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Dims Gonna Dim


The second half of the first Democrat debate took place Thursday night and it was quite fruitful. America was treated to a full view of those who seek to take out the boogey man Trump, which worked decidedly in the president’s favor. Candidates lunged left in the perpetual woke-off to decide who shall rule Twitter while continually alienating themselves from the sane majority.

Let’s go through the biggest takeaways and suss out exactly what this all means for the political landscape going forward.


Sleepy Joe was exposed.


The concerns that Dems have been whispering among themselves about Joe Biden over the last few months have now become full-volume critiques in the mainstream. Biden has lost a step and everyone knows it. For a man whose main campaign pitch is a safe vote to defeat The Donald, fragility is not what the Biden camp wants to project.

Responding to attacks from Kamala Harris and others, Biden was the only candidate to stop his own remarks, citing time limits. It revealed weakness, along with a seeming desire to go back into the witness protection program his campaign has been running since his candidacy was announced. As RNR has noted repeatedly, Biden can’t hide forever. It didn’t take long for the spotlight to take its toll.

The biggest blow of the night came from Harris when she grilled Biden over his opposition to “busing” in the 70’s. Biden, of course, didn’t have the courage to tell the truth about the policy; that the government has no business forcing people to integrate who have chosen to segregate on their own. He was absolutely right in his stance, as people in America should have freedom of association. If black people prefer to attend mostly black schools and live in mostly black areas, that is their right. People tend to prefer homogeneous environments. It’s human nature. But this is 2019 and one mustn’t stray from the doctrine of diversity, lest they be deemed a literal Nazi.

Bottom line: Biden’s cloak of invincibility has been punctured and his opponents smell blood in the water. His main argument —that he is best suited to defeat Trump— took a beating Thursday night and he better show a little life to counter the narrative. It’s understandable that a guy named Sleepy Joe won’t be the most woke. It’s the inability to literally wake up that could sink his ship.


Harris makes a power move.


Kamala Harris is a pure politician. She is trained in the art of well-placed hack lines and platitudes that can be twisted to serve any purpose. She brought her tool belt to the debate stage to get to work on Joe Biden to great effect. While polling is still a day or two away, one can reasonably expect Sen. Harris to make a considerable jump.

Harris followed her script to a tee. After attacking Biden on his support for busing, her campaign team was on standby ready to make it personal with a photo from her childhood bearing the tagline, “There was a little girl in California who was bussed to school. That little girl was me.” There were even shirts on sale by the night’s end with the picture on them.

There have been reports that Harris lied about being part of the busing program in Berkeley. These reports are false. The reports point to the fact that the program began in 1964, whereas Harris wasn’t bused to school until 1968, but that is misleading because the elementary schools adopted the program four years later than the high schools. Harris was indeed a part of the second wave of busing. The first was in 1964; Harris was bused in 1968.

Harris is smartly trying to woo a portion of the black vote away from Biden and into her camp, as the black vote is what has made Biden a prohibitive favorite for the nomination. Whichever Dem can get blacks to the polls has a good chance of getting the nomination. Harris did a lot toward that end on Thursday night. The debate really couldn’t have gone any better for her, which is very bad for our nation.

Harris is a soulless seeker of power; an empty vessel who will do and say anything on her way to the top. Her affair with a very old and decrepit Willie Brown demonstrated the lengths she was willing to go to get her foot in the door. Now that she’s right in the thick of things, expect some serious hardball to be played.

Should she win the nomination, which is absolutely within the realm of possibility, her race with DJT will likely be the nastiest in American history.


The Commie civil war has begun.


The far left wing of the party, aka the Berners, have been a valuable weapon in the Republican arsenal since 2016. They have driven the party so far left that Trump could kick a puppy on the White House lawn and still have a good shot at reelection.

But now, the commies can’t even decide among themselves who will lead their movement, as Pocahontas Warren has grabbed the torch from Crazy Bernie in recent weeks, which rubs Bernie the wrong way since his status as leader of the socialist wing was thought to be undisputed. The Establishment has made clear that they wish to replace Sanders with Warren, as she will ultimately go along with the program. Love or hate him, Bernie does his own thing. And they can’t have that. It makes donors uneasy.

The good news is, while our secret weapon Bernie doesn’t look to be doing well, his ideas are alive and kicking in the primaries. And that’s what we really need.


Thanks for the ad campaign.


I hope the love from Woke Twitter was worth it, because Dims did everything humanly possible to reelect President Trump Thursday night. The lunge leftward provided clip after clip of material that will almost certainly find its way into political ads over this coming year.

At one point, every single Democrat on stage pledged to give millions of illegal immigrants healthcare on the taxpayer dime. If the Trump campaign paid scientists to go into a lab and create the single most potent weapon to alienate independent voters and drive them into Republican arms, it would be a line of Democrats standing on a national debate stage and pledging to give healthcare to illegals. The pressure from the far left on mainstream Dim candidates is a gift from God.

To add to the fun, Kamala Harris and Crazy Bernie both raised their hands to show support for abolishing private health insurance in favor of a government takeover. This is a bit of a head-scratcher, at least in terms of Harris, as surely she knows that the abolishment of private insurance is deeply unpopular among voters. It’s the one way Dims can negate their own advantage on the issue of healthcare, and I’ll be damned if Harris didn’t step right in it.

She later claimed to have misinterpreted the question, but her nuanced explanation isn’t conducive to a 30 second campaign ad. But the image of her raising her hand to take your healthcare absolutely is, and now she’s put herself in a hole.

Side note: President Trump has mentioned a GOP healthcare plan that is due to be released. That needs to happen soon. If Dims stop shooting themselves in the foot in regards to this issue, they’ll be able to take it from Republicans pretty easily. We can’t allow that to happen. In the meantime, it’s nice to have such inept opposition.

Donald Trump’s enemies continue to be his best asset.


The Big Picture


While people tend to put too much stock in debates —especially those held 16 months before Election Day— this one was pretty important for gauging the future of the Dim party.

It’s clear that Biden is not the nominee-in-waiting. While the DNC would like the primaries to have been a mere formality en route to anointing the Obama-approved candidate, some of the younger Dims have something to say about it. It’s hard to see Biden’s age not becoming more and more of an issue as time passes, especially with the rigors of the campaign trail. He has been able to avoid any hard work up to this point, but with the recent debate performance and the upstarts nipping at his heels, that will have to change.

As serious as the age issue is, though, it may not be Biden’s biggest obstacle. Rather, a more thorough analysis reveals his biggest problem to lie in the area of his spinal column. Simply put, it isn’t there. Biden will have to grow a spine and reject the far left policies of the Sanders/Warren crowd or he will find himself unelectable. It’s bad enough that he reverses his own positions every time the commie crowd descends upon him. But promising healthcare to illegals on a national debate stage is the kind of thing that kills a candidacy before it even begins.

Sleepy Joe better wake up to what real America thinks, or no amount of fear-mongering about Trump will be able to save him from himself. On the flip side, if he does show some courage and decides to tell the Bernie crowd where to shove it, he could win not only the Dim nomination but the presidency of the United States.

Let’s hope the Tin Man never finds his heart.



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