An Enemy Well Chosen


President Trump, like any man, has his weaknesses. Exploiting the vulnerabilities of his enemies will never be one of them. With the stroke of a few tweets on a Sunday morning, PDT managed to throw the Democrat party into chaos and, consequently, into the arms of the very contingent of Marxists who threaten their bid to take back the White House in 2020.

For those who have spent the last two days in Martian solitary confinement, the big fuss was born when PDT took it upon himself to call out the far-left group of young congresswomen who have come to be known simply as “the squad.”

For the milquetoast Republicans whose weakness enabled the rise of The Squad in the first place, these tweets were out of bounds and a crisis to be handled. For millions of others, though, the candor represented a breath of fresh air in an otherwise toxic DC smog.

President Trump said what many of us have been saying in our small corners of the Earth for a while now; that the virulent ant-Americanism of the modern Left is strangely undermined by their own reluctance to live anywhere else. That’s because we—and they—know that this is indeed the greatest country on Earth, and one of the few places that disrespect such as theirs would be tolerated toward a home country.

Seeing as how Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia), is the only foreign-born of those referenced, accusations of racism flew early and often. My own interpretation of the tweet was that part of it pertained directly to Omar while the rest was generally applicable to Reps. AOC, Pressley, and Tlaib.

The president had very good reason for wishing Omar a happy trip back to from whence she came. Omar has a tough time finding anything good to say about the country that took her in and gave her a standard of living far beyond much of the world. Indeed, she seems to identify more with the scourge of Islamism that has helped to make her home country uninhabitable than the Western power that saved her family from their own preferred culture.

Here, we see her portray the Green Berets who were killed trying to get humanitarian aid past warlords in Mogadishu as war criminals of some sort, which is as ahistorical as it is nauseating. She was even sure to throw the “Satan” tag at the end, as U.S. forces are often called by the Islamists they fight. It’s also a popular name for Israel used by her ilk.

Here, Omar can be seen discussing the respect commanded by Al-Qaeda as opposed to the drab, dull responses evoked by the American military and her Western allies.

The rest of the Squad have their own greatest hits collection. AOC called the United States “10% away from garbage.” Rashida Tlaib surrounds herself with anti-Israel zealots and has a Twitter feed full of anti-Semitic people and tropes. Ayanna Pressley says she won’t even listen to a minority unless they toe the line of Marxist ideology.

There are simply too many instances of radical, anti-American and otherwise hate-filled statements to cover in this piece. Suffice it to say, they’re easily accessible via the internet, so I urge you to look them up and share the truth with your countrymen.


The Politics


Many Trump supporters are applauding the president for saying what someone has needed to say for so long, and rightly so. But don’t for a second believe that there isn’t a larger political strategy at play here.

It was one I recognized instantaneously because, well, I’ve been trying to implement it since 2016. Crazy Bernie and the commie wing he’s raised within the Dim party are nothing short of electoral cancer, even if so-called “progressives” refuse to see it. I’ve gone so far as to recruit right wing activists to create fake far-left profiles to push the message of the Squad to Democrat voters, with modest but hopeful success. I’ve used email accounts not available to the public to personally email White House staff with ideas to elevate the Bernie wing for our advantage.

So you can imagine the unbridled glee in which I greeted Trump’s “controversial” tweets over the weekend, as it signaled to me that the big guy gets it after all, even if the spineless GOP consultant class doesn’t.

In the weeks leading up to now, Nancy Pelosi had gotten the message from internal polling data: #TheSquad was an albatross around the necks of red state Democrats. She began to take action, going out of her way to give interviews to the media in which she minimized the Squad’s influence within the party and reaffirmed her commitment to big tent centrism. She even received backup from the Congressional Black Caucus, which essentially gave her veto power over whatever identity politics were thrown her way. Nancy Pelosi was finally taking her party back from the commies, and Democrat mega-donors were breathing a little easier about their electoral prospects.

That was until Sunday morning.

By dropping a tactical nuke on the far left of the party, PDT has forced the Dim party to circle the wagons around the very tumor they were so close to removing. Nothing brings Democrats together like an attack from Trump, and now Pelosi, Inc. has been forced into a #BigFatHug with the very women she daydreams of stabbing on the House floor.

The unity cultivated from Trump’s mean tweets is illusory. Beyond the press conferences and empty platitudes regarding the strength of diversity, there are fault lines within the Dim party that aren’t immediately reconcilable. Democrats from Ohio are not going to campaign on giving healthcare to illegals, nor are they eager to tout the abolishment of private health insurance. They don’t want to abolish ICE or decriminalize border crossings. Not everyone represents Boston, Detroit, Brooklyn or imported Somali towns in Minnesota.

But if Trump has his way, that is exactly who will be representing the Democrat party. And with the air of mystique and untouchability he has conferred upon #TheSquad, it’s going to be very hard for Nancy Pelosi to deny him his wish.

The strategy has immediately paid dividends, as the four held a presser yesterday to push for impeachment harder than ever, even though it’s unpopular on a national level and has zero chance of getting through Congress. Pelosi and the rest of leadership have thrown cold water on the impeachment crusade repeatedly over the past year because they’re smart enough to know it’s a loser politically.

The legacy media may push a narrative of unity, but the truth is the fundamental divide in the Democrat party was just reinforced ten-fold.


Big Picture


President Trump has an innate understanding of politics. He’ll never be the Republican who knows the Constitution by memory or writes policy papers for DC thinktanks. And that’s okay, because he faced a lot of those guys in 2016 and beat them by double digits. The president won’t like hearing this but he’s a natural politician.

At the heart of the Trump political genius is an understanding of people at their core level. He’s able to see people from an aerial view that escapes most observers. It’s what gave him the insight to create “Low Energy Jeb” and “Lyin Ted.” He scans the enemy, identifies the Achilles heel, sprinkles a little marketing on it and voila!— they’ve been defined.

In this case, #TheSquad doesn’t know it yet, but their own greatest weakness is being used against them. During the last State of the Union speech, the far left women dressed in white refused to stand for things that most any American could get behind, be it heroic ICE agents breaking up MS-13 gangs or North Koreans surviving communism to thrive in the free world. They certainly didn’t stand for President Trump’s declaration that we would never be a socialist country.

So what’s the one thing they all stood for with no hesitation? Themselves. The most enthusiastic applause of the night came from the Squad recognizing themselves for the accomplishment of being elected. It was a stark contrast to just minutes before, when they refused to applaud low minority unemployment, but it told a story that Trump certainly never forgot.

Those egos will ensure that the Squad’s greatest hits collection keeps putting out tunes on a regular basis until election day. You see, in the modern Dim party, victimhood is currency, and an attack from the boogey man himself makes one the ultimate victim. Bernie’s misfits have been given more power than they ever dreamed, and any hope of restraining their hubris is out the window.

They love the cameras. They love the TV appearances. They love the hordes of Twitter fans cheering them on to take down the old white establishment standing in the way of everyone’s success. The taste is irresistible, and now that they’ve got access to the good stuff, guilty pleasures will soon become addictions.

All the same, Pelosi and Schumer aren’t going to simply concede to a losing platform for the sake of “unity.” For all Pelosi’s platitudes about unity being power, the truth is she’s going to have to choose one or the other with this bunch, because unity with rat poison doesn’t lend itself to congressional majorities. If you thought the power struggle within the Dim party was entertaining before, you’re gonna love what happens now that #TheSquad has been injected with political steroids.

Isn’t it ironic? The conventional wisdom has always been that Trump would be done in by his own ego. Perhaps it just takes a big ego to understand one.






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