Absurdity as Strategy

I’m going to be completely honest. I hated writing this piece. I can’t escape the feeling of being just another puppet whose strings are being controlled by the Democrat machine, even if my time on this subject is spent laying waste to its fables. The fact that I’m writing this at all is a victory of sorts for the Democrat party, as I’m just another conservative talking head whose focus has been taken away from real issues for a period of time.

Nevertheless, this is a major headline, and one that must be combatted lest truth once again take a back seat to narrative. Thus, we’ll do a piece covering the various elements of the Barr testimony and/or the Democrat strategy to manipulate it in their favor. It is the Theater of the Absurd; a distraction and deflection from the 2-year long narrative that imploded before the country’s eyes with the release of a 400-page hit piece on the president — one that apparently didn’t hit hard enough.

We’ll identify a couple of the most pervasive talking points used against AG Barr, why they’re so utterly ridiculous and what is likely to come of this going forward. Let’s get to it.



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