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The Turtle Snaps


After years of acting as a primary gatekeeper of the Swamp, Sen. Mitch McConnell is learning that even tried and true RINOs are not immune to the narrative of the day.

In a speech on the Senate floor, he let loose on the Failing Washington Post for publishing an op-ed over the weekend subtly titled, “Mitch McConnell is a Russian Asset,” the narrative being that McConnell is doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin by blocking Democrat-sponsored election security bills.

As is the norm, there is much more to the story than what the Fake News is reporting. Indeed, these bills were forced through the House for the sole purpose of failing in the Senate, all so Dims could work with their partners in the propaganda media to portray Republicans as welcoming Russian election interference. They’re making their excuses before they even lose. I suppose it’s important to be proactive.

The House-passed bill would authorize more than $600 million to spend on updating voting equipment to comply with new standards between now and 2020, including requirements that voting machines produce a paper record, stay disconnected from the Internet and be produced in the United States.

Sounds reasonable, right?

But then Dims added in their RussiaGate language, requiring candidates, campaigns or family members to notify the FBI about assistance offers from foreign governments. It’s a clear shot at Don Jr. for the Trump Tower meeting, which just happened to be an insultingly obvious setup by Fusion GPS, by the way.

Thinly-veiled partisan attacks are the least problematic part of that legislation, however. This is just the latest attempt by Democrats to effectively federalize our electoral system, which could have dire implications for the future of our country. As things stand now, we have a decentralized electoral system, meaning it’s mostly handled by each individual state according to each state’s rules. This decentralized process makes widespread fraud much harder to pull off, at least in an organized way.

Paper ballots are a good thing. The entire country’s paper ballots falling under the purview of the federal government….not so much. You know what’s a really good thing? Voter I.D. Yet there was no mention of that in the Dim bill. I guess they’re not as sincere in their security concerns as they’re leading on.

Another layer of dishonesty deals with what has been done up to this point. The implication (and at times outright accusation) is that the Trump administration has been asleep at the wheel when it comes to securing our election. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

 The administration has taken myriad steps to combat foreign interference and even held a closed-door briefing to Congress recently to outline everything that’s been done. The brief was even given by newfound Dim hero, outgoing DNI Dan Coats. According to reports, the presentation received a bipartisan ovation, yet the clapping seemed to die down when cameras came around.

Additionally, DHS operates an “election infrastructure information sharing and analysis center” that provides assistance to state election officials and has staff operating in all 50 states searching for cyber attacks on election equipment. This has been an all-hands effort for a couple years now and dwarfs anything the Obama administration implemented.

Over $380 million has also been sent to the states in order to help them better secure their precincts. And guess what — the states didn’t have to relinquish control of their voting in order to get it! Hmmmm…maybe the Dim bill was all about control from the start.

I think I may be onto something.



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