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According to PDT, Alexander Acosta has done a great job as Labor Secretary in his administration. And if you ask billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, he’s a heckuva prosecutor, too.

Sarah Sanders said today that the administration is “looking into” Acosta’s role in securing a sweetheart plea deal for the very well-connected Epstein that a judge said was illegally concealed from his victims.

“My understanding is it is a very complicated case, certainly something we’re looking into,” Sanders told the Fake News, just a day after a federal judge in Florida ruled that prosecutors led by then-Miami U.S. Attorney Acosta had broken the law by signing a non-prosecution agreement with Epstein without notifying dozens of his sex abuse victims.

There’s also the moral depravity of letting off a proven pedophile easy, #ButTheseAreMinorDetails.

Sanders said she believed prosecutors “made the best possible decision and deal they could have gotten at the time, but again, that’s something we’re looking into.” As for whether PDT still has confidence in Acosta, Sanders simply replied, “We’re looking into the matter but I’m not aware of any changes.”

When asked directly by reporters later in the day if he had any concerns about Acosta, PDT suggested that this was old news and he would stick up for his guy, replying, “I don’t know much about it. He’s done a great job as Labor Secretary. That seems like a long time ago.”

The hell-bound, 66-year old Epstein reached the non-prosecution deal in 2008 with Acosta’s office to halt a federal sex abuse investigation involving dozens of teenage girls in return for him pleading guilty to state charges involving a single victim, while throwing cash settlements at other victims and registering as a sex offender.

The wealthy financier, whose black book has been known to contain the names of the world’s most powerful people, including Bill Clinton and, yes, Donald Trump, wound up serving a meager 13-month faux sentence in a Palm Beach jail, where he was allowed to leave almost daily through a work-release program and even had his own private security detail (comes in handy for pedophiles in prison). It was the best prison arrangement since Escobar, right here in the good ole US of A. Had he been an everyday American, Epstein could have faced up to life behind bars if convicted of the charges in the shelved federal complaint.

Acosta was actively involved in the plea deal negotiations, according to documents that were introduced into evidence in a lawsuit by two victims who said their rights were violated. That included an email between Acosta and one of Epstein’s lawyers, Mr. Blue Dress himself, Ken Starr, in which he agreed to temporarily hold off on sending out victim notification letters at Starr’s request. The failure to notify those victims is the main issue at hand here and the subject of the latest federal ruling.

Acosta downplayed his office’s actions at his Senate confirmation hearing last year, blaming it on a bygone era. “There was a time when keeping something confidential was less of an issue, but the public expectation today is that things be very public,” he testified.

It’s reassuring to know we’ve evolved.

This fight is not new to Acosta, though. He’s defended his handling of the case in the past:

“The bottom line is this: Mr. Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire, served time in jail and is now a registered sex offender. He has been required to pay his victims restitution, though restitution clearly cannot compensate for the crime. And we know much more today about his crimes because the victims have come forward to speak out,” he said as far back as 2011.


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The good news is, our DoJ launched an investigation into how prosecutors handled the case earlier this month, so hopefully we’ll get some new and better info about how this deal went down and why victims weren’t notified. I hope every single person on the take is exposed and their lives ruined, just as the lives of those young girls was ruined by that dirty old man. Sexual abuse affects its victims for decades after the fact, often until death. It can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety disorders and even suicide.

There truly is a special place in Hell for people like Jeffrey Epstein.

To be as fair as humanly possible to Acosta, his argument seems to be that since Epstein was so powerful, the plea deal he struck was the best he could possibly hope for. He seems rather proud of the justice he was able to mete out, though I think he’d be hard-pressed to get Joe and Jane Sixpack to see it that way.

In any event, the plea deal itself isn’t illegal, only the failure to notify the victims of its completion. One would think that this would be one aspect of the case that Acosta got right, since the victims should have been foremost on his mind throughout this process.

But as life on Earth has shown us repeatedly, “should” and “did” are often worlds apart from one another, and guys like Epstein have ways of making problems go away.

If only his young victims were afforded that luxury.



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