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Senator Paul did the country a great service by being the first politician to actually accuse Obama’s top henchmen of orchestrating the Russia hoax. In this piece, I hope I’ve given you a detailed idea of just how they went about it, along with their thinking and strategy.

I wrote the piece in this way because, aside from the public’s right to know about their own government’s corruption, it’s important to understand how Obama, Inc. is going to defend themselves going forward as more information is released.

Former Director of National Intelligence and noted liar James Clapper telegraphed the new narrative for us last year, arguing that it’s wrong to characterize the actions of the Obama administration in 2016 as “spying” on the Trump campaign.

“I took aversion to the word ‘spy.’ It was the most benign version of information gathering. The important thing is the whole reason the FBI was doing this was concern over what the Russians were doing to infiltrate the campaign, not spying on the campaign,” Clapper said with a straight face.

This is patently and insultingly false. An organization who is primarily worried about what Russians are doing don’t run entrapment operation after entrapment operation against low-level volunteers that they know good and well wouldn’t be middle men in a legitimate Russian intel operation. That’s why it’s important to explain the absurdity of things like Trump/Putin information-sharing operations being spearheaded by British tabloid journalists. Anyone who would give that theory a second thought doesn’t know the first thing about how Putin operates.

And that’s the point.

Clapper, Brennan, Comey and co. plan to seize on the ignorance of the American public in order to explain away otherwise inexplicable actions. As information has come to light (as it always does), this strategy has become their only course of action. We must know what questions to ask if we’re ever to truly pull the mask off of these traitors, but one question in particular should be asked early, often and continuously until it’s answered conclusively:

“If the Obama administration was simply seeking to protect the American political system from Russian infiltration, what was the underlying evidence that gave rise to their concerns?”

This one question has the power to dismantle their entire defense. And happily, one man has the power to answer it for them. President Trump must declassify the FISA warrants used in connection with surveillance of the Trump campaign. Even more importantly, he must declassify any and all memos outlining the initial reasoning for their probe.

If the Obama crew can’t produce legitimate probable cause beyond the Clinton-purchased, Russian-produced dossier—and they can’t—the entire operation to create Russian collusion where none existed will be laid bare for even the most casual observer.

Additionally, we must ask the obvious questions that arise from the revelation of Western intelligence assets being used in entrapment operations, namely, “Who gave the order?” Foreign intelligence services don’t send mutual assets to do dirty work out of the blue. Stefan Halper, for example, is almost certain to have been sent on his mission after a call from John Brennan. And John Brennan doesn’t make such phone calls without the approval of his own boss at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Yes, this goes all the way to the top. The Obama administration followed the fruits of its illicit surveillance operation in near real-time, with people like U.N. Ambassador Susan Powers and Advisor Susan Rice unmasking Trump officials in intelligence reports (surveillance transcripts) on a daily basis.

The biggest challenge facing those of us who want justice is being able to prove malicious intent as opposed to abject incompetence. As things stand, the circumstantial evidence of corrupt intent is staggering. We now need the president to force the DoJ to prove once and for all that this clandestine operation was undertaken as a legitimate national security project.

By all appearances, that’s a task they’ll be unable to complete.

At that point, it will be full steam ahead on subpoenas for communications, offerings for rats to flip and everything else that gets to the heart of the matter.

Then, my fellow patriots, it’s on.






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