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I try to be nothing if not practical and sober-minded. I was hopeful going into this speech, but acutely aware that it is just that — a speech. At the end of the day, how much could it possibly move the needle?

In this case, it could be quite a bit.

After reading a healthy number of reviews, mostly by moderate and center-left viewers, a common observation was the concise and engaging nature in which PDT made his case on any given issue.

The immigration issue, especially, got high marks for its clarity and reasoned proposal. Even those who don’t want the wall even a little bit managed to muster the intellectual honesty to acknowledge the effectiveness of the speech’s delivery. Their analysis was supported by the 72% of viewers who approved of the immigration portion of the address (both style and content).

This SOTU address is not the end all/be all and no speech ever will be, but it does represent an amazing opportunity to seize momentum and put Pelosi behind the 8-ball of public opinion. PDT sought to make the socialist wing of the Dim party an albatross around Pelosi’s neck and to that end he succeeded in glorious fashion.

But right now, that’s all it is — an opportunity. Will PDT be able to maintain a coordinated strategy of being the sane guy in the room while bitter Dims obstruct common sense legislation from the American people? Nancy cares very much about the protestors waiting to descend upon her office at the first hint of moderation in the face of Trump. She’s terrified of them, in fact.

More security can always be purchased, though. What can’t be bought is the middle-of-the-road voter Dims can’t afford to lose for the second election in a row, and if we can string two or three more polls together demonstrating support for Trump’s immigration position, the equation for 2020 begins to look very different for the older Dims. Up to now, immigration obstruction has been made the order of the day by the loudest voices on the left.

Thunderous as they may be, though, TDS screams will never drown out internal polling numbers. As soon as the numbers suggest that the downside of obstruction is beginning to outweigh its base-energizing effects, the negotiation will change overnight.

PDT has positioned himself to turn this thing around. We need the White House communications department to get on the same sheet of music and drive this baby home. Let’s go, Mercedes Schlapp.

Thank you for making us proud to be Americans again, Mr. President. You hit a chord last night that your enemies will never be able to understand, much less emulate. And that’s why they want you nowhere near center stage.

When the People’s President speaks to the People, the truth of his leadership can’t be suppressed. Who he is, what he’s done….it’s all seen without the filter of the propaganda media which seeks to destroy him. The connection is made and the political class can do nothing about it.

The bully pulpit is in the hands of a Republican who fights. If you’re counting Trump out, you haven’t been paying attention.






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