A Dead Giveaway


It’s not very often that a congressional hearing ends as a resounding victory for one political party or another. Both sides get their chance to ask questions, and both have their consultant-approved talking points at the ready. More often that not, a person shows up to testify, soundbites are recorded and each side runs to news cameras in the hallway to claim victory. It’s a tired old routine that our increasingly cynical electorate tuned out long ago.

Then there are those rare instances in which one side so spectacularly misjudges the political landscape that a #BigBeautiful dumpster fire is created for the entire country to see. One such raging bonfire of failure was sparked yesterday on Capitol Hill, where Democrats across the country learned the truth about the mythical hero who’d been promised to save them from their Trumpish nightmare.

Robert Mueller spent the last two years on the type of golden pedestal that could only be provided by hordes of people desperate to undo an election by any means possible — except the ballot box. Now, it’s become abundantly clear that St. Mueller will not be the knight in shining armor that’s been portrayed and worshiped within #Resistance echo chambers.

This was not a disaster in the way many believe, however. To the casual observer, Bob Mueller seemed a feeble old man who had no business running an investigation of this magnitude. And make no mistake—that narrative is devastating enough on its own. But unfortunately for Democrats, the problem goes far deeper and will have much longer-lasting consequences.

In this piece, we’ll examine the hearing itself, points made and not made. Then we’ll take an aerial view to understand the full implications of the six-hour Trump infomercial the country was treated to yesterday. This piece does not subscribe to the “poor feeble Robert Mueller” narrative, and hopefully by the end, you won’t either.


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