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We here at RNR have been warning for months against becoming too hyped up in regards to the upcoming IG report, the reason being that Michael Horowitz has an unfortunate habit of bending over backwards to excuse corrupt behavior via legalistic maneuvering.  I’m sad to say our warnings may have been prescient. According to a report released today by the failing New York Times, IG Horowitz reportedly found no evidence that the FBI spied on President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign while investigating Russian government interference in the election.

There are several important items of note. One, this is the failing New York Times, and thus anyone with an ounce of regard for the truth should hesitate before taking their word as Gospel. Secondly, there were spies planted within the Trump campaign. It’s not a matter of opinion. It could, however, be a matter of semantics insofar as some refuse to view the government’s actions as “spying.” Whatever one wants to call it, there is absolutely no doubt that intelligence assets were placed in the paths of several Trump campaign members in an effort to not only solicit information regarding possible Trump/Russia links, but to entrap said campaign members in a faux effort to establish such links.

The second bombshell from today’s story is that, contrary to President Trump’s claims, there was no “wiretapping” of his campaign. I put that word in quotations because we again have a case of semantics being employed to dismiss very real concerns. Did spooky spies sneak into Trump Tower and plant a device on the president’s phone to listen in on his calls? No. This isn’t the 1950’s. What did happen, however, was the tapping of low level campaign volunteer Carter Page’s cell phone, which in turn gave the government access to those with whom Page was communicating.

The failing NYT is also reporting that the IG will debunk the claim that the FBI relied on a dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele to attain the FISA warrant (some may even call it a spy warrant) on Page, though it will say the bureau should have told judges about “possible issues with the document.”

You know, “issues,” like the fact it was literally a heap of Russian disinformation purchased by a rival political campaign. Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty important issue to bring up. One must wonder who exactly IG Horowitz’s investigative team interviewed when debunking this part of the story, seeing as how none other than former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, testified before Congress that the FISA warrant would not have been secured without the dossier. Did McCabe perjure himself? I’d say the OIG needs to clarify.

Of course, not everything the NYT is reporting is sunshine and rainbows for the Swamp. Both the Times and the Washington Post are reporting that the IG also found fault with how the FBI handled its surveillance of Mr. Page.

Specifically, Horowitz found “discrepancies and bureaucratic mistakes” in how the FBI applied for a warrant seeking the wiretap. He also found evidence that an FBI lawyer may have altered an email connected to the Page wiretap but concluded that the employee’s conduct had no effect on the overall validity of the application or on the bureau’s overarching investigation. Nevertheless, Horowitz has reportedly requested that federal prosecutors look into the FBI lawyer’s alteration of the email. I suppose it’s in John Durham’s hands now.

What we do know for 100% certain is that there were spies planted by our own government into the Trump campaign. We also know that the Trump campaign was wiretapped. With the release of the IG report, Uncle Sam will be in the business of arguing that these violations of the Trump campaign were legitimate and warranted. Given the entire body of what we know, I find that a hard case to make.
We’ll see how they do. More importantly, in due time, we’ll see if John Durham and William Barr agree with Horowitz’s (alleged) conclusions. Given the paralysis in which the OIG is forced to operate in these matters, I’m far more interested to see the outcome of the real investigation.






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