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By now, the word has gone forth far and wide — King Bob Mueller isn’t the savior so many of our genitalia-clad countrymen hoped he’d be. After two years of unprecedented thug tactics by an unaccountable government office to chase the ghost of Russian collusion, there doesn’t appear to be any more evidence today than there was on day one.

And so like parasites who have exhausted themselves feeding on a host that never produced, Democrats have moved on to anything — indeed, everything — that could possibly yield the golden goose of an impeachable offense.

House Dims are laying down a vast net as they ramp up their investigation into deep tracts of the Trump’s personal, business and political life, with a staggering document request from a list of 81 people, agencies and entities. They’re going after the Trump Organization, Trump employees, the Trump presidential campaign, the Trump transition team, the Trump inauguration committee, the Trump White House and members of the Trump inner circle.

This sweeping ‘oversight’ offensive is being launched by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee. He is bowing to the demands of mega-donors like Tom Steyer, along with the unrelenting demands of Trump Derangement Syndrome addled masses who would gladly implode our Republic in the name of taking down their boogey man.

“Our goal is to hold the administration accountable for the obstruction of justice, the abuse of power and the corruption,” Nadler said after issuing the requests.”Our goal is to protect the rule of law in this country. We have to find out what is going on and we have to lay out a case to the American people and we have to reveal it.”

For those keeping score at home, Nadler just affirmed that PDT broke the law before he’s even gathered evidence. That’s called investigating people rather than crimes, and it’s a feature of the very Russian system that Democrats have pretended to oppose since 2016.

Despite the exquisite obviousness of this witch hunt, Nadler feels comfortable insulting our intelligence in a way seldom seen, even for the Left: “This is not a pre-impeachment hearing,” Nadler said. “If we are going to do anything, we have to have proof.”

Correct. But what he failed to mention is that, here in America, investigations are supposed to be started with probable cause. Political aims don’t qualify.

The potential ‘crimes’ Nadler has pre-convicted PDT include: corruption, obstruction of justice, hush money payments to women, supposed collusion with Russia (yes, still) and claims that Trump infringed the Constitution by using his office for personal financial gain, aka the Emoluments Clause. The people who are getting letters asking for documents include both Eric and Don Jr., Jared Kushner, transition chairman Tom Barrack, key members of his campaign team like Steve Bannon, and West Wing officials like former chief of staff Reince Priebus. Letters to Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer and communications confidante Hope Hicks requested private notes. The committee even went so far as to send a letter to Trump’s former gatekeeper in Trump Tower, Rhona Graff.

Here is the complete Witch Hunt List. Grab a Snickers; you’re gonna be here a while:

  1. Alan Garten 
  2. Alexander Nix 
  3. Allen Weisselberg 
  4. American Media Inc. (the National Enquirer folks)
  5. Anatoli Samochornov
  6. Andrew Intrater
  7. Annie Donaldson
  8. Brad Parscale
  9. Brittany Kaiser
  10. Cambridge Analytica
  11. Carter Page
  12. Columbus Nova
  13. Concord Management and Consulting
  14. Corey Lewandowski
  15. David Pecker
  16. Department of Justice
  17. Don McGahn
  18. Donald J Trump Revocable Trust
  19. Donald Trump Jr.
  20. Dylan Howard
  21. Eric Trump
  22. Erik Prince
  23. The Federal Bureau of Investigation
  24. Felix Sater
  25. Flynn Intel Group
  26. General Services Administration
  27. George Nader
  28. George Papadopoulos
  29. Hope Hicks
  30. Irakly Kaveladze 
  31. Jared Kushner
  32. Jason Maloni
  33. Jay Sekulow
  34. Jeff Sessions
  35. Jerome Corsi
  36. John Szobocsan
  37. Julian Assange
  38. Julian David Wheatland
  39. Keith Davidson
  40. KT McFarland
  41. Mark Corallo
  42. Matt Tait
  43. Matthew Calamari
  44. Michael Caputo
  45. Michael Cohen
  46. Michael Flynn
  47. Michael Flynn Jr.
  48. Paul Erickson
  49. Paul Manafort
  50. Peter Smith (Estate)
  51. Randy Credico
  52. Reince Priebus
  53. Rhona Graff
  54. Rinat Akhmetshin
  55. Rob Goldstone
  56. Roger Stone
  57. Ronald Lieberman
  58. Sam Nunberg
  59. SCL Group Limited
  60. Sean Spicer
  61. Sheri Dillon
  62. Stefan Passantino
  63. Steve Bannon
  64. Ted Malloch
  65. The White House
  66. The Trump Campaign
  67. Trump Foundation
  68. Trump Organization
  69. Trump Transition
  70. Viktor Vekselberg
  71. WikiLeaks
  72. The Presidential Inaugural Committee
  73. Christopher Bancroft Burnham
  74. Frontier Services Group
  75. J.D. Gordon
  76. Kushner Companies
  77. National Rifle Association
  78. Rick Gates
  79. Tom Barrack
  80. Tom Bossert
  81. Tony Fabrizio

