Terror From All Corners



If you’re on planet Earth, chances are you’ve been inundated with news of rampant mass shootings across America, all part of a white supremacist wave designed to bring the population to heel under Head Klansmen Donald Trump.

That’s been the narrative, and the political Left has been all too happy to run with it, working seamlessly with the mainstream media propaganda machine to paint a picture of a dystopian American nightmare from which no minority can awaken.

As always, the truth of the matter, or at least what we’ve gathered of it, doesn’t fit into the neat little anti-Trump box that’s been shoved down our throats. Rather, many questions persist about all the shootings in question, and at least one flies completely in the face of the official narrative.

In this piece, we’ll do a quick summary of two respective shooters from this weekend and attempt to get a big picture understanding of who they were. Given that we’re only privy to a small amount of evidence and investigations are ongoing, we must remember that nothing is set in stone.


El Paso


Patrick Crusius, aka the El Paso shooter, isn’t the hardcore Trumper he’s being portrayed as in the media. He has made some pro-wall and pro-voter fraud investigation comments on social media but his actual political beliefs veer pretty off course from traditional conservatism. He believes in climate change but thinks modern Americans are too set in their lifestyles to do anything about it. He’s for Andrew Yang’s $1000 monthly check to offset the effects of automation, which essentially makes him a socialist. Really, the only strong thread tying him to the Trump movement is fervent opposition to unchecked immigration.

It must be noted that information on his politics is based on the manifesto that has been attributed to him. There has yet to be forensic confirmation that the manifesto belongs to him. However, the document appears to have been posted before the first reports of the shooting and it includes details that match up with what happened at the El Paso Walmart. He also hasn’t denied authorship during police interrogations, so there’s very strong circumstantial evidence.

People he grew up with have confirmed that he was an extreme loner in school who was bullied fairly regularly. He didn’t speak much and didn’t have much good to say when he did. Public records show Crusius’ last known address was his grandparents’ home in Allen, Texas, about 30 minutes outside of Dallas and more than 9 hours away from El Paso, where he lived for 6 months while attending community college. It’s not clear if he has any connections to the El Paso area. I’m aware that Antifa has been speaking of raising hell in El Paso, but I’ve been unable to establish any link between Crusius or any other leftwing groups. The Antifa plan was to descend upon detention centers on September 1st. The two missions don’t appear to be related tactically or philosophically.

If the media read a book once in a while, they would see that Crusius’s outlook was much more in line with Ann Coulter’s Adios America! than anything President Trump has said or written. He speaks of the coming one-party rule that will result from prolonged mass immigration and laments the inevitable death of America as we know it. He also spoke the difference in first and second generation immigrants, the former being willing to do the dirty work while the latter is good for little more than complaining and hating America. And finally, he bashed the GOP for turning the other way in order to please their corporate donors. All these points could have been taken directly from Coulter’s work, although Crusius himself attributes much of his outlook to The Great Replacement. He’s likely just unaware of the origins of TGR, being as young as he is.

Reading Crusius’s online posts, it’s clear to see that he is a malcontent. And while his manifesto did contain some very important truths, it’s not hard to envision why he would be sucked into this sort of thing. He certainly fits the profile of a mass shooter, although he’s far from the prototypical Trump supporter the media would have you believe.

He will reportedly be charged with capital murder, which of course carries a death sentence. I have a feeling we’ll learn far more from his comments at trial (or during sentencing) than we will in the entire time leading up to that point.





This is the shooting that the media would like to forget, as it flies completely in the face of the white supremacy narrative that so many have irresponsibly and maliciously pushed from the onset.

Dayton shooter Connor Betts was a disturbed 24-year old whose Twitter profile described himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.”

Well, he’s probably not wrong.

There are more key differences between Betts and the El Paso shooter than just immigration policy. Whereas Crusius was a bullied longer, Betts was by all accounts a hideous bully with a demented mind. Below is a post from a high school classmate who seemed to know Betts a little too well. Apologies for language:

Another classmate reported that Betts had “fantasized about tying her up and slitting her throat” and he told her he was scared he had those thoughts. She said she was included on a hit list, but her concerns weren’t taken seriously when she reported them.

