A Fuse To Be Lit


Who is Jeffrey Epstein?


As it turns out, that’s quite the loaded question.

Jeffrey Epstein is a 66-year-old billionaire, philanthropist and registered sex offender from Brooklyn, NY. A math whiz from an early age, he taught calculus and physics at K-12 Dalton school between 1973 and 1975 before discovering how to apply his talent with numbers in more lucrative ways.

He left Dalton in 1976 and started work at investment bank Bear Stearns Cos., advising rich clients on the most clever ways to game the tax code. By 1980, he was a partner, and by 1982, he was able to break out with his company, J. Epstein & Co., later called Financial Trust Co.

Much of his business record in clouded in mystery, however, as details about his firm have been few and vague since its founding. In fact, Victoria’s Secret owner Lex Wexner has been the only identified client of Epstein’s firm. This certainly doesn’t indicate a lack of clientele, as Epstein has been linked to the rich and powerful since his arrival onto the scene, with known associations to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew and, to a lesser extent, President Trump. The rumors regarding his business dealings range from “straightforward money-managing firm” to “personal manager of the Rockefeller fortune.”

Florida court records show that Epstein owns an island in the Virgin Islands and addresses on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as well as Paris, New Mexico and Palm Beach. These properties are now synonymous with the depraved world of underage sex slaves and sick party favors that Epstein stands accused of creating.

In the absence of hard facts, though, the question of just who Jeffrey Epstein is remains an open one. Why is his income so hard to trace? Why is his clientele so hard to attain? Sexual misconduct may go a long way to answer the latter question, but even then, critical spaces remain blank.

Put yourself in the shoes of a foreign government strategist tasked with finding a clever, inconspicuous way of putting Western power players in vulnerable positions, such as the kompromat (compromising material) operations for which Vladimir Putin is known. What could be a better plan than funding a billionaire who provides children to rich and powerful pedophiles, keeps their personal information in his own little “black book” and puts cameras everywhere he operates?

When viewed from that height, the prospect of Epstein as a foreign asset luring in the Western elite for the benefit of a hostile power is hardly far-fetched. Rather, all the critical components are perfectly in place. And so long as no one knows the exact origin of Epstein’s fortune, who is to say this theory is incorrect?

The point of my bringing up this scenario is to underscore the overarching point of this piece; that there is so much unknown—even about that which we know—that make this among the most potentially explosive cases in American history. We need more facts about just who this Jeffrey Epstein monster is, and we need them soon.



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