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I don’t give a damn what side of the political aisle you claim. If the term “Space Force” doesn’t at least get you a little bit excited, you shouldn’t be in America.

And now it’s closer to becoming a reality!

PDT moved forward with his planned United States Space Force yesterday, signing an order to begin the process for establishing a new branch of the military that would be dedicated to handling threats in space.

The directive orders the Defense Department to “marshal its space resources to deter and counter threats in space” — which the Pentagon already does. It would be overseen by the Air Force, much like the Air Force itself fell within the purview of the Army when it was first created. While Trump haters are of course spinning that as a loss, it simply makes sense to put it under the Air Force umbrella while standing up the mission rather than adding an entire new layer of bureaucracy to a department that, frankly, could use some trimming.

To be clear, while we’re having some fun with the subject, the need for an eye on outer space is very real. Many think of Star Wars lightsaber fights, robots and Death Stars at the very mention of the name, but in reality it’s all about satellites.

Kim Jong Un didn’t launch a weather balloon a couple years ago. He and other malevolent actors are working hard to establish a presence in space that will allow them to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles at will and wherever they please, accurately.

Rocket Man can’t reach out and touch us if he can’t find us, and if we can take out his satellites whenever we want, his long-range operation is very much crippled.

Proponents of a Space Force argue that the Air Force does not pay enough attention to outer space, even as Russia and China are developing antisatellite weapons that could pose a threat to American satellites.

As is put by the directive:

“Although United States space systems have historically maintained a technological advantage over those of our potential adversaries, those potential adversaries are now advancing their space capabilities and actively developing ways to deny our use of space in a crisis or conflict.”

As PDT noted at the White House signing ceremony: “Adversaries — whether we get along with them or not — they’re up in space.”

Now let’s get up there and show these fools who’s boss!



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  1. Excellent, I read the report and the result of this entirely falsely reported episode of collusion between the Trump election team and Russia is going to be coming to an abrupt ending. (Now, what did I really say?)

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