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Census Closure


Well, it’s over. The fight to get an actual count of American citizens on the decennial census has been lost.

Thanks to an activist Supreme Court who outrageously saw fit to deny the president a completely legal action based on their distaste for how he went about it, the census will be sent out as planned, counting every head it sees regardless of status and doling out congressional goodies accordingly.

Never admitting defeat, the president announced he would issue an executive order telling the Homeland Security Department, the Social Security Administration and other federal departments to share records with the Census Bureau to allow it to develop estimates of the total illegal population, something those agencies mostly already do.

The idea to use official records to determine how many illegals live in the United States is nothing new. Census Bureau officials proposed the plan more than a year ago when Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, whose department oversees the bureau, suggested adding a question about citizenship to the population count.

Using records from the Social Security Administration, the IRS and other federal agencies, government statisticians can already estimate about 90% of the illegal population, which would likely be more accurate than a question posed directly on the census.

That bureau argued the approach would be cost-effective and would provide the information the government might need without causing some people to refuse to answer the census. Secretary Ross rejected that approach, and for good reason. Even if the federal government gathers such data, it will not have the same impact as census numbers, which are used to determine where to spend federal dollars and how many members of Congress each state gets.

So congratulations, we get to know how many illegals are in our country. But California gets to reap the federal benefits from its illegal population anyway.


Big Picture


Trump’s press conference yesterday was little more than a photo-op to spin a defeat for his base. The data gathered by the government won’t make much of a difference other than to strengthen the argument for securing our borders, but let’s face it, that argument has been strong for a while and it’s made little difference to the Chamber of Commerce who runs our immigration policy. Cheap labor supersedes our sovereignty and has for a while.

The silver lining here is all the commotion could cause many illegals to shy away from the census out of paranoia, which (again) could affect the federal funding and congressional representation their districts receive. Let’s hope Democrats are as bad at disseminating the real facts about this issue as Republicans have been.



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