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That’s the best way to describe it. Much of the address was designed to contrast the president’s sober, centrist vision with the absolutely backwards and at times ghoulish positions of the new Democrat party.

Any Democrat with a centrist bone in his body was put in a very difficult position, as the “future of their party” failed to endorse ICE raids on sex traffickers or a declaredly non-socialist government. More importantly, the people in power were put in a difficult position, as Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck were forced to choose between moderates and the socialists of the #CrazyBernie faction. They chose to side with the moderates, tepidly, but just enthusiastic enough to arouse the ire of the far left social media mob, which could very well serve to splinter the Democrat vote in a very serious way leading into an election year.

Teen Congressgirl even got into a highly publicized Twitter spat with old school lefty but highly accomplished columnist Peggy Noonan. She accused Cortez of having a “bad night” and simply pointed out that her scowl during announcements of good news weren’t a good look. Cortez responded by saying she couldn’t be happy while the country “had no pilot,” keeping alive her streak of meaningless platitudes in response to legitimate criticism.

Democrats typically refer to that as “Trumpian.”

The exchange is worth mentioning in this piece, though, because it’s a microcosm of the larger schism introduced to the party by Bernie Sanders and nurtured by his disciple, Ms. Cortez. Centrist Democrats couldn’t find the energy to get that angry about a president touting prison reform and praising child cancer survivors. Some people are tired of the insanity, and no, they’re not all Republicans.

Snapshot polls taken right after the speech revealed strong support not only for the speech itself but the arguments laid out within it.

A CBS poll showed 76% of Americans approving of the speech, with a majority strongly approving. Upon getting the bad news they had to have known was coming, the cry became “but those are just those who watched the speech, aka Republicans.”

Wrong again. About 43% of those polled were Republicans. 97% of them approved of the speech. But here comes the scary part for Cryin’ Chuck: 82% of the Independents polled approved of the address and its content. And unless you just met me yesterday, you’re probably well aware that those folks in the middle determine elections. Yes, we’re divided, but there are enough folks in the middle to win the day.

Even a whopping 30% of Democrats approved of the speech, an impressive number considering were told every day that Trump’s base hovers somewhere around the 30% mark among all Americans. If that’s true (it’s not), Pelosi and co. must be preparing for a huge inbound paradigm shift.

The strategy was fairly simple: say things that pretty much no sane person would disagree with, then let Dims hang themselves.

It worked.


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