Daily Recap — July 16


You wouldn’t know it to listen to our propaganda media, but an Antifa terrorist attempted to besiege an immigration detention center in Tacoma, Washington and was killed by police as a result.

69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen was fatally shot on Saturday after throwing literal friggin firebombs at the detention center. Police also say he attempted to set a commercial-size propane tank on fire, and managed to set some vehicles on fire. Court records of the dead hippie show that he was previously arrested last year following a protest at the site.

Video of that protest can be seen here. Van Spronsen is illuminated in the background:

Willem’s main crime was being a 70-year-old dude dressing like a 20-year-old Berkeley gender studies major.

Willem is a documented member of the left-wing paramilitary organization, the John Brown Gun Club, based in Puget Sound. They fancy themselves freedom fighters, when in reality they’re just far left zealots who have given themselves license to attack any right-winger on the pretext that we’re all “Nazis.”

Thankfully, no ICE employees or police were hurt in the incident. As we’ve seen with the Steve Scalise shooter and numerous other occasions, communists aren’t very handy with weapons. In fact, if you must have someone hellbent on taking you out, pray that they’re Antifa.

Incompetence aside, this was a serious attack and people like Van Spronsen are a serious threat. By all accounts, the attacker fully prepared to die for the cause of taking out border personnel in the process.

A quick dive into the man’s history shows that he maintained a long-time association with the Antifa, a loosely organized group of communists, socialists and anarchists all devoted to taking down the man, maaaaaan. And now that WVS has been killed in the service of fighting ICE, he will go down as a legend and martyr in Antifa lore.

It became clear that this would be a suicide mission when he sent out “goodbye” letters to various friends shortly before the attack was launched. Those letters included a handy manifesto to give us a look into the mind of Van Spronsen.

The manifesto can be read in its entirety here.

You may notice that WVS uses the term “concentration camps” to describe ICE detention centers, a term recently made famous by Squad member AOC. Imagine for a moment that a rightwing terrorist attacked a government building, then left behind a political manifesto in which he used language directly taken from President Trump. I think we can all agree that the news would be saturated with little else.

And of course there are no lines of reporters hassling every Democrat they see to renounce the attack and call on their members to rein in their language. That kind of stuff is for Republicans. Not a single member of the Squad, even when confronted in the hallway, would denounce the attack and/or Antifa. And why would they — this is their base, and all socialist revolutions require brownshirts.

Meanwhile, Antifa pages on social media, along with leftist activists like Shaun King are openly praising the failed attack. And Twitter can’t seem to find a problem with it. Alex Jones can’t speculate about Sandy Hook, but the Left can openly celebrate and promote the very definition of domestic terrorism.

It’s up to us to spread the word about events such as this. And it’s up to us to show the indifference of the media. The silence is already deafening; let’s make it unbearable.



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