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Get It Over With Already


The soft coup headquarters known as the U.S Justice Department announced today it would hold a Thursday morning press conference at 9:30 a.m. in conjunction with the release of King Bob Mueller’s report. 

AG Barr is set to take questions at the presser about the release of Mueller’s 400-page monstrosity detailing the results of the faux investigation between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, as well as potential obstruction of justice by the president. 

The DoJ has been tight-lipped about how exactly the report will be distributed. A redacted version is expected to be shared with Congress as well as made available to the public in a digital format. Letters sent last month by Barr to congressional leaders concerning the report were posted to the special counsel’s page on the Justice Department’s website, as were indictments and guilty pleas related to the Mueller investigation. You know, just to show that the investigation was legitimate and not a waste of time.

As I outlined in previous pieces, AG Barr informed Congress that the report will contain color-coded redactions rather than the typical black blocks normally used to shield text from view. Each color is expected to reflect a different category of information being withheld from view: information related to grand jury proceedings, which are secret; information that could reveal sources and methods used in ongoing intelligence work; information that could interfere with ongoing prosecutions; or information that “implicates the privacy or reputational interests of peripheral players where there’s a decision not to charge them,” Barr told lawmakers in a hearing earlier this month. 

That last set of redactions listed is significant. As noted previously, DoJ policy is to not release information that could harm the reputations of persons not being charged. But in this case, that courtesy will only apply to “people in private life, not public office holders,” meaning dirt inserted into the report by Mueller’s gang of Clinton operatives will likely be made public. I’m sure the Swamp is tickled pink about that development. 

The report is the culmination of a two-year long “investigation” carried out by 12 federal prosecutors – many of whom Clinton operatives and donors from high-powered law firms – and dozens of investigators, who together interviewed more than 500 witnesses, executed another 500 search warrants, issued nearly 3,000 subpoenas and contacted 13 foreign governments. It produced criminal charges against nearly three dozen people and three companies, many of which being process crimes designed to get Trump associates to flip against one another and ultimately the president.

Much to the chagrin of coochie-cappers everywhere, Rudy Giuliani has reportedly already drafted a so-called “counter-report” of some three-dozen pages. Democrat lawmakers, meanwhile, have continued calling on Barr to share with them a full, unredacted version of the report, assuming (correctly) that their constituents will be too stupid to understand the classification process and thus fall for their “cover-up!” narrative.


Big Picture:


I’ve previewed this thing to death so let’s just get straight to the point one last time.

Mueller’s prosecutors, specifically Andrew Weissman, did not take this job as a means of finding truth for the American people. It was a political hit job against a sitting POTUS from day one, meant to obstruct the most important years of the Trump presidency while holding a black cloud of illegitimacy over his head. It’s one of the most shameful episodes in American history and heads should roll for it.

Any Trumper who expects the release of the report to be a good day for PDT simply hasn’t been paying attention, or worse, has been paying attention to unsubstantiated garbage on the internet peddled by low level BS artists. Prosecutors by definition do not release even-handed reports. That’s why it’s so important for Rudy and the rest of the Trump legal team to have something to offer as a counterbalance to what is sure to be a laundry list of campaign items for Dims to put in campaign ads over the next 2 years.

See, PDT has to pay for opposition research against his foes. Democrats just have the government do it with unlimited time and taxpayer money.

The bright side, if one can call it that, will probably be the lack of evidence for “Russian collusion.” But what Weissman lacks in Russia propaganda, he’ll almost certainly compensate with various instances of “obstruction.” The firing of Jim Comey, presidential allusions to a government-wide witch hunt, gaffes to Lester Holt about wanting the “Russia thing” to go away……it’s all likely to be there. And it’s likely to be packaged in a way that says, “We can’t do anything about this, but Congress can.”

The other line of attack for Dims tomorrow will be found in references to other ongoing investigations into Trump and his organization, including inquiries into hush-money payments for adultery, funding sources for and spending by the president’s inauguration committee, use of campaign funds to pay the president’s own properties for rent space, real estate deals, taxes, and a Pelosi in a friggin pear tree.

Tomorrow will be about launching two narratives heading into 2020:

  1. AG Barr is covering for the president via redaction, and
  2. The DoJ had their hands tied regarding pressing charges, but PDT is still a crook and the Southern District of New York will be delivering the real justice soon.

It will be annoying, ignorant and ultimately horrible for the country. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from our Dim counterparts. Just keep in mind that PDT isn’t going anywhere, and ultimately this tantrum will serve as little more than another way to make his and our lives hell.

But hang in there. This is our last defensive stand. Then it’s time to go on offense.



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