seriousness of the discussion to come, including the fact that any inconsistency would result in a charge of lying to the FBI. Indeed, the the FD-302 (interview transcript) notes that Flynn was “relaxed” and “jocular,” even offering the fellas a quick tour of the West Wing during their stay. I suppose it’s easy to be cheerful when the knife in your back is yet to be felt. 

What Flynn didn’t know was the agents had transcripts of his conversation with the Russian ambassador, so they were armed with the requisite ammunition to pounce on any answer that didn’t perfectly align. The term “perjury trap” has become fashionable during the reign of King Bob Mueller, and one can hardly think of a more perfect example than this “relaxed” meeting.


ACT II: The Fake News Does Its Part


To add another layer of corruption to a story that would make J. Edgar Hoover blush, the very existence of the probe into Flynn’s call was wholly manufactured by the FBI, in conjunction with – guess who! – the Fake News media. Flynn’s completely legal phone call with the Russian ambassador – or at least a summary of it – was leaked to David Ignatius of the Failing Washington Post almost immediately after it happened. The subsequent hit piece casting aspersions on Flynn’s connections to those ever-shady Russians was published on January 12, 2017. The efficiency of the Deep State/media complex reveals the amount of practice they’ve had.

Indeed, “circular reporting,” as it’s come to be known, is a tactic that’s been used repeatedly by the FBI over the last several years against the Trump administration (and likely long before). The method is simple. People in high positions leak info to a Fake News outlet (WaPo and the Failing NYT are favorite partners). The Fake News then publishes a story based off said leaks, at which point the bureau sees the story in the paper, plays stupid about its origins and uses it as a pretext to “investigate further.”

They also did it with the Steele dossier, even citing info from the dossier leaked to Yahoo News in an application to spy on Carter Page as if it were a completely separate source of info (FISA applications require independent verification, or at least they’re supposed to).

Yes, your government has been working with the media to launch corrupt investigations and they’ve been doing it fairly routinely. That every American isn’t aware of this is a scandal. 


ACT III: Nothing a Little Editing Can’t Fix


A final – and perhaps most serious – layer of corruption lies with the 302s themselves. You’ll recall, those are the transcripts maintained by the FBI themselves of interviews/interrogations of investigation subjects, along with notes taken by the agent(s) involved.

Despite having interviewed Flynn way back in January 2017, the 302 from the meeting wasn’t finalized until a whopping 7 months later. This begs some rather obvious questions, such as what exactly took the FBI so long to certify what had taken place during that interview? Given Strzok’s notorious history of changing official wording in politically-biased ways (see the Hillary exoneration statement in which he explicitly changed “gross negligence” to “extreme carelessness” in order to help Hillary avoid legal jeopardy), one can only assume that Pete was up to his old tricks; protecting his allies while destroying his enemies, playing God with a counterintelligence badge. 

This, ladies and gents, is why the declassification of investigation-related documents is so paramount to defeating this corruption. It must be brought into the light before it can be destroyed. But I maintain, as I have for 2 years now, that PDT is fully aware and will pull that trigger at the most opportune time. 


ACT IV: The Good Judge Gets Woke


There’s someone else in DC that doesn’t possess Trump’s patience, though, much to the delight of justice-starved Americans everywhere. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is presiding over the Flynn case, is ordering a review of key FBI documents before deciding on his sentence, despite the fact that King Bob has recommended no jail time (how gracious of him).

Judge Sullivan wants to review a memo put together on Jan. 24, 2017 by Deep State McCabe. He also wants to look at FBI notes from that interview. In other words, the bits and pieces of the 302 provided in the sentencing memo aren’t cutting the mustard — he wants to see the goods. Not what was submitted seven months after the fact, but all the notes taken at the time by McCabe and his agents regarding all things Flynn.

In addition, he wants to see any and all notes taken by King Bob’s office related to Gen. Flynn, which could prove interesting. Granted, that would require an honest maintenance and submission of documents from that time, and no objective observer could assume any semblance of integrity from Mueller’s office at this point.

These judge’s demands were spurred by the revelations of McCabe’s actions in the genesis of the Flynn probe, beautifully laid out in a court filing from Flynn’s legal team late last night. He seems particularly troubled by the lack of representation present at Flynn’s interrogation, although that could feasibly argued to the the most benign of all the corruption listed. 

But ya know, lawyers gonna lawyer.

The deadline to turn over the aforementioned documents is Friday, as Flynn’s fate is set to be decided next Monday.

While Gen. Flynn’s legal team has made clear that he accepts responsibility for lying to the agents, it’s fair to say that he’s not happy with the way he was set up. Thankfully, not every federal judge is a leftwing activist these days and a proper follow-up has been ordered.

It’s nice to be given hope like this once in a while.

Now, does that mean we’re going to get to see the information ordered by Judge Sullivan? There is a chance that the documents could be filed in public view, yes. However, it’s not considered likely, because the judge has said he will allow King Bob’s office to file the documents under seal should they choose.

I’ll give you a wild guess as to what King Bob will do.




The level of corruption present within our Justice Department borders on surreal, as the irony of becoming a Soviet-style secret police in the course of investigating supposed Russian collusion is either lost on everyone involved or, more likely, simply disregarded.

Every deep dive analysis we do comes back to the same fact — we need documents declassified. We need to see those very first memos written by Peter Strzok and Andy McCabe, respectively, as they will tell the tale of not only the mindset but the methods of the corrupt Obama lackeys who sought to take down a duly elected President of the United States.

The information laid out in this piece is not a conspiracy theory, but a factual telling of how a 30-year veteran was brought to his knees by the bureaucrats who truly run our nation’s capitol; the unaccountable cabal tasked to get the band back together one last time to run interference against the outsider who promised to uncover the criminal culture that defined the Obama era.

Personally, I’m excited — for several reasons that compliment one another nicely. First, for all the corrupt actions undertaken by the Obama DOJ, they don’t seem to have gotten away with it, at least not yet. More information is released with each passing day, and that’s just what we’re allowed to know.

If you think you’re curious to know the truth behind everything, just imagine the curiosity of the man in the Oval Office whose life they’ve been out to destroy from the moment he got to town.

Perhaps I’ve worn this point out, but it bears repeating every time. I do not trust the Department of Justice to police itself and nor should you. They lost the benefit of that doubt long ago.

What I trust is the absolute commitment of Donald J. Trump to dole out retribution against those whose would-be coup appears to have failed. The old saying goes, if you aim at the king, you best not miss.

We’re going to see that hard lesson play out in real time over these next few months, and not a moment too soon.




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