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As all non-cave dwelling folk are by now aware, PDT recently agreed to temporarily end the partial government shutdown so that roughly 800,000 federal employees could be paid while the Swamp negotiates border security.

The professional anti-Trump peanut gallery on the Right was quick to pounce on the news, scolding the president’s “weakness”and “lack of a strategy,” while conveniently failing to mention that none of them would have had the guts to start this fight in the first place. But that’s what makes them the peanut gallery, now isn’t it. 

For his part, PDT was quick to dismiss the critiques lobbed his way as a typical overreaction from people who have never and likely will never understand his methodology — a point that, if recent history is any guide, is almost guaranteed to have merit.

Last Friday, while inking the three-week funding deal to re-open government, PDT made clear that if he cannot get a “fair deal” by next month the government could once again shut down. That, or he may declare a national emergency to sidestep Congress and #BuildTheWall. The latter option would almost certainly draw legal challenges, thus making the legislative route far more attractive. 

“We’ll work with the Democrats and negotiate, and if we can’t do that, then we’ll do a – obviously we’ll do the emergency because that’s what it is. It’s a national emergency,” PDT told the Fake News upon signing the budget.




Well, some people anyway.

I often speak of the deceptively deliberate way in which PDT operates, meaning what may appear as a bull-in-a-China-shop approach at first glance is often a tightly-controlled demolition. PDT does two things better than any politician in recent memory: timing and media manipulation — two skills that are often inexorably linked. From my vantage point, this latest move on border security is no exception.

If you’ll recall, the narrative put forth by Dims throughout the shutdown was one of hostage-taking and temper tantrums. Just open the government, they said, and we could all discuss the way forward on border security like adults. Never mind that a fully functioning, grossly over bloated federal government never served to secure the border before. This time would be different — somehow. 

Welp, they got what they wanted. The workers are being paid. The “hostages” have been released. 

So now what?

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we get to see who the real hostage is here. Her name is Nancy Pelosi and her captors are the young Marxist wing who have invaded the House of Representatives. And in a country increasingly weary of gridlock on Capitol Hill, they won’t accept compromise of any stripe so long as the name “Trump” is attached to the other end. 

While polling suggests that more people have come to this realization than before the last shutdown began, PDT has set the scene for even the most politically unaware among us to see just how radical the other side has become. 

Courtesy of timing and media manipulation, of course.

Just in time to make our point, another migrant caravan has formed in Honduras with plans that will once again test the immigration policies of Mexico and the United States. In much the way last year’s Central American caravan originated, a flier is circulating on Honduran social media. It advertised a 5 a.m. departure on Jan. 15 from the northern city of San Pedro Sula.

The Mexican government says it is preparing for the group’s arrival.

“We have information that a new caravan is forming to enter our country in mid-January,” Olga Sánchez Cordero, the interior minister, said at a news conference recently. “We are already taking the necessary steps to ensure the caravan enters in a safe and orderly way.”

Unfortunately, with Mexico’s brand new socialist president, that likely means the invaders will be helped along in their journey to the U.S. in whatever way necessary. 




This is what I believe to be the president’s ultimate strategy.

If Pelosi refuses to budge even an inch for wall funding — which will almost certainly be the case — PDT will gladly allow announce the beginning of yet another partial shutdown. This time, though, the excuse of refusing to negotiate with legislative terrorists will be gone.

What won’t be gone, however, are the hordes of people headed to our border to capitalize on the weakness and corruption of our political leaders. The final equation will be a Democrat party with no excuses left for allowing the government to shut down aside from opposition to Trump, all while pictures of invading illegals saturate our airwaves daily.

Essentially, what PDT has done is set the table in a way which Dims will literally be forced to choose illegal foreigners over their own citizens. For those of us who have been following this issue for a while, that’s a no-brainer. Of course Dims have chosen illegals over American citizens. But we are not everyone, and some people must have optics beaten into their head to get the picture. 

Now, setting the table in this way, as brilliant as it is, won’t be sufficient on its own. The White House communications team will be tasked with hammering this message across to the American public on a daily basis; a duty they’ve failed to deliver on numerous times in the past. One can only hope the slam dunk nature of this particular tasking will make it difficult to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 

On our side, we have multiple olive branches extended for the sake of legislative compromise, an exceedingly small asking amount relative to the entire budget (0.11% to be exact), a mob of illegals headed to our border, government workers going without pay for the sake of protecting said illegals and a grossly underreported group of Dim centrists from Trump-friendly states who have expressed a desire to reach across the aisle. 

On their side, they have their main excuse for refusing to negotiate no longer available and an already unpopular Speaker of the House explaining to the average American why it’s worth shutting down the government so that illegals don’t have to worry about a pesky “immoral” border wall.


As for the national emergency declaration, I believe PDT thinks he can get the job done without it. How many paychecks are Dims willing to let those poor lil government workers go without for the sake of making it easier to sneak into our country? With the images of trekking illegals broadcasting daily, I’m willing to bet it’s not nearly as many as one may think.

Additionally, every single day Americans see masses of people heading toward our border, the case for a national emergency is strengthened. This overall strategy could very well be described as an all out assault on Democrats by reality.




The decision to temporarily fund the government while negotiations take place was not a “cave.” It was a way to exhaust Democrat excuses in a way that exposes the irrational forces who are currently pirating their ship. 

The chips are down, everyone’s hand is now exposed. 

All you have to do, Mr. President, is stay on the side of the American people while Dims fumble to explain why that’s such a bad idea. 

This strategy can absolutely work. And I happen to believe that it will. Stay strong, Mr. President. We are with you.









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