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Earlier this week, I gave a tepid endorsement of the border security compromise being hatched on the Hill. At the time, I had only generalities of the agreement to work with, and from that I could make what I felt was a reasonable case to accept the far-from-perfect bill as a necessary evil to move forward.

That was until Senate Democrats got a hold of it.

After learning of various poison pills and strings attached to the few bones thrown our way, I now can’t oppose the bill emphatically enough. And frankly, I’m dumbfounded as to how PDT can sign it. Make no mistake — and this is not hyperbole — this bill is an unmitigated disaster. The poison pills inserted by Dims at the last minute are not only nauseating in their complete disregard for the welfare of our nation, they could very well undo every bit of credit PDT has earned with his base in fighting for the wall over these past few months. It could even offset the benefits of having the wall itself, assuming it ever gets built.

Let’s discuss some of the “goodies” included in this 1,768 page bipartisan monstrosity:



Sec.224 of the bill gives deportation immunity to any sponsor—or POTENTIAL sponsor—of an “unaccompanied” alien child. Obviously, this incentivizes illegals already here to order up kids from Central America (or anywhere, for that matter). The worst part is the illegal needn’t even have a child. They can claim to have children already in America and use them to get immunity from deportation. A mere claim to be part of a child’s household is sufficient to receive immunity. This is insanity, and once it becomes law, you can expect a rush to the border like we’ve never seen. Human traffickers will celebrate this bill for decades to come. And about those “unaccompanied minors”… estimated 30-40% of MS-13 members arrested entered the country under that very status.

Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review put it best:

“It’s not fully accurate to say this bill is amnesty. It’s worse than amnesty. Amnesty is a reprieve for a transgression of the past. This bill prospectively invites 15 million illegals to engage in human smuggling in order to obtain de facto permanent status here.”

Absolutely unacceptable.



Local Democrat strongholds — particularly around the heavily Democrat Rio Grande area — must be “consulted” before any barrier can be built in their towns. The GOP says local governments won’t have ultimate veto power, but that DHS may use their guidance in deciding where to build and/or whether to build at all.

But other are saying the bill does indeed give local mayors veto power. Section 232(a) of this bill states that “prior to use of any funds made available by this Act for the construction of physical barriers,” the Department of Homeland Security “shall confer and seek to reach mutual agreement regarding the design and alignment of physical barriers within that city.” The bill then specifies that it is “local elected officials” with whom the Department of Homeland Security must consult.

I can’t find any language explicitly giving local mayors veto power, but then again, it’s pretty difficult to find all the information I need from a 1700-page bill in time to write a recap. I would imagine it’s equally difficult for a politician to absorb that much information in time to vote by the shutdown deadline midnight tomorrow. But that’s the point, now isn’t it. When’s the last time sufficient time was given to debate one of these massive bills? That’s not a coincidence.

As for whether the bill gives local mayors veto power or not, we lose either way. Even if it’s just consultation, I suppose we’ll just have to hope that bureaucrats within DHS aren’t anti-Trump swampers who are all too willing to take local Democrat “advice.”



The begging doesn’t end at the local government level. Remember those huge wall prototypes that PDT had built in the desert? Say bye-bye to those. The legislation limits the type of border barriers the administration may erect to already-deployed designs, which means PDT can’t use any of the border wall prototypes his administration built in the San Diego area. The good news is the language is just loose enough to where we’ll be able to use the “steel slats” of which PDT is so fond. If you’re hoping for anything resembling a concrete wall, though, you’re fresh outta luck.



Democrats love to tell us that walls aren’t the solution, yet they don’t support the things they, themselves point to as alternatives. According to a Dim summary of the measure and a joint explanatory statement, the bill ignores the Trump administration’s request to fund 750 additional Border Patrol agents, Additionally, it ignores the administration’s request for 2,000 more ICE officers.

We all know that Dims are lying through their teeth when they say they want “strong borders.” Now we have the proof in black and white.



This bill is an insult to our country. It should be call the Human Traffickers Protection Act of 2019. That’s how bad it is. Any Republican who votes for it should themselves be voted out of office. And if PDT signs it, he may very well join them.

No national emergency declaration could make up for the damage this legislation would cause. The best we could hope for is an incomplete wall that is completely impotent in the face of the new asylum-seeker policies that would be put in place. It’s not tunnels and ladders we need to worry about; it’s the hordes of “refugees” who will simply point to a child somewhere and get immediate asylum status with no fear of deportation.

Mr. President, I’m not above begging, and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now when I ask that you please not sign this bill. To hell with the political implications of another government shutdown. I don’t care what Jared, Ivanka or anyone else in your cabinet is saying — a government shutdown would be infinitely better than seeing this horror show become law.

Shut down the whole damn government if necessary. The security of our nation — not to mention the thousands upon thousands of at-risk children — are vastly more important than whatever political flack comes your way over not signing this bill.

Seek a continuing resolution if necessary; a stopgap funding bill that would buy a couple weeks to get back to the negotiating table and remove these poison pills.

You can’t be beaten this badly by Democrats, Mr. President. It will become your legacy. You’re a man of strength and courage. I’ve seen it over and over. It’s why I voted for you and why I’m proud to call you my president to this day. I know you want to avoid a shutdown, but the easiest path is often the most harmful.

Please don’t sign this bill, Mr. President. To hell with what the Swamp wants. They would stab you in the back at the first opportunity, and they have with this bill.

Please do right by the American people, not the government who got us into this mess in the first place.






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1 thought on “Devil In The Details

  1. Claire A Shinseki February 15, 2019 — 2:38 am

    Thanks for making everything black and white and not dancing around the truth. God bless you and yours Trey.

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