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So, in summation, Stone has been charged with every stupid little process crime they could possibly muster because none of the big stuff panned out. This is a recurring theme with the King Bob team. The process goes something like this:

  1. Go after a Trump associate.
  2. Look for any hint of Russian collusion that could possibly exist.
  3. When none is found, find something — anything — said associate could be indicted for.
  4. Use said indictments to get Trump associate to “flip” on the president, even if the person “flipping” has to make things up from whole cloth (see Michael Cohen).

Roger Stone has completed Step 3 and is now experiencing Step 4, hence why he’s made a point of announcing that he will not be bearing false witness against PDT no matter how much pressure is applied by King Bob and his team. Stone is no dummy; he knows the game being played. And to his credit, he’s not giving in. Unlike Michael Cohen, Roger Stone has a spine.

If only he could share some of that backbone with the rest of the GOP, maybe this shamefully un-American episode would have ended long ago; or better yet, never started.

Let me be clear — while the Stone indictment shows that Mueller’s evidentiary hand is much weaker than any Trump-hater would like to admit, that doesn’t mean he or anyone else are out of the woods.

Paragraph 12 of the indictment, arguably the most damaging line in the indictment in terms of PDT himself, states that “a senior Trump Campaign official was directed to contact Stone about what other damaging information [Wikileaks] had regarding the Clinton Campaign.” And, “Stone thereafter told the Trump Campaign about potential future releases of damaging material by [WikiLeaks].”

Since the indictment leaves so much to the imagination, we simply have no clue to whom Mueller is referring, nor do we know the actual context of that “direction.” As much as the TDS crowd may hate it, it’s not illegal for a campaign member — no matter how senior — to inquire about what WikiLeaks may or may not have. Remember, this narrative of WikiLeaks acting as a conduit for the Russian government is relatively new. Before the 2016 election, they were simply known as a publisher of confidential information, which puts them in league with, well, pretty much every other journalistic outfit to ever exist. In order for this to be evidence of criminal conspiracy, the official in question would have had to have known the origin of the information and worked in tandem to bring it to light. Frankly, it’s 2019 and we still don’t know the actual origin of that hack. Co

Call m crazy, but after seeing the Clinton campaign literally use disinformation from Russian intelligence to collude with the upper echelons of the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign, I’m not chomping at the bit to believe anything regarding hacking on its face.

The bottom line with the Roger Stone situation — at least as it stands now — is that we have more questions than answers. But the facts we do have illustrate one overarching truth; that the Mueller investigation is light on evidence and heavy on bullying.

For a group who claims to be so concerned with “Russian collusion,” they seem to have no issue with Soviet-style justice.

God help us.






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