Back In The USSR

Roger Stone has a long, prolific history of being the ultimate Republican boogey man. Upon cutting his teeth working for Tricky Dick Nixon, he became the go-to guy for any Republican candidate in need of a “dirty trickster” to compete with their leftist counterparts.

When the GOP needed seasoned operatives on the ground to keep Democrats from stealing the election in 2000, they called Roger Stone. A year before that, when Pat Buchanan threatened to take votes from George W. Bush via third party candidacy, the GOP called Roger Stone (who in turn called Donald Trump to perform the actual assassination).

Whatever one thinks of Stone, he can hardly be called ineffective. To the contrary, he’s arguably the most shrewd political operative of the last century. And that, my friends, is the true origin of the hatred hurled his way. We all hate the “bad guys” when they play for the other team. The truth is, if the Left could bring Stone to their own side, he’d be celebrated as a political genius using his gifts to take down The Man.

But he’s not. Quite the opposite, actually. And as such, The Man is the one on the offensive. In this case, that man goes by the name of Robert Mueller, or “King Bob” as I’ve dubbed him for his unchecked power in DC. When you think about it, this was all but inevitable. When a government is trying to manufacture a case against a POTUS who threatens their cabal, what better whipping boy than a Trump-supporting self-proclaimed dirty trickster who has been defeating leftist candidates for decades? I mean, it’s Roger Stone. He simply HAD to be up to no good, right? In many ways, Stone was tailor made for this sham of an investigation. The only real head-scratcher is why it took Mueller this long to target him.

But now that he has, we’re tasked with learning just what Mueller’s angle really is, what he actually has and where he’s headed. We’ll do our best to accomplish that in this piece.

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