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As infuriating as this case has been, I’m somewhat glad it happened. The narrative of “white privilege” took quite the hit today, with corruption at such a level and in such broad daylight that even Obama sycophant Rahm Emmanuel had no choice but to denounce it in the strongest possible terms, mostly because his office was surrounded by pissed off police officers.

The Smollett case has accomplished two feats that the conservative movement hasn’t been able to swing on its own: bringing attention to the epidemic of hate crime hoaxes in America and dispelling the myth that only straight, white males are given preferable treatment by the justice system. Given the record of the past few years, many would argue that the bias of the justice system is decidedly in the other direction. President Trump and his supporters are guilty until proven innocent, whereas leftists/Democrats/Marxists are treated with kid gloves as they burn down our cities and divide the nation beyond repair.

It’s hard to see the silver lining in clouds such as these, but every day there are more and more people waking up to the reality of how this country is run.

As for the case itself, we now see if the Justice Dept will take on Smollett’s case, as his first hoax involved mailing a letter to himself at work, which is a federal offense. I wish I could express optimism that he would indeed be charged, but it’s not common practice for federal authorities to go after someone who has already been let go at the state level.

Then again, they rarely receive hand-delivered letters from major police unions, as they did from the Chicago Police Union demanding they investigate the role Kim Foxx and her Obama brethren played in executing this travesty. The thin blue line does have a way of sticking together.

Let’s hope the Chicago PD carries as big a stick with the FBI that the Obamas carry with the Chicago justice system. Otherwise, we’ll just have to use this as ammunition to awaken the masses to where the two-tiered justice system really lies.






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