Daily Recap — January 22


Nice to see you again. Let’s make the news a bit more…..engaging.




 If you’re a white kid from a Catholic school in a flyover state, be careful with your facial expression. The wrong one has become a capital offense.

Kentucky boys’ school Covington Catholic shut down its campus down today as a precaution after receiving a slew of death threats from unstable adults who must trash teenage kids in order to feel virtuous. A small but robustly stupid protest was held outside their diocese as fallout continued over an encounter involving historically illiterate black racists called the Black Israelites, a Native American coochie capper political activist and OMG WHITE KIDS IN MAGA HATS outside the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend.

PDT tweeted early this morning that the students at Covington Catholic High School “have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be” but he hopes the teens will use the attention for good, and “maybe even to bring people together.”

I’ll hold my breath on that one, Mr. President. These people are crazy.

It all started when fake Vietnam Veteran Nathan Phillips approached the crowd of boys, who were minding their own business waiting for the bus, and began drumming inches away from one boy’s face. The clip that initially generated outrage on social media was tightly focused on the students wearing MAGA hats while conveniently omitting any semblance of context, such as who approached whom, who was actually spewing racial slurs, etc. But as Churchill reminded us, a lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on, and the Information Age helped this lie travel much farther, much faster than that.

The Fake News media of course couldn’t be bothered to actually do any, ya know, journalism, which would have required at least a minimal amount of fact-checking. Instead, their confirmation bias served as the wind beneath their wings, as they fell over each other to pump out the latest fake narrative.

A few hours after the presidential tweet, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the White House has reached out to the Covington students.

“We’ve reached out and voiced our support,” Sanders said. She added that no one understands better than Trump when the media jumps to conclusions and “attacks you for something you may or may not have done.” There was talk of the students visiting the White House, but the administration ultimately concluded that it would be best to wait for the government shutdown to end.




We’ve seen this time and time again. Whether it’s the Duke lacrosse team being convicted of gang rape by the public mob before any facts had been disclosed, University of Virginia frat guys likewise being falsely accused of rape by Rolling Stone magazine, or a Ferguson, MO police officer losing his career after being falsely accused of murdering a surrendering teen, the formula remains the same.

Are there white males involved? Guilty. Are there accusers “persons of color”? Guilty. Should we wait to get the facts before ruining people’s lives? If they’re white, no need.

The good news is they don’t get away with it like they used to. For one thing, you can only run the same scam so many times before people catch on. Secondly, the Right has learned how to fight back, offsetting the power of the MSM with the #BigBeautiful medium of decentralized info known as the internet.

All the same, the damage is done and some will believe what they will regardless of whats in front of their faces. For those people, the best thing we can do is magnify their madness.

This has become a time of picking sides, and as such, our most important duty is to show exactly what the other side is like, even if the so-called “legitimate” media never will.



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  1. Tamera Lynn Scates-Grider January 23, 2019 — 10:43 pm

    I was not accepted into the military when I signed up at age 18. The reason I was given was that anyone on daily medication could not be deployed and that daily medication could not be accessed during deployment. It is my understanding that ALL transgenders, regardless of surgery, are on daily medications. That, in itself, would be unfair to any of us that weren’t allowed. This gives transgenders a “special” pass over the ban of acceptance if on daily medication.

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