The Greatest Scandal Barely Told


They Had Nothing


This falls squarely within the “we already knew” category. For the last couple years, it was crystal clear that the FBI had little to no evidence pointing to a connection between the OMG RUSSIANS and the Trump campaign, yet that didn’t slow them down one iota in their mission to invade his inner circle and get whatever damaging info was available. Or failing that, any information that could be taken out of context by their partners in the Fake News media to help create the narrative of a secret Russian agent in the White House.

The ‘paucity of evidence’ at the onset of the probe is being portrayed as business as usual by those attempting to explain away the actions of those involved in the would-be coup. Anyone asserting this as standard operating procedure either has no earthly clue about how counterintelligence works or is flatly lying.

Counterintelligence (CI) investigations often bring to bear the most invasive tools our government can muster, to include active SIGINT collection (electronic communications interception) and the use of secret agents to relay information from inside the target’s inner circle. It’s not something launches willy-nilly based on conjecture from a target’s political opponents, but that’s exactly what happened in this case.

Even if one is charitable enough to accept the “we had a duty to find out” explanation from Page and Strzok at first glance, it falls apart once the timeline is expanded. The CI probe, named “Crossfire Hurricane” by some nerd trying to be sound cool, began mid-2016, just after the bureau was done allowing Hillary Clinton to get away with the security protocol equivalent of first degree murder. Yet we also know from Page’s testimony that at the time King Bob Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel, there still existed not a shred of real evidence to support the Russia narrative.

That means the FBI’s best and brightest spent nearly a year probing the Trump campaign using surveillance warrants and washed-up CIA assets to gather whatever dirt they could….and still had nothing. Yet that didn’t stop Mueller’s team from diving head first into a far-reaching investigation supposedly designed to get to the bottom of alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

This makes abundantly clear that evidence never had a role to play in the bureau’s decision to investigate PDT. Truth be told, that decision was made once Hillary had been let off the hook and was the only thing standing between Trump and the White House.



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