A Fuse To Be Lit


Once the news of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest broke, I, like many of you, sat up to pay attention. This was one of the big boys, and if the headlines were to be believed, he was in hot water. My first move was to find out who was behind the arrest and whether they meant business. To my dismay, I learned that the prosecution would be handled by the Southern District of New York, the same overtly partisan office that manufactured a faux campaign finance charge against Michael Cohen for the sole purpose of naming President Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator in official court documents.

Needless to say, I was less than inspired.

But the truth is, my initial reaction and hot-take analysis of the situation was admittedly and regrettably inadequate. Years of bearing witness to our two-tiered justice system has focused my mind to find that which will sink our hopes, as opposed to that which will bring us ultimate victory. To be fair, it’s a tried and true way of sussing out the truth. In this case, however, the standard operating procedures of the SDNY don’t tell the whole story, nor do they provide us with a clear-cut view of where things will go.

There are too many variables at play to simply dismiss this as just another case where the powerful will walk. While the typical order of things may ultimately prevail, this case is anything but typical. As such, I’m devoting this piece to gaining a fuller understanding of the Epstein case, not only as it stands but as it may unravel in the coming weeks to months.

Make no mistake, the SDNY is sitting on a powder keg. Let’s explore the blast radius that could be in store.



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