Daily Recap — August 19



A Victory for Life


Miracles do happen, people!

Planned Parenthood, who has long enjoyed robust federal funding, has finally had a wrench thrown into their backdoor abortion funding operations. PP’s affiliates have donned their pink coochie caps and informed the Trump administration that they will leave the federal family planning program rather than comply with new abortion restrictions. 

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had set a deadline today for Title X family planning grantees to prove they are complying with new rules banning providers from referring women for abortions.

PP, with a straight face, said its affiliates cannot “ethically comply” with the changes, which it called a “gag rule” on health care providers. That means PP affiliates will lose millions of dollars in federal funding that it used to provide abortions to women under the Orwellian pretense of “reproductive health,” as if abortion is a critical part of reproductive health. Chinese women must be the healthiest on Earth!   

Planned Parenthood said it will use “emergency funds” to provide services to patients, which should be no issue considering the mountain of cash they’ve received over the past decade. There will definitely be an impact, though, as the Margaret Sanger ethnic cleansing program will have to pull 400 health clinics from the program. Time for George Clooney to throw a fundraiser. 

PP receives about $60 million from the program annually and serves 40% of all Title X patients. There is a ban on federal funding for abortions, but PP has used the funding to indirectly support abortion procedures. Women go to PP, are referred to an abortion provider and the dance continues. The truth is that while PP may not personally pay for the abortions, they facilitate them in every way.   

Liberal states are now lining up to leave the program, including Illinois, Vermont, Washington , Oregon, New York, Maine and Hawaii. They are pledging to keep abortion resources available to anyone who need them, crying that everyone has a fundamental right to accurate information about how best to kill their child.

Planned Parenthood is joining several states and other organizations in lawsuits to block the new rules, but have hit obstacles. A panel of appeals judges in June for the Ninth Circuit reversed several injunctions that had been granted by lower courts, allowing the rules to take effect while the lawsuits proceed. 

Yes, that Ninth Circuit. My how times have changed.

Let’s not get too excited, though. The full court will hear arguments on the merits of the case next month, and God knows we can never assume a righteous decision. But for now, Planned Parenthood has FINALLY experienced some pushback. Taxpayer money should not be used for abortion. Even some on the Left agree with this utterly reasonable policy.

Keep up the fight here, Trump admin. You’re winning some fans in the pro-life crowd.



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