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It’s not that Andrew McCabe suddenly became a beacon of integrity. He’s not coming clean; he’s flipping. There’s a difference. And now that he has, the FBI leadership’s special ‘insurance policy’ has been completely exposed.

The Deputy Attorney General of the United States actively sought to recruit a sitting president’s cabinet members to overthrow him via abuse of the 25th Amendment. That is a coup by any other name, and heads need to roll.

The two most active people in Washington DC over the next several months should be AG William Barr and Senator Lindsey Graham. Barr should be overseeing robust investigations of everyone remotely associated with Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein and everyone else operating in the higher rungs of leadership during this time. If those investigations are ongoing unbeknownst to the public, it’s time to make them known. This toothpaste is out of the tube and it’s not going back in. The most important thing now is to let Americans know that someone still gives a damn about corruption at the highest levels of our government.

Meanwhile, Sen. Graham needs to wield his power as Senate Judiciary Chairman to conduct his own probe, complete with subpoenas and hours-long testimony (closed if necessary, until Barr’s work is complete).

Fraud Rosenstein should be on Capitol Hill day before yesterday answering for his role in this coup, along with his buddy Jim Comey. While we’re at it, former counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap needs to stand before the man as well. Priestap can provide insight into what was happening within the most secretive area of the FBI during the most critical times, both before and after the election. He knows all about the dossier and how it was used as well as the inner machinations that led to the launching of the “insurance policy” outlined in this article.

Mr. President, I can only assume that you’ve spoken with AG Barr about these matters and demanded action lest you have to get personally involved. This is YOUR neck on the line, after all. My sources tell me Barr is keenly aware of what needs to be done, so I’ll take on a rare bout of optimism to assume the necessary discussions have been had.

We the People have had enough. Policy accomplishments and failures are one thing, but having a two-tiered justice system thrown into our faces on a daily basis is quite another.

We know too much, and our attention spans are much longer than the Swamp suspects. But if action isn’t taken soon, they may very well find out just how closely we’ve been watching.






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