The Final Shot


For years now, conservative intelligentsia have sung the praises of Robert Mueller as a man of unassailable character; an anchor of objectivity and fairness on whom we could all rely to see us through this chaotic partisan storm.

We regular, deplorable folk tended to take a more skeptical stance toward the whole situation. Perhaps it was because Mueller assembled the most partisan Democrat prosecutors he could find to lead his investigative team. Perhaps it was the systematic way in which the Special Counsel’s office sought to destroy anyone and everyone remotely connected to the president, charging crimes that were so rarely prosecuted that one could easily forget they were even on the books, while creating others from whole cloth, such as overly-imaginative “campaign finance violations.”

It’s safe to say that one would need an Ivy League degree not to see what was coming with today’s announcement from King Bob Mueller. Those of us who have been paying attention fully expected a ploy to damage the president in any way possible. There was absolutely zero reason to expect anything else, after all, as the pattern has been apparent and well-established through two years of unaccountable government thuggery.

Alas, those who write well-circulated columns and vote on our laws have trouble seeing the forest of corruption for the trees of their own naiveté (or worse, mutual corruption), thus we’ll have to cover this as “breaking news.” And while many of you have no doubt sussed out this analysis long ago, we’re duty bound to spell out the obvious.

Let’s examine the nature of Mueller’s statement and what it means for the future.



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  1. That was a very good read Trey. Thank you!

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