A Tale of Two States

It was the election of a lifetime. America would learn whether the outsider sent to shake up the Establishment would be validated by the People, or if politics as usual would win the day thanks to the efforts of the media, big tech, foreign intelligence services, coastal elites, the political ruling class, the consultant class — pretty much everyone besides the people that politicians pretend to care about.

Now, as I write this twelve days after our supposed election night, that same exact question persists, and nary a word need be changed. Before voting machines had time to cool down (though long past Joe Biden’s bedtime), all of the aforementioned enablers of our current Orwellian nightmare had sprung into action to warn against believing our own eyes; that the real truth would be revealed in the next days, weeks, months; however long it took for our arbiters of reality to make their official declaration.

And so it began.

President Trump, who inspired more Americans to come out and vote for an incumbent president than anyone in history, touted what he saw as “very good numbers around the country!” — a point that could hardly be argued by any objective observer. After all, the president was outperforming his own numbers among certain areas and demographics in a way that would suggest to any political scientist that Joe Biden faced a steep uphill climb. Unfortunately, like most any extraordinary fact that demands the attention of the American public, that story was all but ignored in favor of the story that had been prepackaged for months and was now ready to serve: the disappearance of the “red mirage.” The word was out to all the networks—Fox included—that Joe Biden was prepared to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat; that the most voted-for incumbent in the history of the United States was on shaky ground, as the feeble old man who spent more time napping than campaigning was poised to receive the most votes of any candidate in American history.

If it seems bizarre, it’s because it was. And no matter how many men in fancy suits say otherwise, you are not wrong to feel that way. In this piece, we’ll explore several different avenues of possible (and in some cases, proven) corruption. Since our own press is more concerned with preserving their own imaginary constitutional power to declare the winner of an election, it falls upon everyday citizens to search for information and put together the pieces of a puzzle that simply doesn’t pass the smell test. Granted, smell tests are not admissible in court, but they are certainly drivers of public opinion. It’s called “common sense” for a reason, and despite the best efforts of pundits to deny its existence, it’s absolutely real and it absolutely matters. And so in the spirit of pursuing what our guts tell us to be true, RNR will attempt to put meat on the bones of our instinct.


Eyewitness Accounts and Other Sorted Evidence


Despite the screams of the media to the contrary, eyewitness accounts are considered legitimate evidence in a court of law, especially when said eyewitness accounts come in the form of sworn affidavits, meaning the witness in question is willing to put themselves in legal jeopardy should their claims be proved false. Since election night, there have been no shortage of people willing to sign their names on official affidavits alleging misconduct of all kinds, although one wouldn’t know it from the amount of press coverage these brave people have received.

In this piece, I will be covering two states: Michigan and Pennsylvania. This is only the beginning of my coverage of this topic because new information is coming in as we speak and more looks to be on the horizon in the coming days and weeks. When I feel that I have the requisite information for a high confidence conclusion, those pieces will be published. One will deal with the company called Dominion Voting Systems. There have been claims made of a raid in Germany dealing with that company and, frankly, I feel I have better sources for information on that topic than the open source reporting that is available. When I have received the information I need, I will publish. Another topic is data analysis, meaning statistical improbabilities/impossibilities that prove fraud on behalf of the Biden campaign. I am receiving help on that topic from an NSA data scientist and will likewise publish once the requisite information has been gathered. While I am disappointed not to be able to give you everything at once, I am satisfied that what I have thus far will give you a sufficient understanding of the type of blatant fraud in which we’re dealing.

Please remember that this is a multipage story, therefore you will need to click on the number at the bottom of each page in order to continue reading (assuming your eyes are not bleeding too heavily at that point). This article is three pages in all.

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