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Throughout the entire campaign process, Pennsylvania was considered a big prize for both campaigns, as its 20 electoral votes would be a big boon to whomever managed to capture them, given the closeness of the swing states in general. It was for this reason that many eyes were on the Philadelphia area, because if there was to be result-changing fraud, it was likely to come from Philadelphia. This suspicion was not unfounded, as many election officials have been charged over the years with frauds of all sorts, some just within the past year.

Therefore is should come as no surprise that there have been many allegations of irregularities and improprieties are originating from the Keystone state. And given that so many local officials in Pennsylvania are partisan Democrats, it should come as no surprise that the response has been that of Keystone cops. Let’s examine just a taste of what is brewing. Every instance listed below comes directly from the lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign, although I owe the Powerline blog a big hat tip for helping with my research on this state.

The entirety of the 86-page complaint can be read here. It ranges from massive allegations, such as the ~700K mail-in votes that were allegedly accepted without review to more minor allegations that are small on their own but add up to potentially result=changing fraud when combined with other illegal activities. The gist of the complaint is that a two-tiered voting system was created for voters in Pennsylvania, one for in-person voters and one for mail-in voters, the former being subjected to much greater scrutiny, which would set the table for fraud favoring the candidate most likely to receive the largest percentage of mail-in votes. And we all know who that would be.

— Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties (Pittsburgh area) alone received and processed 682,479 mail-in and absentee ballots without review by the political parties and candidates…in direct contravention of the Election Code. Obviously, in a state in which Biden is currently leading by a little under 70,000 votes, that is a potential game-changer. While those types of votes typically favor Biden, the failure to properly account for them demonstrates the disparate treatment being alleged by the Trump campaign in their suit and could be considered their strongest argument for nullification of the results.

— In Philadelphia County, poll watchers and canvass representatives were denied access altogether in some instances.

— In Delaware County, observers were denied access to a back room counting area. After a court-ordered injunction, the poll watchers and canvass representatives were finally allowed in the back room counting area on November 5, 2020, to observe, but for only five minutes every two hours.

— With particular regard to the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, the Board would not permit the Trump Campaign’s watchers to be within 6 feet of “all aspects” of the pre-canvassing process in direct contravention of Commonwealth Court Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon’s November 5, 2020 Order “requiring that all candidates, watchers, or candidate representatives be permitted to be present for the canvassing process pursuant to 25 P.S. § 2650 and/or 25 P.S. § 3146.8 and be permitted to observe all aspects of the canvassing process within 6 feet.” Granted, I’m no lawyer, but if this blatant disregard for a court order is not grounds for appeal, I don’t know what is.

— The Order required the Philadelphia Board of Elections to comply and allow watchers to be within 6 feet by 10:30 a.m., but at 10:35 a.m. the workers were denied entry. Instead, the Board sent all of the workers on a break (previously workers received breaks on a rolling basis), and the Commissioners met offsite. Two hours later the workers returned, and the watchers were allowed to be within 6 feet, but within 6 feet of the first row of counters only. Within a short period of time, the workers began working at other rows that were well-beyond 6-feet, rendering it impossible for watchers to observe the rows that were more than 25-feet beyond the area where watchers were allowed. Moreover, during the course of the entire period, the workers repeatedly removed ballots, sometimes over 100 feet away, to do something with them, which the Trump Campaign’s watchers were unable to observe. Simply unbelievable, yet completely believable at the same time.

— In several large, Democrat-controlled counties, mail-in ballots were examined in advance of Election Day, which violates Pennsylvania law. Election officials then contacted voters (overwhelmingly if not exclusively Biden voters) and helped them to fill out new ballots that would correct the error, again in plain violation of Pennsylvania law. Republican-dominated counties followed the law, did not examine mail-in ballots in advance, and disqualified them if required to do so by statute. This should come as no surprise, as we’ve all learned by now that laws only apply to Democrats.