Issues with women seem to be a recurring theme with Betts, as another classmate took to social media to discuss his mommy issues:

A woman he briefly dated also told The Toledo Blade that Betts had bragged that he knew a lot about mass shootings. She shared a text message exchange with the newspaper, in which she asked, “Do you know tragedies from every city?” 

“A fair bit of them! 😀 [smiley face],” he responded. She told the newspaper he was charming and outgoing, but said he told her he had put a gun in his mouth before and he once called her drunk and said he wanted “to hurt a bunch of people.”

It takes quite a bit of charm to overcome that sort of incident.

In high school, Betts was reportedly suspended for drawing up a hit list on the bathroom wall. Chris Baker, the former principal, told the local newspaper, “I would not dispute that information, but I don’t want to get involved any more than just making that comment.”

So yeah, it happened.

The website Dayton 24/7 Now spoke to classmates of Betts who alleged that “Betts was supposed to write a letter of apology to the people on the list. After being expelled, Betts was allowed back to school.” The site says the school incident occurred when people “found a notebook where he reportedly wrote a list of people who he wanted to rape, kill and skin their bodies.”

Very subtle.

CNN (miraculously) reported that the list was divided into a “kill list” for boys and a “rape list” for girls. Another classmate told CNN: “He loved to look at you and pretend to shoot with guns, guns with his hands.”

Could this rejection complex have manifested itself into an act of slaughter in which Betts’ own sister was taken? It’s impossible to tell for sure given how many facts we’ve yet to gather, but it’s certainly an avenue worth exploring. At least one witness reports that Betts was denied entry to the nightclub he ultimately attacked. Might that have made him snap? And why was his sister and her boyfriend among those killed?

Police don’t currently have the answers to those questions, but then again, the investigation has just begun. What authorities have said is that the shooter showed interest in “violent ideologies,” without going into further detail but saying they would have more to offer at a later date.



Big Picture


While our analyses of these events are woefully inadequate due to the early nature of their respective probes, we can confidently say that the truth behind these shootings bears little resemblance to the white supremacy fear-mongering being pushed by the near entirety of the mainstream media. And there’s a reason for that.

Remember where we are. We’ve just finished a special counsel investigation that has been billed as the downfall of Trump for the last two years. It was anything but, and even made Democrats and their media partners look even worse than before Mueller’s un-American investigation began.

Simply put, the Russia narrative has died a sudden, unceremonious death and the propagandists that comprise the MSM are scrambling to replace it. When no other good cards exist in their hand, they do what they’ve always done: play the race card. And in this case, they’re playing it from the bottom of the deck.

Democrats and NeverTrumpers have now sold all their stock in the Mueller probe and invested everything into the white supremacy narrative. The fact is there are white supremacists and some of them are even violent, but there aren’t nearly enough of them to meet the demand of the Marxist left. Demand is high, supply is low and the networks must get maximum mileage out of any crumb the world allows. And when those crumbs don’t fall from the table, they simply fake it.

The new narrative is that anyone who supports Trump is manifestly racist and should be scorned as such. By doing so, they’re alienating and mobilizing not only millions of Trump voters, but millions of apolitical Americans who don’t appreciate being called hideous names simply for the crime of not going along with the hate mob.

This is not a good strategy for the Democrat/Media Complex. It further empowers the far left of the party that stands as the single biggest obstacle to Democrats ever taking back the White House. What we’re seeing is desperation masquerading as moral indignation, and frankly, both are quick to wear on the nerves of Americans who are simply trying to pay their bills to survive as opposed to looking for things to be offended by all day on Twitter.

The Fake News onslaught we’re seeing is like nothing we’ve ever seen and it’s going to get worse as the election draws closer and liberals become terrified of another crushing defeat.

We don’t deserve the labels that are thrown at us daily, but I have very strong faith that it will ultimately backfire on those smear us. It always does, after all.





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