Miraculously, Ivanka managed to stay off the list. But Nadler didn’t rule her out, either, explaining that it was “quite conceivable” she could be on a future list. What a disgusting thug disguised as a congressman.

To add to the overall absurdity of this stunt, many of the so-called crimes under investigation have been probed to the moon and back by various committees. Nearly everything related to Russia, for instance, has been investigated by committees in both chambers of Congress along with the aforementioned unaccountable Mr. Mueller. And just to waste extra taypayer money, committees are already overlapping anew. For instance, the House Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Intelligence committees have all asked the State Department for information on Trump’s private meetings and phone calls with Vladimir Putin. They also want interpreters who took part in the pair’s private chats to be made available for interviews, all but ensuring a showdown with the administration.

Not a single damn committee should be sticking its nose into the private foreign policy discussions of the president. It would make future talks with world leaders nearly impossible, as no one wants to talk to a president when the details will be combed through by rabid partisans and broadcast to the world.

It appears that Dims aren’t happy to just burn down our own country, they’ll destroy the world in pursuit of Trump if need be.


Big Picture


For some reason, PDT has said he’ll cooperate with the House on whatever they like, though his reactions on Twitter send a different signal. Perhaps this is another case of social media complaining while giving Dims everything they want.

The good news is, there is a nifty little thing called executive privilege, and PDT can use it on pretty much anything remotely related to the presidency. The notes from the Putin meeting, for example, should not and almost certainly will not ever see the light of day.

Another piece of good news is the chances of finding the type of high crime required for impeachment is exceedingly low, because #BelieveMe, Bob Mueller went well beyond his scope in trying to bring down PDT. If he hasn’t found it, this slob Nadler doesn’t have much of a chance.

And finally, the best news — this has a chance of backfiring on Democrats spectacularly. What folks like Tom Steyer and his coochie cap supporters don’t understand is America has a history of hating this sort of thing. If Nadler were able to act shrewdly and effectively (he can’t because so many people are screaming in his ear), he would do targeted strikes kept at a minimum so as to avoid becoming the personification of the Witch Hunt meme. A simple revisitation of the Clinton impeachment tells one all they need to know. That investigation was nowhere near the size of this shark-jumping venture and Republicans paid a heavy political price in the form of making Slick Willy a sympathetic figure.

But let’s be absolutely clear here — there is a bigger picture than mere impeachment bed-making. The people being harassed by this soulless search and destroy mission will likely never do a minute in jail, but their lives will be torched all the same. Just as with General Flynn, they’ll be forced to hire lawyers for months of work while their personal lives are dissected by the Swamp and their partners in the Fake News media.

This is the Swamp’s way of sending a message to any private citizen who feels compelled to take them on on behalf of the People. An outsider can’t be allowed to succeed, and he damn sure can’t expose their deeds along the way. They can’t sleep snug in their posh beds until the threat is gone, and they need to know it will never raise its ugly head again. The political class has insulted itself from the people it purports to serve, and they’re not ready to let go of that lifestyle, whether it means leaving our borders wide open or creating a Soviet-style political police force before our very eyes.

Mr. President, do not cooperate with these vermin. If the fight must be had on Twitter, tweet every half-hour for the entire duration of this investigation about how Congress paid $17 million in taxpayer money to sexual harassment/assault victims. Send your own private eyes to get into every nook and cranny of the private lives of every Democrat on those committees, and even some who aren’t.

They do this because they get away with it. And no amount of cooperation will compel them to call off the dogs. They ARE the dogs, and they’re going to go after red meat until the fence finally shocks them into submission.

Last year, PDT said that runaway investigations by Democrats “would mean war.”

I pray to God he meant it.






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