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Witch Hunt Wrapping?


Brand spankin’ new Attorney General William Barr could reportedly announce as soon as next week that His Royal Highness King Bob Mueller has finished his witch hunt into “collusion” between Hackin’ Vlad and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Aside from a general timeframe, Fake News CNN is also reporting that Barr is planning to submit a summary to Congress of Mueller’s report shortly after he announces the conclusion of the probe. It must have really hurt FNCNN to report this, as it means their own producers won’t have a hand in the finished product released to the public.

Well, other than the inevitable leaks of incomplete and out-of-context info that will be used to salvage what’s left of the narrative.

While it’s being reported that Barr could receive the report from Mueller by as soon as next week, it’s hard to nail down any exact timing for the announcement, since it will conflict with the premiere of Rocket Man Summit II: Vietnam. The summit sequel is set to take place next Wednesday and Thursday (27 and 28 February), so the smart money is on next Friday or possibly the following Monday.

Asked whether he thought the report should be released, PDT said that the decision will “be totally up to the new attorney general.”

“He’s a tremendous man and a tremendous person who really respects this country and respects the Justice Department,” he added.

It should be noted that the Justice Department hasn’t confirmed the CNN report, but it hasn’t debunked it, either. Assuming it’s true, it’s a sign that Bill Barr hit the ground running at DOJ with a plan for exactly what he wanted.

Barr just took over at the DOJ after his confirmation last week. The timing of this announcement likely isn’t coincidental. There have been reports that Mueller’s team and its lawless standard operating procedure wouldn’t fly under Barr and sparks were expected to fly. Many believe that Mueller would have wrapped it up regardless of whether Barr ordered him to do so (which is not known at this point) simply because he would no longer de facto run the DOJ.

Boy do they miss the good ole days of Keebler Jeff Sessions.

As to how much of the report will be made public, we simply don’t know. Barr declined to commit to making the full report available despite the pleas of Swamp RINOs like Turtle McConnell. Rather, Barr would only commit to following DOJ guidelines and make as much of the report public as possible.

Democrats responded with the expected head-spinning and green slime projectile vomiting, as previous (unsolicited) memos from Barr have been highly critical of the probe, even going so far as to call it “fatally flawed” due to conflicts of interest and obvious line-crossing in terms of scope.

Seeing as how Mueller has been able to muster little more than process crimes and…wait for it…fatally flawed star witness in proven liar Michael Cohen, Dims are starting to finally accept the fact that the Mueller probe may not be the showstopper they’ve been banking on over these past couple years.

House investigation junkie Ambien Schiff (D-Fusion GPS) has already suggested that he will launch probes of his own if he finds the Mueller probe less than satisfying, which means he’s gotten inside info that it will be just that.

Should that happen, we ought to resist our temptation to become angry. Is it a bunch of bull? Yes. But its bull that could cost the Dims dearly should they overplay their hand, which they will.

Americans don’t like endless political investigations, especially when the economy is good. We learned this during the Slick Willy Clinton years while the current batch of Marxists protesting outside Nancy Pelosi’s office were still sucking on their mom’s tit rather than everyone else’s.

Folks, don’t look now, but I think the Dims are about to see their hopes and dreams dashed.

Load up on that popcorn.



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  1. Excellent, I read the report and the result of this entirely falsely reported episode of collusion between the Trump election team and Russia is going to be coming to an abrupt ending. (Now, what did I really say?)

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