Socialism By Any Other Name


Many on the Right have been able to see the climate change hoax for what it is — the use of faux concern for the environment as a means of ushering in socialist policy. Or as the late, great Margaret Thatcher noted, climate alarmism “provides a marvelous excuse for worldwide, supra-national socialism”.

It’s a Trojan horse and always was; from back in the 70’s when they warned a new Ice Age was around the corner, to modern day when every bad storm has the ominous fingerprints of ‘climate change’ all over it. It’s an orgy of confirmation bias that has spawned one of the most irrational, anti-scientific and dare I say dogmatic adherence to a doctrine that would ultimately (and ironically) hurt the poor more than any other group.

The latest cautionary tale against leaving your kids in public school comes in the form of the so-called “Green New Deal,” the brainchild of a woman who may very well function with a child’s brain, as you’ll see while the details make their RNR grand premiere.

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