— Another huge issue relates to when mail-in ballots were received. By law, they had to be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day. But in some Democratic counties, the law allegedly was not followed. A substantial number of mail-in ballots have inexplicably appeared in counties since the November 4 ballot reports. For instance, in Delaware County, the county’s Wednesday, November 4 report indicated that Delaware County reported it has received about 113,000 mail-in ballots and counted approximately 93,000 voted ballots. On the next day, November 5, the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s 4:30 report reflected that Delaware County had received about 114,000 ballots. Several hours later, the Delaware County solicitor reported to an observer that the County had received about 126,000 mail-in ballots and counted about 122,000. As of Sunday, November 8, 2020, the Department of State’s website reflects that the County has counted about 127,000 mail-in ballots. Plaintiffs have received no explanation for where the additional 14,000 voted ballots came from, when they arrived, or why they are included in the current count. It must be more of that good ole Democrat magic! Funny how there are never any magicians on the Republican side.

— In Delaware County, an observer in the county office where mail-in ballots were counted was told by the Delaware County Solicitor that ballots received on November 4, 2020, were not separated from ballots received on Election Day, and the County refused to answer any additional questions.

Then there are the instances of micro-fraud, if you will. They may be small compared to some of the things listed above, but together they can add up to victory and/or defeat from either candidate. Here are a few examples:

— In Chester County, an observer witnessed a flawed resolution process for over-voted and under-voted ballots. The observer witnessed one election worker responsible for resolving over-voted and under-voted ballots by subjectively determining who the elector intended to choose on the empty votes. The observer reports that in numerous instances the election worker altered the over-voted ballot by changing votes that had been marked for Donald J. Trump to another candidate.

— In Montgomery County, a poll watcher observed a Judge of Elections pull aside voters who were not listed in the poll books as registered to vote. The poll watcher reports hearing the Judge of Elections tell those voters that they needed to return later and report their name as another name that was in the poll book.

— In Centre County, a poll worker reported that persons appearing at the polls and admitting that they were New Jersey voters, rather than Pennsylvania voters, were nonetheless provided provisional ballots on which to vote. Now, think about that for a second. If two people who admitted to being from out of state at the polling station, just imagine what else was allowed. Just as with Detroit, it demonstrates an environment in which accountability wasn’t even expected, much less enforced.

The old saying about smoke indicating fire most assuredly applies here. The fraud perpetrated by the state of Pennsylvania was not only widespread and systemic, the officials in charge of ensuring a fair system made clear they had no intention of doing so. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a rabid anti-Trumper, has already announced that she will not order a recount despite the myriad allegations listed in this piece.

The worst part is this was a con job from the start. The Trump campaign’s Complaint asks the court for an order prohibiting the defendant county election boards and the Secretary of the Commonwealth from certifying the results of the 2020 election “on a Commonwealth-wide basis.” In the alternative, it asks for an order barring any certification that includes the more than 680,000 ballots that Republican poll watchers were prevented from observing, or including those defective ballots that the Democrats illegally allowed to be “cured.”

The problem is that Democrats deliberately set up lax mail-in vote protocols that they knew would enable corruption to be carried out in a myriad of ways, including out of state voting, non-citizens voting, dead people voting, etc..

Again, I am no lawyer, but in my view, the only possible remedy for a state as overtly corrupt as Pennsylvania is for the federal judiciary to step in and proclaim their actions to be so egregious as to warrant nullification. But within our federalist system, states have a great deal of power over how their elections are run. So while I want to be optimistic, the glass is looking less than half empty on my end.

Here is the thing, though. Rudy Giuliani says we are days away from receiving evidence that will completely change the game. And President Trump, while certainly not shy with his opinions on the big picture, has held things uncharacteristically close to the vest after quick mentions, such as his allusion to Dominion Voting Systems. So while I am under no illusion that we face an uphill climb, as an analyst I simply cannot render a conclusion until all the information is in. And frankly, there could be major bombshells en route.

Please stay tuned to RNR as we navigate these tumultuous waters together. The ride might just be worth it.






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