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The Enemies Within



The ‘right’ half of the uniparty, aka the GOP, can’t ever seem to step up the plate on immigration, or anything else of consequence for the American people. But let an outsider come in and try to actually get something done and, boy, watch them spring into action!

According to multiple reports, the “Republican” Senate has been privately warning the White House not to implement the tariffs set to start on June 10 in response to Mexico’s inaction on their border.

President Trump responded at a press conference today in London by saying that he expected the tariffs to go into place and that it would be “foolish” for Republicans to try to stop them. Translation: “Come out against this and I will make you a political pariah in the Republican Party.”

There have been rumors that the Turtle-led Senate could go so far as to pass legislation against the tariffs, which McConnell didn’t do much to quell when asked about the prospect, simply saying, “we’re hoping that doesn’t happen.”

There is a lot of dissent behind closed doors, though, with Republican Sens. Rob Portman, Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz and Cory Gardner leading the anti-tariff coalition. The senators reportedly spoke out forcefully against the tariffs during a closed caucus meeting attended by White House deputy counsel Patrick Philbin and DoJ officials.

Only 12 Republican senators are needed to vote on what’s known as a disapproval resolution, which would effectively block the tariffs. However, the president would have veto power, and just as with the national emergency declaration months ago, the Senate would need a veto-proof majority (67 votes), which is very much in question at this point.

The problem is, DJT has said the tariff on Mexico will rise gradually to a maximum of 25% by October unless Mexico takes steps to curb illegal immigration. This has the business community nervous, and as the economy is impacted more and more, pressure to block the tariffs will certainly mount on GOP senators from the most affected states.


Big Picture


We have nothing short of an invasion happening at our southern border. Hundreds of thousands of people are flowing into our country as our border patrol does all it can just to keep its head above water.

President Trump has been effectively abandoned by Congress in his effort to fix the problem. As we watch people stream into our country and abuse our system, the DC swamp can’t bring itself to care about anything beyond the alarms being sounded from the business lobby.

Rather than coming home to explain to their constituents what is happening and what must be done to remedy it, GOP politicians are conspiring behind closed doors to take away the one weapon the president has at his disposal to protect the American people. If left up to them, there would be no border and businesses could bid for the cheapest labor at the nearest auction site.

Will Republicans get enough support to block the tariffs? Maybe. It will be a little while before they try, though, so we’ll at least have a chance to see how Mexico responds. There is also debate on whether another disapproval resolution can come to the floor for the next few months, since there are floor rules that limit certain types of resolutions to one try every six months.

But why would Mexico give in when our president is facing so much opposition from his own party? If you were them, wouldn’t you try to hang in there for a little while until consumers start groaning and politicians begin caving? Does that logic not also apply to China? Why on Earth would they capitulate when we, ourselves seem all but certain to cave?

Tariffs are a tactic to handle countries who are abusing us; a weapon of war, if you will. And every war effort requires a united front. The fact is our elected representatives don’t give enough of a damn to even try to win this war. They don’t want it to start with, and why would they? They’re ensconced in their posh bubbles and inflated salaries and don’t want anything disturbing their unearned lifestyles.

They don’t want to lead, they merely want to keep the gravy train rolling, even if it means turning a blind eye to the most depraved forms of crime imaginable happening on our very own border.

The only hope we have is to appeal to our representatives’ sense of self-preservation. We must contact them in large enough numbers for them to understand that they have a choice between standing with our president or being voted out next election.

It’s not a guarantee, but it’s gotten through a few things over the past couple years. It miraculously transformed Lindsey Graham from a NeverTrumper to a bonafide American.

The Swamp needs to understand that a civil war is on the way if this status quo is upheld.



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