Bombs Away

Today, President Trump took the unusual step of releasing a transcript of a call between himself and a foreign leader, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in this case. It was released in order to quell the wild and irresponsible calls for impeachment coming from the Democrat party and their NeverTrump/media allies although, to be clear, nothing will remedy the impeachment fantasies that have served as a coping mechanism for the far left since November 9, 2016.

I’ve written previously of the irresponsibility of Julian Assange in releasing the private conversations of diplomats the world over, the reason being it would make honest diplomacy virtually impossible. Simply put, people speak more candidly in private than public, and if they believe everything they say will be revealed to the world, their words will be tailored for optics rather than results.

Well whaddayaknow, the very media who argued Assange could not be seen as a journalist due to the lack of ethics just described have managed to adopt his worst traits and graduate them to the most powerful office in the land. Because of our media’s tireless obsession with bringing down their White House boogeyman, our ability to conduct diplomacy has been damaged. The Trump administration will have to go out of its way to reassure other world leaders that their conversations with our president will be treated confidentially and professionally. Our president will have to reassure his counterparts that people in our own Congress will not use their words as a political weapon. It’s absolutely disgraceful.

But disgrace is not a lapse in normalcy for the Swamp/media complex. Rather, it is the norm, as there are no depths too low for those who fancy themselves freedom fighters in the ultimate cause: expelling the foreign object that threatens to upset the established order which has brought our country to its knees; an order they’ve helped to create and now must maintain at all costs lest the People get their country back.

Fortunately, the People have caught on, and this latest stunt has done little more than cause a collective eye-roll across the country, sans the typical deranged haters, of course. You may not even want to read this piece, given the steady stream of nonsense that we’ve absorbed day after day for years now. All the same, we must keep our eye on those who whose lives revolve around our destruction, no matter the tedium of their tantrum.

And so we will.




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1 thought on “Bombs Away

  1. Thanks for such a thorough review of what’s going on in the Swamp and impeachment inquiry.
    Let the dims keep plowing ahead with this charade, it is backfiring. According to #walkaway more people are changing their voting registration from Democrats to Republicans….. as they say. “Let it rip, tatar chip”

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