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This may be the most difficult “Big Picture” analysis I’ve ever written, simply because there are so many variables, moving parts and unknowns. Given the available information—extensive as it is—we’re still left wondering just how far down this rabbit hole goes and how prosecution could be affected as a result.

What we have here is a clash between an immovable object and an unstoppable force — the object being a corrupt DoJ who has adopted selective prosecution as its standard operating procedure; the force being a wave of truth about a sick man and his powerful cohorts.

There are so many questions to be answered. Who, exactly, is on the chopping block if Epstein becomes a songbird? Congressmen? Senators? Presidents? Prime Ministers? CEOs? One powerful person is capable of derailing justice in their own favor if need be. Can you imagine the type of influence that could be exerted by a whole group of the world’s most powerful pedophiles?

Then there is the Southern District of New York itself. We’ve seen them corruptly and shamelessly pervert the prosecutorial process in the service of taking down President Trump, most notably in the outrageous case of Michael Cohen. If they were able to manufacture a felony campaign finance charge against President Trump with nothing more than a receipt of candidate Trump spending his own money, imagine what they could do with the list of Trump/Epstein connections I’ve laid out in this piece.

That doesn’t mean they have a solid legal case against the president. They don’t. They didn’t have a case for campaign finance violations, either. They got it done by pressuring Cohen to plead guilty to a crime that he would easily beat in court in exchange for leniency on charges that were much stronger. Without the tax fraud time looking him in the face, Cohen would have never pleaded guilty to such a joke of a charge. Now we must ask ourselves, what is Jeffrey Epstein willing to “confess to” in exchange for leniency on sex trafficking charges? Uncomfortable as they may be, these are questions that any objective analyst must ask.

Conviction needn’t even be the goal of the SDNY, as a simple accusation by Epstein would be a massive political blow to PDT, in an election season no less. If you don’t think the SDNY would operate in this way, you simply haven’t been paying attention.

One fact that has given me solace in this episode is the presence of William Barr as Attorney General. Jeff Sessions would have given us no chance at all against whatever corrupt shenanigans the SDNY might pull, but Barr at least gave us hope. That is, until he announced today that he would be recusing himself from the case altogether, citing his connection to a law firm that represented Epstein in the past. It’s a rather weak recusal in my view, since Barr didn’t join the firm until after their representation of Epstein had ended, but it’s technically by the book. And Barr is nothing if not by the book.

As of this writing, we don’t yet know whether the SDNY has signaled a move toward professionalism, or continued their habit of leveraging the crimes of others to stick it to the president. A big reason for that is Epstein’s plea of Not Guilty entered earlier today. For now, at least, Epstein seems intent on fighting the case rather than selling out his buds for leniency.

That could very well change, however, as his lawyers get a view of the full case against their client. Who knows what headlines will emerge going forward, as evidence is publicized and inferences are made regarding powerful people the world over. It could very well be that the unstoppable force known as truth will overwhelm this case to the point that the object known as the SDNY is movable after all.

Simply put, this case has the potential to absolutely explode, and there’s nothing less predictable than shrapnel from a dirty bomb. As we speak, powerful men are working behind the scenes to pool their power and defuse this nuke before it’s dropped. My worry is that the SDNY will welcome the blast so long as our president is counted among the collateral damage.

But while we’re left with little more than logical speculation as to what lies ahead, one fact can be counted as set in stone. The evil that permeates this case—from the men who abused children to all those who looked the other way—will be accounted for, be it in this world or the next.

I strongly recommend the SDNY take it upon themselves to get it done on Earth, or they’ll find themselves co-defendants in the court that truly matters.






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